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Here’s What Each Zodiac Does When They Feel Rejected

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They don’t really accept rejection. They can’t comprehend that someone isn’t actually into them. It becomes a challenge to them and they start persisting until they make the other person fall for them. They don’t take no for an answer and they go after what they want against all odds because they can’t lose what they want.

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They stop trying after the first attempt and may even block that person because they don’t take rejection very well. They hardly ever pursue anyone, so when they do, it’s a big deal to them and they don’t take it very lightly. They are always super sensitive to how the other person reacts to them.

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They play it friendly for some time until they know for sure that the other person is not interested. They can start by sending a few jokes or suggest meeting for coffee and then try to keep things casual, but if they see no light at the end of the tunnel, they will not try again.

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They cry their eyes out and start remembering every single person who rejected them. They start writing in their journal about how unlucky they are in love and how they really feel betrayed by the people they fall for. They rarely look at why the other person may not be ready and they make it all about themselves, often beating themselves up for things they didn’t even do.

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They don’t take it as rejection—their ego won’t let them admit that—so they flip the table and make it seem like they’re the ones who lost interest and weren’t invested to begin with. They convince themselves that they didn’t even like this person very much.

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They keep questioning themselves and whether or not they should have been more direct. They believe that they may have pushed that person away by not being very clear or not showing much interest and start to think of ways they can reverse the situation or ‘fix’ it.

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They put a deadline for each situation, so they will keep trying for a few weeks or a few months. They will be supportive, friendly, and kind, but once the deadline is over, they move on peacefully because they hate to waste their precious time over people who don’t reciprocate their feelings.

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Much like Aries, they don’t take no for an answer, and they will keep pursuing the person and charming them until that person gives in. But with Scorpio, it’s not really a challenge, it’s more of genuinely wanting that person and knowing that they can sweep them off their feet if they decide to. They simply know what they want and they know how to get it.

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They disappear from that person’s life completely—they don’t even try to be their friend and can avoid them if they ever run into them. They hate losing or feeling like they wanted something but couldn’t get it, so they try to stay away from anything that reminds them of that person so they don’t get triggered again.

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They will use this rejection as motivation to put all their time and energy into something more productive, like a new business plan or a revenge body, because they don’t want anyone to break them or make them take a few steps back. They are always working on themselves and they will not allow anyone to ruin their plans.

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They don’t take it very well at first, so they may say a few harsh things or send a long essay telling that person off because they have to express their anger to feel better and move on, but once they let everything out and get those few words out of their system, they will move on pretty quickly like it’s no big deal.

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They can be in denial at first and they might even continue taking care of that person and calling them every day like nothing happened because they’re not ready to lose that person yet and they hate being alone. They will play dumb for as long as they can to see what they can get away with or buy themselves some time until they can face the truth.

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