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I Hope You Wait For The Right Type Of Love

Falling for someone is like driving on an open road on a warm, sunny summer day. Your windows are down with your favorite song on repeat through the roaring speakers. You feel overwhelmingly free, as if nothing matters besides the gravel that’s kicked behind you as you speed through time.

This type of love is exhilarating; it awakens your soul. It makes you feel emotions that you’ve never before experienced, ones you’ve only read about and so desperately hoped to feel.

This type of love gives you a glow as bright as this aforementioned sun, and for the first time in what seems like forever, you feel excited about the future, excited about this one person, and enamored with the endless possibilities.

But inevitably, after some time, you hit traffic and wait in line for what seems like hours as you drown into the abyss of license plates and interstate signs. After some time, it starts storming, and you’re forced to roll up your windows as you switch to a more mellow station to match the weather surrounding you.

This switch, as obvious and abrupt as the change from summer to fall, is what most people consider the end of the honeymoon stage. But for me, it’s how I knew you weren’t the one.

In the past, when this feeling ended, I was terrified. Terrified that I would never find the person who provided me with the windows down, sun out feeling on a consistent basis. When this feeling ended, I was guilty. Guilty that I no longer felt excited or exhilarated by this person, the person who hadn’t changed or treated me any differently.

A relationship alone will not make your life worth living; a relationship alone will not cure your depression or anxiety; a relationship alone will not complete you, because by being you, you are already complete.

The right type of love makes you feel safe. You’re no longer giddy one day and confused the next. This love is reassuring and constant and without doubt. Butterflies are replaced by a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The right type of love ignores time or distance. A two-year relationship can feel insignificant compared to two weeks with the right person. The right person makes 695 miles feel like walking distance, while 10 miles from the wrong person feels like galaxies and light years away.

The right type of love is a partnership. The right type of love encourages both people to chase their dreams, achieve goals, and follow their heart. This type of love isn’t jealous or resentful, but understanding and encouraging. This type of love knows that each person has strengths and flaws, and that’s what makes it unique and beautiful.

The right type of love won’t falter when the honeymoon stage is all said and done. This type of love will annoy you, it will challenge you, and it will often discourage you, but in the end, it will last.

Be patient, because one day you’ll drive and the rain will stop. You’ll be listening to your favorite childhood song, the one that warms your heart with familiarity as you sing every lyric and mimic every guitar riff.

You’ll begin to notice newly bloomed flowers, vibrant rainbows, and the smell of a fresh thunderstorm. In this moment, the earth will take on a new beauty that you’ll appreciate on an unprecedented level because you were protected through the storms.

I hope you wait until you find the right type of love.

I Hope You Wait For The Right Type Of Love
I Hope You Wait For The Right Type Of Love

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