Zodiac Signs

Gross Things Girls Do, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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Virgos need everything to be just right and perfectly organized, except sometimes that perfectionism can be overwhelming and lead to paralysis. Showering? Meh, it can wait until tomorrow. I don’t need to get my hair wet tonight! Or the next night.

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Such a stubborn sign, Taurus women might hold on to their favorite nail polish even after it’s so gooey it won’t stay on. But honestly, who can blame them? That color is just too perfect and bad nail polish looks better than putting sharpie on your nails.

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Indecisive and prone to overthinking — Gemini women can’t decide if they want to wash their face or not, so they just… don’t.

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Cancers tend to be very emo, and that emo-ness manifests sometimes with stress eating. And by stress eating, we mean eating an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting while watching Netflix on a Tuesday night.

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This sign is always down to go on some kind of adventure, but I gotta tell ya, sometimes that adventure leads to some pretty hairy legs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a little leg hair. But let’s be real, if a Sagittarius is wearing pants, odds are they didn’t break out the razor in the last 24 hours. Or the 24 hours before that. Or even the last week. Ya know, because why bother? It’s not like they’re going to the beach or anything. And let’s not even get started on the armpits. Shirt with sleeves it is!

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Impulsive and always rushing around, Aries women tend to neglect their laundry. They barely wash their bras and will wear the same one for an undetermined, yet very long amount of time. The logic? SIMPLE — if they didn’t sweat today, there’s no need to wear a different bra tomorrow. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Actually, who even needs a bra?


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Libras are social butterflies, always texting people and meeting with friends. But sometimes that socializing leads to a little too much partying, and by partying we mean going commando. Okay, not ALL Libras do this, and certainly not all of the time. Sometimes it’s an accident and they have to roll with it, and sometimes it’s completely voluntary.


Leos are known for their supernatural confidence, but sometimes that confidence extends to not brushing their hair for days. But hey, wild and free is the Leo’s vibe. They’ll rock a fishtail braid, and even sport a birds nest on top of their head with a cute smile that exudes confidence like they just got ready for a gala.

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Pisces tend to be super creative, however sometimes that creativity extends to the contents of their fridge. Gross, moldy food? More like, artistic expression taking shape in the refrigerator.

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Scorpios are known for being mysterious and intense, yet that mystery extends to the contents of their purse. Are those crumbs from lunch or something else? We may never know all the strange things that have accumulated in their bags.

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Capricorns are all about logical thinking and practicality, but sometimes that sense of responsibility slips when it comes to their laundry. They’re all like “I have 5 more days to wear this shirt, no need to wash it yet” And we’re all — “but it’s been 5 days and it’s starting to smell like a high school boys’ locker room.” But hey, at least they’re being efficient with their time, right?

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Aquarians are eccentric — even when it comes to periods. Instead of running to the store for a tampon, they’ll turn to whatever they have on hand — even if it’s just a wad of toilet paper. But hey, at least they’re innovative. It’s all part of that Aquarian DIY spirit. Aquarius girls also might skip brushing their teeth and just throw some mouthwash in there.

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Anywho, we don’t always have clean laundry or freshly shaved legs, but who cares? We’re too busy living life to the fullest and making our own rules. So come on over, boys, we’re all yours. (P.S. Thanks to this article for inspiring this one.)

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