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Do you feel that he is the right man? Do you want to spend the rest of your life by his side? Here’s how to get him to marry you based on his zodiac sign.

If this is really what you want if your heart and soul suggest that you are the perfect couple for the wedding then try to convince him too. Maybe your partner hasn’t asked you to take the plunge yet because he has some doubts, we know how to help you dispel them.

Each partner has unique characteristics and their personality depends on their zodiacal identity. Let’s rely on the stars to find a way to get to directly touch the desires of the partner and make him understand that the woman of his dreams is right there in front of his eyes. Find out what reassurance she needs to understand that you are her perfect match.

Find out how to get married based on her zodiac sign

Knowing his zodiac sign is all you need to get him to marry you. Here’s what you need to do to make it yours forever:

For Aries the passion in the couple occupies a prominent place. If your partner hasn’t asked you to get married yet, they probably just fear that marriage and the arrival of children could harm your sexuality. If you want him to decide to get married, you have to do two things: r confidently assure him of your special intimacy and wear short skirts that he cannot resist.

Before taking this step, Taurus must be 100% sure that he is doing the right thing, beyond the feelings. Marriage for him is a perfect deal. If you want to get him to marry, you have to show him that together you can go through everything, that you are invincible, and the best way to show him is to make successful practical decisions in every area. 

is a sign that just can’t understand why people insist on getting married. For the twins, being together should be a choice that is made every day to prevent the relationship from going into boredom and monotony mode. If you want to give him a good reason to get married, you have to convince him that he has nothing to fear. Even after years of living together, it continues to surprise him. He will gladly spend his life with you if he realizes that it is impossible to get bored with you.

If you want to marry a Cancer the only thing you can do is take the similarities of the mother. Mom is an unconventional model of a woman for Cancer. If you remind him of his mother, you can be sure that you will never have rivals. Cancer is very attached to the idea of ​​family, loves the one of origin but also strongly desires a family of their own and to have it they are willing to do anything, even to get married.

Leo is an exhibitionist and full of self-sign, the only way to get him to marry you is to always emphasize that he is unique and wonderful. This is the feeling he loves, he loves that his efforts are appreciated, he loves the flattery of professional success and he loves the idea of ​​having a woman at his side who defends his honor and with whom he shares common values. The biggest sin you can commit is to criticize him: he will never forgive you. Always be well dressed, even when you make him scrambled eggs in the kitchen in the morning. Leo must know that he has the most beautiful and caring woman. So he will not hesitate with the declarations.

Virgo is a particular sign. In his head, he has already made up his idea of ​​family. If you want him to get married you have to show him that you fit this image.   He doesn’t need superfluous but perfect thingsHome, wife, and children should all be perfect according to his expectations, this is the only way to make him lower all barriers and make him fall madly in love with you and end up at the altar.

The sign of Libra is very indecisive and also very sensitive to feminine charm, so making a definitive choice is problematic for him. If you want to convince him that you are the one you have to do only one thing: bring out determination and do not forgive. This sign will never prey on the initiative, if you want to marry him buy a wedding dress, take it to a jewelry store and have him try on the wedding ring, book an appointment to have them try on wedding suits and he will simply agree to marry you convinced that the decision to he took it.

The sign of Scorpio is wary and if they understand that you want to get married the first thing they will do is enter suspicious mode and believe that you are going to trap them. If you want to marry him you don’t need strategies, you just need to understand what he is most afraid of in the world, it is not easy, your job is to save him from himself if you can he will connect to you forever.

If you want to marry a Sagittarius, convince him that you want a sui generis wedding, an adventure on the edge of the world where getting bored is not possible. Reassure him that the wedding will be a different dish to spoil every day, that he doesn’t have to worry about getting bored.

If you want to convince a Capricorn to marry, arm yourself with patience. This sign needs time, it has to get used to the idea, to you, and it will still need time. Don’t be in a hurry, you’ll know it’s almost done when he introduces you to his friends and family. Do not attack him and show him that you are a respectful and tactful person, this is his ideal candidate for a wife.

The only way to marry an Aquarius is to convince them that they absolutely can’t live without you. The aquarium is very attached to its independence and this comes before the family. Only if he realizes that he can have a family without having to give up his independence will he agree to get married. Aquarius needs to hope to have a loving wife beside him, to preserve his friendships, and to be able to continue having his weird schedules and extravagant hobbies.

If you want to get married to a Pisces you have to show him that you are written in his destiny and that your meeting was not accidental. Pisces is a dreamer, he must think that he dreamed of meeting you and then it happened and that your relationship is karmic. Pisces wants to feel like your brave knight. If you want him to get married you have to always get in trouble and let him save you. A Pisces will never be able to marry an independent woman who can handle everything from fixing the sink to changing the oil in the car, this will make him doubt that you are meant for him.

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