Zodiac Signs

Good and Bad trait of each zodiac sign

Everyone is born with some goodness as well as some badness and everyone has distinctive qualities as some are positive while others are caring and protective. So, here we go – the good and bad traits of each Zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Good Trait: Aries due to this trait you are one of the most independent and the most well-liked people in the social circle.

Bad Trait: Egotistical – Aries you can’t feel other’s feelings and emotions after all you always think that you are aware of all the things.

2. Taurus

Good Trait: Extremely faithful – Taurus due to this quality you are always blessed with outstanding friends.

Bad Trait: Possessiveness – Taurus this trait of yours can lead you to be a most envious and harsh person.

3. Gemini

Good Trait: Quick-witted and entertaining – Gemini due to trait no one will get bored with you

Bad Trait: Inability to make a decision – Gemini you have got two minds and due to this you will confuse yourself while making a decision.

4. Cancer

Good Trait: Caring and Protective – Cancer when you love someone then you will nourish them with extreme care, love, and protection.

Bad Trait: Moody – Cancer you are extremely moody and your mood swings from being emotional to being happy.

5. Leo

Good Trait: Generous and friendly – Leo this trait of yours will help you to be the most fun-loving as well as most affectionate person

Bad Trait: Controlling and dominating – Leo you have got the attitude of a king and due to this you always give yourself more importance.

6. Virgo

Good Trait: Brilliant in everything – Virgo you are extremely hard working and want to learn more about each and everything.

Bad Trait: Overcritical – Virgo you are not only critical about others but also yourself. So this may ruin your life too.

7. Libra

Good Trait: Tactful and Diplomatic – Libra this trait of yours will help you to do many things and as well as listen to different opinions about others calmly and patiently.

Bad Trait: Untrustworthy – Libra you do not keep promises because you are having the habit of changing your thoughts every time.

8. Scorpio

Good Trait: Courageous – Scorpio you are a real fighter because when you face any tough case then you will give your best to solve it.

Bad Trait: Secretive/mysterious – Scorpio you don’t easily trust people and due to this you are prone to keep your secrets within you and this makes you a mysterious person.

9. Sagittarius

Good Trait: Self-contained – Sagittarius you are not possessive and deprived and due to this you are one of the most independent people.

Bad Trait: Incautious – Sagittarius you are never serious about anything and this is why you take everything for granted

10. Capricorn

Good Trait: Mature and Sensible – Capricorn you are usually older than your age and that is why you are a mature and sensible person.

Bad Trait: Shy and stubborn – Capricorn you are shy as you only enjoy the company of people who are close to you and you often don’t change your mindset and that’s what makes you stubborn.

11. Aquarius

Good Trait: To work for Humanity – Aquarius you want to work for humanity and you will be outstanding while making the world a better living place.

Bad Trait: Detached and stubborn – Aquarius you don’t have any proper reason to be distinct from people and it’s very hard for people to change your mindset.

12. Pisces

Good Trait: Empathetic and kind – Pisces you are a soft and helpful person and you usually love to serve people with love and compassion.

Bad Trait: Over-sensitive – Pisces it’s very hard for you to control your emotion as you are the one who gets easily hurt.

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