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Why Your Heart Keeps On Getting Broken According To Your Zodiac Sign


Your biggest traits are your kind and loving heart, your independence, and your strong will. However, they can also be your downfalls.

You put up a cold front, that’s why your partner tends to miss that warmth underneath. Sometimes they might feel like you don’t care as much as they do.

While your independence is admirable and probably the first thing that someone notices about you, it can also be a big turn-off if you exaggerate it. People want to feel needed while in a relationship.

Your strong will makes you thrive in life but it also awakens your impulsive side—that’s why you are not willing to make compromises that are sometimes more than necessary.


When someone does you wrong, you are not able to let things slide so easily. Even if you forgive, you can’t forget. You keep overthinking the whole situation and resentment keeps accumulating inside of you.

Your stubborn nature prevents you from letting something go, even after you have heard someone apologize. That’s the part of you that your partner has a hard time dealing with.

Try not to hold on to every word somebody says; sometimes words are just words uttered in the heat of the moment. People are just people and they make mistakes, so try to forgive what can be forgiven.


Geminis sometimes have problems with staying put due to their free-spirit and outgoingness. That’s why you often might feel trapped in a relationship.

Also, you are charming and flirty and sometimes unable to stop yourself, even when you are in a relationship.

That’s why open relationships might actually work for you—at least for a certain period of time until you are completely sure you want something more committed.

Try to better choose your partner. One who shows even glimpses of jealousy is not the one for you. You need someone who loves you in a way that it still makes you feel free.


You are used to putting everyone else’s needs before your own and that’s the main reason for your heartbreaks. You are considerate and empathetic, which are good things but you tend to go over the top.

You are used to carrying everyone else’s burdens as if they were your own, regardless of whether it’s your romantic partner or some of your friends or family members and that influences your relationship in a negative way.

You are so overwhelmed by the people in your surroundings that you forget about your own happiness. By doing that, you forget how to enjoy life and you push people away.

For starters, you need to focus on yourself. Work on you and your self-love and let other people deal with their own stuff and that will undeniably stop your heart from breaking.


You are loyal to the bone and that makes you the type of partner who everyone would wish for.
But you also seek constant attention, you are too proud and you like to win at everything.

Because of that pride, you are willing to fight day in and day out with your partner until you win. You see nothing wrong with that; however, your partner might have great difficulties with it.

Try to understand that not every fight has to be won, especially if something is your fault. Let things slide from time to time, as constant discussions about every petty thing are not worth sacrificing your relationship over.

Also, the love you have for yourself can border on egotism at times. You have to pay more attention to other people’s needs and desires; it will only make you richer in love when you give and take.


You overanalyze everything. You question both your and your partner’s feelings, intentions, and behavior, to the point where it really becomes hard to handle.

Sometimes you take on the role of a detective in your relationship. You are guided by the assumption that no one can be trusted, so you have no problem with going through your partner’s phone or any other personal possessions.

This lack of trust will result in the death of your relationship, so stop investigating and looking for clues if your partner hasn’t given you any reason to doubt him.


You are an idealist. You always choose to look on the bright side and see the best in people. Sadly, not everyone has that much good inside and no matter what you do, the goodness won’t always come out.

You have to realize that some people are never going to change and that they are only wasting your time. Stop idealizing them and making them into something they are not.

Another thing you have a problem with is conflict.; you avoid it. Due to that, you bottle things up inside until they explode. By then it’s already too late and things can’t be repaired.

Talk things out with your partner, discuss, argue, and be open about the things that bother you while you can. It’s better to solve things in time instead of making them bigger by keeping quiet.


Scorpio is a passionate and devoted lover. By being that, you are one of the most amazing partners anyone will come across.

However, you are known to go to extremes with your passion and devotion and that results in you behaving absurdly, meaning jealous outbursts and a desire for control are awakened inside of you.

Your behavior is actually driven by your fear that you will lose the person you care so deeply for. But you have to understand that people are not things and they can’t be owned or controlled.

Have a little more faith that things are going to work out. Let the person you are with breathe a little. Give them and yourself a chance for happiness.


The thing that kills your relationships and usually breaks your heart is unmet expectations. You simply expect too much from your partner.

Your desire for newness and constant change doesn’t go down well with everyone. If your partner wants to stay in and do nothing once in a while, let them and try to understand. Not everyone has your sense of adventure.

You have to know that not everyone’s mind works like yours, so don’t expect people to act the way you would or to take interest in the same things.

Embrace the differences and turn them into something that brings you closer to your partner.


The thing that means your heart keeps getting broken is trust issues incorporated deeply inside of you. You don’t open up so easily and you want someone who will work to obtain your trust.

The thing is that you can’t ask someone who has done nothing wrong to you to justify or earn your trust. You can’t make the people from your present pay for your ex’s mistakes and lack of loyalty.

Give people the benefit of the doubt and trust them—that’s the only way you can build a healthy relationship.


Smart and funny are two words that describe an Aquarian the best. They are also direct and brutally honest, which can be appealing and refreshing at first.

However, your bluntness can cost you a lot in the long run. Not everyone is always ready to hear the truth—or your version of it. There is a time and a place for everything.

Your funny side is one of your most amazing traits. You have a quick wit and a unique sense of humor that not everyone shares.

But somewhere out there is that person who welcomes your sense of humor and laughs at your jokes instead of getting offended. You just might have to wait a bit longer to meet them.


Pisces is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. When they love, they love hard, that’s why they have a hard time letting go of unrequited love.

You must be careful not to start a new relationship if you are still not over your ex. The emotional baggage you are carrying will undoubtedly kill your new relationship and leave you even more hurt.

Your new partner will feel like they are your rebound and nobody wants to be that. So deal with your past so that you can be happy in the future. Acknowledge that some loves weren’t right for you.

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