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Here’s How Jupiter Retrograde Will Change Every Zodiac’s Life By The End Of The Year

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September kicked off with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, stationing retrograde on the 4th of the month. There it will stay until December 31st, 2023. The new year might not have any traditional astrological significance, but in our modern calendar, it sure does—which makes this transit particularly interesting to those who are curious about what 2024 might hold.

Jupiter is associated with good fortune, so even when this benefic planet is retrograde, it rarely causes major upheavals (unless it’s making especially harsh aspects to other outer planets, like it was in January 2020, ushering in the COVID era). It gives us time, as a collective, to reflect on broader themes surrounding spirituality, long-distance travel, religious beliefs, and higher education. If your deeply held convictions were formerly unshakeable, you might find yourself undergoing a period of surprising re-evaluation.

To offer some further glimpses into what this transit will bring, look to the sign Jupiter was in when it stationed retrograde: in this case, 15° of Taurus. The fixed earth sign is known both for its stubbornness and persistence, and this offers us some clues into what might be awaiting us over the following months. Wealth disparity and issues surrounding the earth are prominent themes on the news already, only a few weeks into this transit—several industries are currently making global news for striking, for instance.

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But how will Jupiter retrograde impact you personally? Are there some signs who will feel the frustration more acutely? It depends. Here’s what you can expect, based on your zodiac sign.


You’re not exactly keen on the slow-and-steady approach, Aries, as the most impatient sign of the zodiac. But over the next four months, you’re going to be forced to be constructive and frugal as Jupiter stations retrograde in your second house of finances, material resources, and values. Consider what you can live without, tone down on the impulse buys, and revisit your budget. This is a time to reflect on what you don’t really need, materially, and instead focus your attention inward.

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You will almost definitely undergo a quiet transformation during this time, Taurus, as Jupiter stations retrograde in your first house of appearance, identity, and self. The next few months will cause you to radically reconsider how you have been showing up in the world. Take this time to close your circle off to everyone but your most trusted friends and examine what you can do to improve your overall health and wellness. A more balanced and holistic approach to life will carry you into 2024 looking and feeling better than ever.

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Your intellectual curiosity is truly something to admire, Gemini, but don’t expect to receive the most accolades in your career during the final half of the year. Consider this a sowing period during which you scatter seeds. Jupiter is retrograde in your twelfth house of the subconscious and spirituality, so this is the ideal time to keep a dream journal, pay attention to prophetic guideposts, and build a plan for how you hope to translate your spiritual revelations into a concrete plan for the new year.

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You’re used to being the mom friend, Cancer, but with Jupiter retrograde in your eleventh house of friendships and social networks, you might notice your friend group is spending less and prioritizing frugality, leaving you wondering how to have fun on a budget. Get inventive with your ideas. Organize a lowkey paint-and-sip at your apartment rather than a night out, using the time to get to know your friends on a deeper level.

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You love to be in the spotlight, Leo, but this is the time of year to step down. Retrograde Jupiter in your tenth house of career indicates that this isn’t the most ideal time to launch a new project or commit to taking on more responsibility at work. You’re unlikely to shine at quite your highest wattage. Instead, you might find yourself revisiting old projects that had previously been discarded to the wastebin.

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You have an eye for the details, Virgo, and this is an ideal time for you to go back and review some old projects with a critical eye. This is an excellent time to hone skills you already have, rather than learning new ones. You might be struck with some sudden, seemingly divine insights: Jupiter is retrograde in your ninth house of spirituality, religion, and higher education, prompting you to seek answers and question everything at this time.

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As the aesthete and peacekeeper of the zodiac, you are rarely comfortable stepping too far into the darkness, Libra. However, with Jupiter retrograde in your eighth house of death, sex, and other people’s resources, you will inevitably be confronted with the reality that you, too, have a shadow side. Whether you find yourself entangled in karmic or monetary debts, you will be forced to revisit some disquieting themes from the past that you may have been trying to ignore.

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This Jupiter retrograde is less about you than it is about your closest relationships, Scorpio. Rest assured you’ll be dealing with matters related to others who are in your close-knit circles, as Jupiter lingers in your seventh house of romantic partners, business ties, and open enemies. Whether you’re disagreeing with your business partner on how to allocate funds or working through conflicts that destabilize your marriage, you’ll feel the shake-up most intensely at home and in the office.

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This isn’t the best time to make any major changes to your job or daily habits, Sagittarius. They’re unlikely to stick, with your ruling planet retrograde in your sixth house of health, routine, and work. Expect frustrations related to your loftier dreams and achievements, as though the cosmos is forcing you to slow down and show gratitude for what you already have without offering a single thing more.

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You’re usually all business, Capricorn, but this time of year you’ll be feeling the desire to have more fun than usual. You’ll be balancing this uncharacteristic impulse with the other responsibilities weighing on you at this time, especially in relation to your local community and siblings. With Jupiter retrograde in your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and children, this won’t feel like an ideal time for escapism, but if you set some future dreams in motion now, you will likely see them come to fruition in 2024.

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You are the great humanitarian, Aquarius, but this period of time will reflect the micro rather than the macro as Jupiter hangs out in your fourth house of home, family, and domestic matters. Anticipate more hours spent at home or caring for relatives who might require your help financially or ask if you’d be willing to move closer to them. Don’t be surprised if you reconnect with some old hometown friends over the holidays or decide to relocate to care for elderly relatives. Whatever happens, your network will be restructured around this decision.

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As one of the two Jupiter-ruled signs of the zodiac, Pisces, you are going to feel this transit’s influence quite strongly. With Jupiter retrograde in your third house of neighbors, extended family, and brief trips, you can expect miscommunications and awkwardness surrounding your local community, mishaps during short-distance travels, and issues with siblings. Your sense of identity and autonomy may feel unstable for a while, as though you are being criticized for mistakes others are making. Do your best to keep your head down.

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