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Here Are 3 Zodiac Signs That Will Always Play Victim

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It’s not uncommon for Scorpio to play the victim when something goes wrong on their end. Whether they genuinely feel that they’re the wronged party or they just know how to garner sympathy, Scorpio prefers to be in control of every situation. If they have to twist a few perspectives to gain favor, they don’t usually see much wrong with that. That’s not to say that Scorpio is naturally untrustworthy; once you’ve become close to Scorpio, their true self becomes more and more apparent. But they are sometimes prone to manipulation to control social situations, and their natural magnetism makes it all the easier for them to do so. The best thing to do is to offer genuine conversation and authenticity to Scorpio; they often appreciate open dialogues and the chance to discuss things one-on-one

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Leo is an attention-loving sign, and this also means that they may genuinely feel that they’ve been wronged when someone goes against them, especially in a group setting. Their perspective can often be an emotional one, stemming from how they perceived the situation and how they reacted emotionally. This makes them play the victim more often than not, even if they’re doing so unintentionally. They may genuinely see certain actions as a slight against them, causing them to take the role of the victim as a way of getting others to see their side of things and understand their emotional perspective. The best thing to do is talk to Leo one-on-one after giving them some time to themselves; they’re a generous and reasonable sign after they’ve had some time to reflect.

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Taurus is a stubborn bull, more often than not. When they play the victim, they’re hardly even putting on an act—they genuinely feel an emotionally angry and upset reaction more often than not. When wronged or when they perceive that they’ve been wronged, they often feel as though the entire world is against them. This can cause them to lash out instead of apologizing, making themselves out to be the hurt party. At the moment, from Taurus’s perspective, this is the truth—they don’t like being rattled, and a change in their emotional relationships can feel like a major change in their routine, which is discomforting to Taurus. The best thing to do is to wait out Taurus’s temper and give them time to come around on their own.

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