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Here Are The Zodiac Signs Whose Love Life Will Be Affected This Libra Season

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As the excitement surrounding fall and Libra season emerges, we can expect plenty of settling down and trying to grow closer to those we care about. Libra season has everyone focusing more on others and a little less on ourselves—reminding us that our connections to others matter.

During this time, some zodiac signs may experience a more intense focus on their romantic relationships. With the Sun, Mars, and Mercury all in Libra (along with Scorpio in Venus), love is in the air and on the minds of many. But which signs are going to feel the most significant shift in their romantic relationships?

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Libra is lighting up your 7th house of partnerships, so it’s no surprise that you will be heavily experiencing some realizations and shifts in this area of your life. Whether your question has been to commit to someone in a big way or determining your next steps as a couple, things that weren’t noticeable before will likely start to emerge. This will be a time to reassess any unexpected situations, have some dedicated discussions, and ultimately begin making some decisions on where your relationship is headed. Libra doesn’t want you to make this decision alone, though—you two are a team, and you need to hear out all sides before you decide.

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This season focuses on your 5th house of passion, creativity, and romance—so your feelings are certainly on the brain. You’re feeling inspired and open to all sorts of possibilities, as you should be. This season will have you contemplating what could happen in your life in terms of love as well as what has happened in the past. You may even end up unexpectedly hearing from an ex or past fling that didn’t work out, which will allow you to determine if you’ve been handling your relationships the way you should be.

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While this season is focusing on your house of self and identity, this will still have a significant effect on your relationships. You’re figuring out who you are, what you want, and what you need, which may require some conversations and some changes in your current relationship. This could be a time of realizing that who you’re becoming is outgrowing the relationship—though you shouldn’t make any giant decisions right off the bat. This can also be a beautiful time of growth and understanding between you and a partner as well. The main focus is figuring out what is going with you rather than automatically conceding to what you think others want.

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Your 8th house of joint accounts, intimacy, and sex is getting the spotlight this season, Pisces. If you and your partner haven’t been connecting much, this is a good time to rectify that. Whether it’s through emotional, physical, or verbal means, you’re going to aspire to bond more closely, even if that means having deeper conversations you’ve been holding off on. Libra is reminding you to trust others and be open to what they have to say—it can bring you that much closer together.

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