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Good Zodiac Signs That Suffered So Much That Life Taught Them To Be Bad

I think it is scary to know that there are many people out there who are capable of doing anything when they see a smile. Not for good, to quench it, to fill souls with all their bitterness that all they have in their hearts is goodness. Sometimes you give so much that people take advantage, they hurt you without remorse and then they ask you what is wrong. I speak of the good signs that suffered so much that life taught them to be bad, that they have a privileged heart, and that the light that surrounds them speaks for itself because it is the only way in which they give them their place and stop remove their wounds.

1.- Aries 

Those who know the true personality of an Aries, know that they are very sweet, they like to see those they love and are able to motivate when life is not treating you in the best way. However, there is something they do not tolerate, falsehoods, the moment they surround themselves with hypocritical people they simply change the chip. It bothers them to have to deal with those who live in lies and end up believing their unfortunate stories. It is not that you are the cruelest person in the world, it is that you are no longer there to show any kind of fear or weakness. Now, you are willing to put highs, you are not going to let the bad vibes of others dirty you, even if it is people you have known for many years. Your happiness comes first, if they call you, nice to meet you, but you’re not going to lower your guard. Not now that your voice is being heard, that they think twice before making you mess off.

2.- Cancer 

Cancer is the person who can really sweeten your soul, who is able to bake cupcakes and play the role of perfection, without even looking for it. But … poor person who awakens his bad side, because that is when he really gets tired of everything, of giving, of protecting, of getting into the ring for people who are not worth it. That’s when he decides to dress in darkness, when his emotional, whimsical and resentful side can make anyone who intends to hurt cry… Cancer, now he knows what he is worth, he does not intend to continue giving his life to someone who barely gives him the leftovers of his love. It is a sign that they have broken so many times that for a moment he thought he had forgotten his capacity to love, but no, that one does not go away, that one stays there no matter what happens. Deep down, Cancer feels sad, and disappointed, to know that even if he tries to show his best version, in this life if you don’t show the bad, they will tear you to pieces.

3.- Taurus 

Taurus decided to go on a diet, he no longer plans to consume negative thoughts or live with people who take away energy, much less do things that only hinder his future. Now, he is more assertive about what he wants in life and if someone cannot deal with it, it is his problem, he does not think to lower his guard just to please others. He is the one who has the courage to remove the necessary people from his life overnight if all they are doing is interrupting his peace. He had to be the one who always folded his hands, the one who said nothing to avoid hurting others but ended up swallowing a lot of sadness that did not correspond to him. That Taurus is already in the past, now he walks with his head held high and honesty ahead. You know very well that it is much more courageous, to tell the truth, even if it is synonymous with tears than to live in the middle of laughter full of lies.

4.- Leo 

Undoubtedly, Leo has had a hard time holding on to calm, because he knows that in the end everyone ends up where they are, but there are times when his anxiety loses control and all he wants is to teach him a lesson. Anyone who has the nerve to damage their emotions without mercy. It took a lot of work for him to understand that there are people who have such boring lives that they have no choice but to spend time talking about theirs. However, Leo’s comments are already slipping, he no longer gets hooked, he takes things from whoever they come from, and he knows very well that there are people who are not worth a bit. The truth is that he does not care if he is cast as the villain, because he knows that we have all been the bad guy in a poorly told story. As long as Leo knows what he is worth, how much he tries to achieve each of his goals, and the many times he had to hide his gaze out of humiliation; it is more than enough to take strength and move on. This is life, there is no more.

5.- Gemini 

Take a deep breath Gemini, because they are only bad people, it is not a bad life. The point came where you depended so much on the opinion of the other, that stress and anxiety were practically already part of your accessories. However, your optimistic side and that desire to add a little happiness to everything, have been the main reason why it is difficult for someone to break you, no matter how much they make you suffer, you are able to sew your wounds on your own and continue walking. Maybe there are tears that cost more, but they are not impossible, there is always something that inspires you, that is better than all those people who want to dirty your days. You are no longer here to dedicate depression to anyone, all that negativity that they are left with, and that they do whatever they want with it. Deep down there is still that sweet Gemini, the one who fills everything in his path with luminosity, but there are few people who know him. Now, whoever wants it, may the privilege be earned.

6.- Virgo 

Virgo is very clear that he only has the present, it was not easy for him to accept it, but now he does not plan to waste time crying for people who only want to turn off the goodness that is in their hearts. It is a very demanding sign, it wants perfection in everything, even when it comes to relationships, not only with a partner but also at the friendship and family level. Virgo has had to put up barriers to stop suffering. Now, he prefers to find a solution, before throwing himself on the sofa and crying for hours until he forgets his name. He acknowledges that it is a tough process, but with the passage of time, it has improved. If you start to become the thorn in his life, he simply says a final goodbye to you. If something is clear to him, it is that he is not going to wait for anyone to change. Virgo does not pray, nor does he go around believing that he is someone’s savior, his life is already complicated enough, to add one more line to the tiger.

7.- Libra

Libra, is that sign that wins the admiration of anyone because there are so many times in which they have shattered his heart, in which he has felt that he cannot take it anymore and that insomnia breaks him at every step, but still This is how he wipes away his tears and continues to show kindness. Because his heart does not fit as much garbage as the others. His motto is simple, failure is part of life, which implies learning and he prefers to stay with that than to get hooked on a hard time. However, do not underestimate his dark side, because now Libra recognizes the wrong to act for miles, they no longer see his face as before, he knows them all and when they just try to hurt him, he has already found a way to get that person out of his mind. life. That is the Libra of now, the one who does not forgive easily, the one who seeks reciprocity and peace. So if someone doesn’t have that, GOODBYE!

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