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This is the first ranking in which we wish you not to be. What are we talking about? But the most toxic signs of the horoscope!

Who has never happened to meet a person who, for one reason or another, we ended up labeling as ” toxic “?
There are numerous reasons why someone can be considered (or even just be) toxic.

Maybe it is a period of their life in which, unfortunately, they end up making others pay for a difficult personal journey. Or, perhaps, they are people who have suffered a lot and who now believe that being ” toxic ” is the only way to move forward in life. Let’s say that the reason, at least from the outside, does not matter for now: you don’t want to know which zodiac sign is more predisposed to ” toxicity ” (and hope that yours isn’t there “).

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The most toxic signs of the horoscope: are you also in the ranking today?

We obviously hope you’re not there.
Where is it? But in the ranking of the most toxic signs of the whole horoscope! These are not, of course, snakes or poisonous mushrooms but real people who ” ruin ” the lives of others.
How? Simply because they are… toxic!

There are numerous, very numerous indeed, toxic attitudes that others have towards us and which we may not even realize.
(Obviously, then, this is also true in reverse: perhaps we are the ” junkies “!).
Even times that change and evolve, in fact, can make us understand how some ways of saying or doing are poisonous and we must abandon them.

Can stars and planets to some extent identify those zodiac signs that are, by nature, more ” toxic ” than the others? We immediately discover the top five positions in the ranking of the most toxic zodiac signs of the horoscope, hoping, of course, that you are not there!

Cancer: fifth place

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We have to say it and we absolutely cannot hold back: loved ones born under the sign of Canceryou know how to be truly toxic!
You earn 5th place on our horoscope chart today precisely because you pretend you are not toxic when you can really be a lot!

Critics are always ready to comment and judge, in need of love and capable of manipulating others in the blink of an eye.
Dear born under the sign of Cancer, you certainly could not expect not to be toxic: you really have it in your blood!

Taurus: fourth place

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Even those born under the sign of Taurus are quite toxic, especially when they try to pretend they are not!
The Taurus has a decidedly developed and vivid emotional intelligence, capable of making him “see” before the other defects and weaknesses in the people around him.

This ability, the Taurus, takes it as if it were a real curse and does nothing but talk about his insecurities and expose his flaws to put himself on the same level as others.
Too bad that it is (very often) a farce: the Taurus is insecure but, at the same time, also aware of his great merits of him and uses this mode to be praised even more. Be careful!

Aries: third place

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If you are friends with an Aries you know exactly what we are talking about (and, even more so, if you are an Aries it is time to make your own personal coming out ). Aries
, in fact, is one of the most toxic signs of the zodiac: they are on the first step of the podium of our ranking today!

Aries has a decidedly complicated personality: he pretends to be very insecure and asks everyone to support him. Her fit of him makes him adorable in the eyes of others who always want to defend him. In reality, however, Aries knows very well what he wants and how to get it and does everything to be ” innocent ” When, however, he is just … toxic!

Gemini: second place

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Dear Gemini, do we really have to tell you that you are (almost) one of the most toxic signs in the entire zodiac?
Your second place should make you think as well as your very own history of friendships and relationships.

Those who know a Gemini, in fact, already know that they can be real hotheads: always ready for adventure, with this sign you can not help but have funOf course, until, then, the Gemini gets tired of you and leaves you for a new relationship, a new situation, or a new city, even to start all over again!

Geminis are true masters at creating stifling and terrible sentimental situations, which they then turn their backs on in a second by starting over somewhere else to have a ” new beginning “. Their “new beginnings” can be counted on the measure of the hundreds and they always leave behind ” shards ” that will collect the people who love them. Geminis never take any responsibility: they are truly toxic!

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most toxic signs of the horoscope

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Dear ones born under the sign of Librawe have some bad news for you. No, don’t make that face since you know them very well: you are among the most toxic signs of the zodiac!
You know very well that you are cordial and jovial people, always ready for jokes and conviviality… but you also know that there is more!

Libra is a sign that tends to always try to make good impression on others, making them feel at ease and always trying to be nice and cheerful. Unfortunately, this results in toxicity that is really hard to digest for most peopleAlways being  happy and having fun, always wanting to be with other people, and never a moment alone becomes really heavy
sometimes: think when you impose it on others!

Libra, then, is a true master in the art of ” bullying “: if they don’t like you, you will always end up feeling uncomfortable. She will treat you badly, with really toxic jokes, or by excluding you from her social circle of hers: if you confront her, however, you will not have any satisfaction. In fact, Libra will pretend to death that she has no problems with anyone!

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