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The Most Honest Signs Of The Zodiac

We are going, to tell the truth: honest people always end up having more problems than the least honest because of that, because they are honest and that is something really bad, very bad … Why do they have to be punished? To tell the truth? Who should be punished are false and hypocritical people. To those who hide behind others so as not to show their faces. Yes, yes, to those same people who then talk to each other and others, but who never give themselves the face, always the back …

Honesty can be quite extremist at times. There are signs that are extremely honest and others, who prefer to make up their words so that a third world war does not occur. Everything depends on the sign, the context and the situations they have in mind, but what is certain is that honesty is already born. The truth, that is a very, very powerful value, but one that manifests itself in different ways and that, for better or worse, will never be the same in its total majority. Here is the ranking of the most brutally honest signs, from highest to lowest:


The top is for Sagittarius for many reasons. The most important of all? That Sagittarius cannot contain what comes to mind or wanting it. A Sagittarius does not have full control of his impulses and that makes him release everything, everything, everything. What you should say, what you should not say, a very well kept secret and painful truth. What he thinks of the neighbor, what he thinks of his ex, what he knows about his best friend’s friend …

Everything that has a highly dangerous potential will come out of your mouth in the form of a maximum torpedo and at full speed.

Asking Sagittarius not to be an honest person is like asking a lemon tree to give us strawberries throughout the year. It is impossible.

When it comes to being restrained, not to talk about more, to lie and play in the shadows, it is certainly the last thing that would represent Sagittarius, because the archer is the opposite of that.


Aries cannot bite his tongue when he knows he has to say something that is true. Aries does not know or want to contain himself when he has in front of someone who deserves four truths well spoken … Indeed, the truths of Aries are quite powerful. Aries does know what it is to be a brutally honest person because it is that Aries does not know how to be otherwise … It is as if a fireball formed in his throat when he wants to lie … It is as if he had something that hurts him inside, something that keeps you from shutting up …

Aries never shuts up, not one, although he knows that truth may cause something serious, he says it because Aries values ​​sincerity very much.

Yes, that Aries knows that he could be softer and kinder with his words, but Aries is one of those who prefer to be of those friends who tell you what you should hear and not of that mini group of fake who tell you what you won’t hear. No more no less.


Leo is very faithful to his essence and his essence says that “lying is not living” Leo does not fear at all being an extremely honest person. Moreover, Leo himself knows that he has won many enemies for that reason, for not having hair on his tongue and for saying everything he thinks. Possibly, many people who asked him something in particular, later, would regret like no one for having done it …

The impact of Leo’s responses is not suitable for all audiences, because the truth of Leo is only digested by the brave….

Let’s see, it’s obvious that Leo isn’t an idiot and that if he ever had to lie, he did it to save himself from something. The smell, cunning, and intelligence of a lion are the perfect trio. That is perfect. When Leo returns you all go to my friends.


Beware of Virgo, a lot but be very careful with Virgo, because your honesty is one of those that remain recorded for life. It is not recorded on fire, but it gives you a good blow, because it is strong, firm, hard and somewhat cold, like Virgo …

The intentions of people born under the fate of being a Virgo are never bad. Never. If a Virgo says something that is brutally honest and that hurts someone else, much less is it because it was something premeditated or because it goes with a double edge … Virgo is not like that.

Virgo is natural as life itself and whatever comes to mind releases it. Let it go. Tells the truth.

There are times when you think about it better and shut up for your own benefit, but most of the time Virgo has no qualms about dropping bombs in the form of truth. Virgo thinks much more about the consequences of lying than about the possible side effects of those real bombs that he releases occasionally …


The only reason why Taurus is not a brutally honest person during all the hours and days of his life is very simple: for not causing unnecessary wars.

For not creating conflicts that later, you have to swallow to be able to solve them.

Actually, Taurus is a masterpiece, because the bull knows when, how and how to play with his cards so he never splashes anything at all.

That’s right, Taurus prefers to go to his full roll and move on the subject many times for not holding on to what comes next. But be careful, because this does not mean that Taurus runs away from problems. This does not mean that Taurus does not know how to be honest, because if he wants to be, he is and it is most likely to cause more than one trauma when he is. It is better to see a Taurus in maximum passive mode, to see a Taurus releasing everything from its mouth.


Cancer, before being brutally honest with someone else, puts himself in the place of the person who will receive honesty in the form of an atomic bomb and is much more interested in what the other party may suffer than in telling the truth. Cancer thinks more about not hurting that person’s feelings, than about being a really frank person and letting everyone manage as he can.

Cancer is placed in the equator of the Ranking because it is true that there are times that it is without measure and other times, in which you can control your impulse to shut up the odd truth …

If you shut up, it’s obvious not to hurt. Or because he knows there may be conflict later. Or because it is a secret of some friend’s very friend … But it is true that Cancer is very impulse and yes, there are times that tell the most painful truths in the world. Yes, this is Cancer.


A Scorpio almost always knows what to say and whatnot. Scorpio is very temperamental and yes, you can get carried away by the intensity of the moment and be a really sharp person. Yes, you can drop very large pearls through your mouth, of course, but Scorpio has a very clever and very intelligent part … Scorpio always knows what to say, to the person to talk to, how far he can go and what he really wants to Get with that conversation.

Scorpio is as if living in a constant strategy.

Yes, it is true, Scorpio has resorted to lies more than once to get their way. Either to hunt someone who lies, or to see how far the people around him can go … Scorpio could be brutally honest from the beginning, but he gets bored, falls asleep because that is the action …


The Capricorn are people of few words, but when he speaks, he SPEAKS and does not, he does not do it in a very subtle way. Capricorn does not enter the top of the most brutally honest signs because, honestly, it is hard for us to listen to many phrases at once from him, as to hear many truths there, suddenly, very sharply …

It is very difficult to see Capricorn releasing everything that goes through his head. Capricorn is more about expressing that honesty in your facial expressions. His face speaks more than his mouth, which is more than clear.

For a goat to be brutally honest, it must be given where it hurts most. So clear. To open your heart and express everything you really feel, you have to be very smart, because Capricorn can respond using his famous sarcasm and there, no one will escape. No one knows if he tells the truth, or not.


Aquarius only opens his shell and tells the truth when Aquarius believes it is necessary. No more no less. He will be brutally honest with whom he should be, but never will be because of the public request, for starting some kind of conflict or for following someone’s orders.

Aquarius is often silent more than is due and many secrets are kept inside for not creating conflict.

Especially when he knows that he knows something very strong that can have an impact on someone else. Aquarius is smarter than anyone can ever understand. He knows when to speak when to shut up, when to say something that is true and when to let the odd lie loose. Aquarius is like that, it is transparent as life itself, although it is also true that it can become very hurtful with its truth, but only if it is provoked …


Libra has a hard time being a brutally honest person. It is very difficult for him to be the person who says something that could harm someone else. Libra does not lie, but there are many times that it omits very crucial information so as not to cause harm or unnecessary wars. He only does it when he knows he can make someone happy. He only does it to protect others … Surely Libra does much better by saying what he thinks and releasing everything he knows, but his position of conscience and his sorrow for being the person who has caused a conflict would not leave him to sleep at night …

Libra is a lot of Libra to hurt someone for free.

For the general welfare, Libra is silent many truths and leaves them there, in his mind, well protected and ready to be told when necessary. Years may pass, but there they are.


Pisces, an extremely honest person has the same as an extremely organized person. That is nothing at all. But be careful, that this is not a poisoned dart directly for Pisces, quite the opposite … Pisces cannot be a very honest person, because Pisces always puts the feelings of others first.

Always think about the effect your words will have and the mood of the people who receive them.

Pisces will never say something that can cause a very ugly conflict, so he prefers to resort to decorate or make up that painful truth a little … In other words? that Pisces knows how to be a magician of the art of camouflage to make, that a brutally honest and painful truth be a softer and more digestible truth. So that nobody is attractive.


The last position is from Gemini and no, this does not mean that Gemini is the most liar person in the zodiac. There is evidence that can corroborate this: Gemini has screwed her up many times for saying things she didn’t have to say. He has screwed up pro being extremely honest with extremely sensitive people …

Many times, he has gotten into trouble for saying what he thinks and for not shutting up one.

That’s right, Gemini does know how to be a brutally honest person, but Gemini is only when the cable in his head is crossed. That is, it is only when it sees that it has to be. When you are cornered, when you point your finger, when you feel that someone is not trustworthy or when you feel like it, that clear. With Gemini, you have to go with lead feet because you never know where you can throw.

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