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How To Be Happy In Love, According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all want to be happy in love. Placing faith in your star sign might just lend you that bit of extra lucky person who finds happiness in love in different ways. For some, it’s the thrill of the chase. For others, it’s the bliss of recreating a storybook romance. There are also people who find happiness in a more “grounded” love, which comes in the form of affection and assurance from their loved ones.

That said, our own expectations regarding how we find happiness in love may change as we get older. Someone who once desired a passionate romance directly out of a Nicholas Sparks novel may appreciate a love that’s simple and pure at an older age.

If you’re lost in love now, astrology may help you understand what makes you feel the happiest and most comfortable in love. After all, the ultimate goal is to achieve the best kind of love for yourself – and it might just start with taking the first step, or setting a goal.

Aries – March 21 to April 19

The most thrill-seeking of the 12 zodiac signs, Aries blazes into love with all its fire and passion. As a Cardinal (active) sign, Aries wants a romance made of adventure and one that’s always evolving. As an outgoing and sociable sign, the Aries usually has no problem attracting attention.

Those born under this sign may not always realize that they need more than just constant adventure though. In truth, they will be happiest when they can find someone who can also temper their flame so that they don’t burn themselves out.

At the same time, they should stay competitive and energetic, so that they never feel bored in a relationship.

They will need to learn to take a more mature approach to their relationships. While looking for love through their many thrill-seeking activities, they should also keep an eye out for someone who can handle their fire. It’s a good idea to avoid being too judgemental straight away and to give people a chance to impress them before making hasty decisions.

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

Taurus is a comforting and magnetic sign. People are naturally drawn to their down-to-earth and nurturing nature. As a stable Fixed (consistent) earth sign, all the Taurus wants to do is to find someone to just kick back with and indulge in falling in love.

Taurians can mistakenly be called “boring”. This is only because they enjoy taking things slowly and taking their time to make decisions. They need someone who can appreciate their practical and pragmatic nature.

At the same time, Taurians also need people who can add spice to their life to keep the romance and passion in their relationship alive.

While it can be tempting for Taurus to always play it safe, sometimes they need to be a bit more adventurous in order to find happiness in love. Trying out a new hobby group, taking a chance on a blind date or even planning an overseas trip in a group – these can help Taurians to keep the flame alive.

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Gemini – May 21 to June 20

As a Mutable (changing) air sign, the witty and charming Gemini has no problem attracting a crowd with banter and jokes. The perfect another half for those born under this sign is someone who can keep them equally entertained, while they entertain the crowd.

Geminis are always evolving and changing their tactics. They need someone who can listen to them and match – not restrict – the free flow of their ideas. To put it simply, they need partners who care about them (and their brilliance).

At the same time, Geminis need partners who can be patient and adapt to their changing ideas and habit of switching plans on the fly.

Geminis look to connect with people on an intellectual level. Playing thought-provoking games, trying mental exercises that require a group to solve or joining clubs can be of great help. However, Geminis may be too quick to jump the gun when they find someone who can match their wit. They need to slow down and ensure that there is compatibility in other areas as well before taking the leap.

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

Fourth of the zodiac sign is the sweet and sensitive Cancer, a Cardinal (active) water sign. Cancerians are the most emotionally nurturing and caring. Their kind, parental nature attracts people to them.

Cancerians always seek the sweeter and softer side of love. They put a heavy emphasis on caring about the feelings of others. In that sense, they need someone who can be equally mindful of their feelings and desires. That’s not forgetting how they should also be taking care of themselves too. Patting on Clinique’s Even Better Brighter Milky Lotion for clear, radiant skin is one of the many small things they can do for themselves.

Often, taking the first step will be the biggest benefit for Cancerians, as most tend to be introverted or guarded. More importantly, they should communicate their feelings and thoughts more openly. The moment they start making the first chip in their shell, others can slowly help break them out of it, so that they can enjoy the world.

Leo – July 23 to Aug 22

Up next is the king of the jungle – Leo the lion. A Fixed (consistent) fire sign, Leo is often a star in the spotlight, which is why those born under this sign desire a romance that is just as bright and powerful.

Leos seek a love that’s as passionate as it was the first day it started. As mighty lions, it’s easy for them to attract a host of suitors and admirers. However, they need someone who can appreciate their beauty, even out of the spotlight.

Prideful Leos can be reluctant to let anyone see through their weaknesses, but someone who can handle both the good and bad sides of them will be truly loyal.

Leos shouldn’t be afraid to dig their heels in, even when their love hits a bumpy patch. This is because they can be very picky when things don’t match their ideal vision, so it’s easy for them to move on quickly the moment they believe it’s not working out. However, working through the bumps will bring a sense of fulfillment that they can’t find anywhere else.

Virgo – Aug 23 to Sept 22

The sixth sign of the zodiac and a Mutable (changing) earth sign, Virgo is the strict perfectionist and organizational leader of the signs. Virgos may be detailed, but they long for a partner who can understand their deeper desires and wants.

Virgos are very responsible and practical individuals. They desire commitment in a relationship the most, yet they also want someone who can fit into their ideal version of a relationship. And sometimes, their ideal isn’t always the best for them.

Instead, they should seek out someone who is patient and nurturing – so they can chase after their dreams and goals. While their nature is purely practical, a bit of idealism and romanticism can help Virgo relax.

Virgos shouldn’t be afraid to take a bit of a risk in relationships. Often they may wait too long and lose out on opportunities for love. As such, they should be willing to take a step forward and capture what they want before coming to any concrete decisions.

Libra – Sept 23 to Oct 22

Lucky number seven of the zodiac, the Cardinal (active) air sign Libra is the weaver of romantic stories. Their natural sociability and ability to connect with people almost instantly are what draw others to them. They thrive when given attention, and want someone who can always make them feel loved.

Libras are always searching for their fairy tale romance. They want a life fuelled by love itself, and they desire a partner who can make that fantasy come true for them, to the fullest. This makes it difficult to find a steady partner who immediately fulfills all their needs.

Libras are stubborn when it comes to letting go of their dreams and fantasies. While there’s nothing wrong with holding on to these ideas, they sometimes need to be a bit more practical to achieve their dreams.

Aside from finding someone who can connect with their free-thinking attitudes and mindsets, Libras should not ignore the practical and pragmatic sides of a relationship. Financial security is important in ensuring they can truly achieve their dreams, so they should take time to consider all sides of the relationship before moving forward.

Scorpio – Oct 23 to Nov 21

Easily the most mysterious sign, the Fixed (consistent) water sign Scorpio searches for love only spoken of in the most intimate romance books. Scorpios have a secretive aura that attracts many, but it’s their intelligence and maturity that makes most people stay.

You may realize that not much can be gleaned from Scorpios at first glance. Beneath the surface of their mysterious aura though, Scorpios long for a sweet romance that appeals to their secret, not-so-talked-about softer nature.

Scorpios can be very intense with their emotions, yet keep their deepest feelings hidden. They are strong and powerful signs but can come across as intimidating to the ones they really want to connect with. They must learn to break down the walls around them, at least to an extent that allows others to peer in.

Sagittarius – Nov 22 to Dec 21

When it comes to love, the Mutable (changing) fire sign Sagittarius leaves a blazing trail. Sagittarians have a thirst for life that translates into the way they love, and how they perceive romance. Naturally, they know how to have a good time.

Sagittarians are always seeking some form of adventure or competition. They love being challenged – even by their romantic partner – and don’t want someone who will just let them do as they please.

They can be overwhelming with how friendly they are to others. Beneath that fun-loving nature though, lies a secret desire to truly settle down with someone – but they may not know this yet.

It can take them time to come around to this fact – which is why they’re always running with the wind before they realize that their happiness lies in settling down with someone. The moment they realize this – and how it can align with their need for adventure – they’ll be able to find true happiness in a relationship.

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Capricorn – Dec 22 to Jan 19

A Fixed (consistent) Earth sign, Capricorn is a very business-focused sign. Capricorns take a practical and step-by-step approach toward everything – even love. This sort of confidence can be very attractive to others.

They seek a relationship that can be slotted neatly into their own lives and desire a partner who can support their decisions and be understanding of their career-first mindset.

That said, Capricorns can sometimes put too much emphasis on their goals and come across as aloof or even cold in a relationship. It is important that they learn to allocate their time accordingly and treat their relationships with more care. Sometimes, they take things for granted, so it’s good for them to appreciate what they have.

The most impactful thing Capricorns can do is talk about their own emotions. Not only will they feel better, but it will also help their relationship become stronger. This can enable them to find happiness more easily when they are with someone who understands them completely.

Aquarius – Jan 20 to Feb 18

The eccentric eleventh sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius is a Fixed (consistent) air sign who thinks outside the box when it comes to love. Those born under this sign have ideas that inspire people, and unique and forward-thinking personality that draws people in.

Aquarians need someone who can encourage and support their unique and new ideas. Mostly, they need someone who can give them the freedom to explore and learn on their own.

However, even after finding that person, Aquarians may not realize that change and compromise go both ways – and that they, too, need to support their partners’ ideas. While they may know what they want, they need to also consider what their partners want, and not assume that they already know everything another person is thinking. This mutual support can lead to great happiness.

Pisces – Feb 19 to March 20

Last, but not least, of the 12 zodiac signs, is Pisces, the romantic daydreamer, and a Mutable (changing) water sign. Pisceans attract people with their childlike innocence and idealistic nature.

Those born under this sign are looking for a partner who can support their idealistic dreams. At the same time, being a true romantic, Pisces longs for a soulmate – someone who can match their every desire and be compatible with their personality.

In this way, Pisceans can be considered to have high expectations when it comes to love. They shouldn’t lower their expectations, but they need to understand that distance can make the heart grow fonder. It is a person’s individuality that attracts the Piscean to them in the first place.

Therefore, Pisceans must learn to acquire hobbies and interests that are separate from their partners. In finding their own happiness, they will achieve greater happiness in their love life when they do spend time with their partners.

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