Zodiac Signs


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The stars reveal the zodiac sign that predominates among serial killers. Find out the link between astrology and crime.

Many Serial Killers are infamous for their heinous crimes. Heartless and unscrupulous they have managed to commit actions against people that go far beyond brutality. Behind these behaviors obviously, there are psychological disturbances but deepening the question astrologers have discovered that some astrological signs are the most common among well-known serial killers.

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There would be the 4 most common zodiac signs among serial killers and among them, there is an undisputed first place.

Here are the most common zodiac signs among serial killers

Let’s find out what are the zodiac signs of the most famous killers, from the least common to the most common. Ready to discover today’s ranking?

In 4th position: Sagittarius

Surprisingly, the most generous, altruistic, solar, and positive sign of the zodiac appears in this ranking. Some of the most famous serial killers were born under this sign such as. Sagittarius is a sign that loves adventure, travel, and novelty, if you wanted to find an explanation for this penchant for murder, this could probably be amputated to his insatiable need for emotions.

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In 3rd position: Pisces

Pisces are dreamers, moody, and very sensitive. Some Killers known as John Wayne Gayce, the murderer disguised as a clown, belong to this sign. Also in this case, if you wanted to motivate this fact, it could be explained by connecting it to the fact that Pisces feel very strong emotions, much more than others. In mentally unstable people, this amplification can have very serious consequences.

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In 2nd position: Gemini

With a very high percentage but not the highest, Gemini is in second position in the ranking of the most common zodiac signs among serial killers. A large number of cruel killers belong to this sign such as Jeffrey Dahmer, a cannibal who killed 17 people. The reason could lie in the duality of this signhis double personality of him could be the reason for his actions of the dark side of him.

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In 1st position: Virgo

Finally, surprisingly, the largest number of serial killers belong to the astrological sign of Virgo. Ed Gein, Psycho, Paul Bernardo, The Boston Strangler, and Andrew Cunanan were all Virgo. Surprised? The most organized, precise, and orderly sign of the zodiac hides a dark personality plus is prone to anxiety states.

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