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Here’s What Kind Of Overthinker You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You don’t leave your home or private thinking place. You process by yourself. You can be self-involved and ignorant of what other people are feeling as is, but when you are over thinking…then you completely check out of reality. You process it all independently.

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When you stress out, you get out of your box and stay out until the issue is handled. You can upset people around you in efforts to understand and to solve your problem. You may dig your heels in about things that don’t matter and are unrelated as you process through your frustrations, only to forget about it when you no longer feel this overwhelmed.

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You may flip your lid or zip your lips. It is a coin toss with you. You may ask a lot of questions as your process and over think what you don’t fully understand. If while overthinking, you start to feel trapped, you will leave whatever situation/commitment that you think is allowing for you to feel this way. You will find it hard to learn new things, which you love a lot, and that will frustrate you.

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You care a lot for people in your life and are protective, so it is no shocker that you will try to hide your over-thinking.  You will not want to upset people in your life as you process through what you are overthinking. You will spend energy trying to protect your loved ones from knowing that you are stressed. You repress your over thinking and blow it off as much as you can.

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You try to stop overthinking as soon as you start. You are ambitious and you know that over-thinking doesn’t do anything for you so you don’t try to give it the time of day. You are feisty and demanding, so you make yourself enjoy your time no matter what. You may over think later, but you delay it.

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You obsess over your thoughts. You think from every angle, every perspective, every distance. You study your thoughts by yourself. You do not involve people. You like to solve problems fast, so when it takes you a long time, it frustrates you tremendously.

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You think from a creative and intellectual platform, so you process yours over thinking from a similar place. You are usually the calm one in your friend group and can be a bit of a people pleaser, so overthinking is not your favorite thing. You find yourself involving only the closest people into your thinking space and even then you lightly gloss over the things that stress you out the most.

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You overthink with all of your energy. You may not realize how much energy you are putting into your over thinking until someone calls you out for it. You are prone to dark moods and intensity which can alienate people so when you are overthinking that only gets magnified.

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You are a high-class idealist. You have already decided how overthinking should look, how it should be handled, and for how long. You will try to apply your ideals to yourself and to live it out to the best of your abilities. You may seek support and process your over-thinking in an adventurous manner. You are likely to plan a hiking trip with friends and get your mind off of things.

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You are the kind of overthinker that takes it personally. You are normally very organized and high-achieving. Over-thinking slows you down which causes you stress and bothers you a lot. You feel like your success is being interrupted by your inability to decide because you are still thinking and it upsets you. You may go shopping to take your mind off of things.

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You overthink like an idealist. You hope for the best as you are overthinking, which some people don’t get. But you can’t shut your thoughts off and you just keep replaying situations over and over again. You think about what happened, then what should have happened, then all the ways this can end, but then what would be some of the best ways that this can end. Sometimes, your overthinking spurs you do something unforeseen/unpredictable. You don’t process what you are overthinking with people.

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You get emotional when you overthink. You feel your thoughts. You feel the worst case and the best case and it causes you emotional tiredness.

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You try to daydream but are not normally successful as they start to center around your thoughts. When you overthink, you seek out people who can be empathetic and compassionate with you. You just want to be able to hang and be accepted as you process.

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