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Help! Did you know there is a ranking of zodiac signs who still love their ex? Well, now you know: let’s find out the top five positions!

No, come on, we don’t want to give you too many doubts about your relationship, but it’s time to look at things as they are.
There are people who, even for many years after breaking up, can’t help but still love their ex boyfriends  . Call it loyalty, immaturity, or love with a capital A: if you are the partner who “comes later” you will certainly not be happy with this situation! Fortunately, stars and planets can give us a warning about these people: we can identify them thanks to their zodiac sign !

The zodiac signs that still love exes: discover today’s horoscope ranking

We know that as soon as you read today’s leader board title, you immediately took a sidelong glance at your partner . There he is, tapping on the phone screen, comfortably sprawled next to you on the sofa:  will he also be in today’s ranking ?

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We decided, in fact, to find out which are the zodiac signs that still love exes . What a fear, who knows if your relationship is at risk?
Hey, take it easy: you could be in the top five of today’s ranking too, you know?
Let’s find out who these zodiac signs are and why they still and always think about their exes: we hope that by the end of this article you and your partner are still together!

Taurus: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Taurus have a hard time forgetting their exes. Indeed, let’s face it: they never really forget them!
The reason is that those born under the sign of Taurus , often and willingly, are not able to “let go” of something or someone, even when everything has come to an end.

Taurus will always seem to lack a minimum of “closure” and will always have feelings (or resentments) towards their exes .
If you are with a Taurus , then, be prepared for years of patience (or even the possibility that they will return with their ex, given their ranking in this horoscope ranking) .

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Scorpio: fourth place

In the ranking of the zodiac signs who still love their ex, then, also those born under the sign of Scorpio could not miss .
Hey, don’t be offended if we tell you the truth: you know very well that you still love that person  who cannot be named !

Scorpios ( unfortunately for them and all the people around them) are people who really want the impossible. For this reason they are also found in the ranking of zodiac signs that only want you when you don’t want them !
This happens to Scorpio : how come their ex doesn’t want them anymore? Here is that the Scorpios are practically unable to think of anything else. It takes a long time for them to shake off this feeling!

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Libra: third place

How can we not include in today’s ranking all those born under the sign of Libra ? This is a sign that represses emotions in a truly extreme way.
Libra is like this: they will never tell how they really feel!

For this reason, therefore, his exes are all people … “papabili”. It is not known why they broke up and the door is always, constantly, half open for them.
Only after a long time the Libra slowly begins to close the door but remember that a kind word, a look, a like on social networks is enough to make Libra think again, day and night, about her ex!

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Pisces: second place

They are the “quintessential” lovers of the zodiac, aren’t they?
Those born under the sign of Pisces are people who are generally defined as “in love with love”.
For this reason, then, Pisces are among the zodiac signs who still love their exes!

They can’t do anything about it: Pisces are people who truly live one meter above the clouds and, therefore, are always in love with someone.
Their exes are always at the top of the list!
Pisces , in fact, is difficult to leave with someone and, if he does, you can be sure that there is no bad blood between them.

They will always think fondly of everything romantic that has happened between them and yes … they could still love their ex without getting too much trouble .
After all, they love them too: in short, they love practically everyone!

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Leo: First place in the ranking of zodiac signs who still love their ex

Maybe Leos will be offended as they see themselves at the top of the zodiac signs who still love their ex .
But how, the Leos will say , we are the most loyal and honest people in the horoscope, ready to give all our hearts to the people around us.
How could we love our exes?

Well, the answer is right here! Leos
, in fact, are people who when they love, love with all their heart. This means that before getting over the breakup with an ex… it can take years! Leos also experience another feeling which, to your surprise, is very similar to love: hate!

Arrogant as they are, when someone leaves them or a relationship ends, Leos harbor a furious hatred towards exes who… in reality it’s love!
Unrequited love, of course, but one that can ignite at any moment. Keep an eye out for Leo boyfriends : they’re really almost always in love with their ex!

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