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Why You Get A Crazy Without Mercy, According To Your Zodiac Sign

They say that people are not bad for lack of feelings, but for the abundance of disappointments. At some point in our lives, we all gave everything for one person and I’m not just talking about couples, friends, and family also break you. When they do, a part of you sinks, it leaves a before and after in your personality. That’s when the merciless madwoman appearsthe one who does not have time to listen to the heart, and if she wants to, she can knock you down in a single movement. Why are you going mad without mercy according to your sign? Each one has a peculiar way of burning and more when it comes to women.


She is a woman who does not have the need to pretend anything, she is loud, impatient, and has an impulsive side and when someone makes her angry it shows in every pore. She is not the type to think twice, if her intention is to set off the bomb she does. The best thing to do is not to underestimate, because it has the courage in every pore. He does not know self-control when his intention is to hurt the other, the same can be crying that planning the way in which you will end up begging for forgiveness. The moment Aries decides to have no mercy for someone, there is nothing or no one to make her change her mind. Good luck with that.


Seriously? If there is anyone in this world who still questions the bull in a Taurus, they should be a little more analytical because their actions scream it. She is the woman who, if she wants, makes you beg for a space in her agenda. You know very well that you do not have to give in to look good with anyone. His behavior is stubborn, once he decides to knock someone down his arguments are winners. It may look like a beautiful rose at first glance, but you have no idea how hard its thorns can tear you. If you make her angry save the sweet little girl, welcome the woman who can tear you to pieces. Taurus, do not shut up anything, if your intention is to remove a wound, you will do so without much mercy. Don’t cross the line if you’re not ready for it.


She is the woman who can be the most charming during the chat but does not be blinded by her intelligence and sympathy. There is a Gemini who is capable of fanning a lot of dark butterflies and putting your sensitivity to the test. Perhaps there is a maddening madwoman that few get to know. Beyond his contagious laugh hides a soul that does not forgive when it is proposed. Gemini can be very superficial with people who criticize him, which becomes an obstacle in his life. With those who are only waiting for him to take a wrong step to mock his misfortune. It has a subtle way of releasing the poison, between jokes it can destroy your self-esteem. Don’t really put her to the test, because her temperamental side will make you cry.


If you already know how to wear it, why do you invite her? There is a woman in the zodiac who does not know about filters, who when she wants to say what she feels does so in a very direct and overly emotional way. If you hurt him, prepare to receive the revenge of his tears, because he knows no scales. Cancer may seem cute, and calm, but you have no idea what she hides when she is resentful. The best thing is that you prepare yourself with some disposable tissues because even if he sees you cry, he is not going to lower his guard for the world. When the madwoman inside takes the helm, she can just as well be sad, angry, and jilted. Make sure you don’t break her heart or you will face the consequences.


Whatever has to happen, the truth is that Leo is a very determined woman, she does not have time to go around battling with bickering. If she doubts that you are speaking ill of her or that you are doing some action that hurts her, she will tell you upfront, she does not have the habit of assuming, but of facing the truth. Leos can be dramatic, but very conscientious, they don’t make a fuss just because they feel like it. She is a calm woman, she tries to focus on her things, but … if you provoke her, you will end up knowing her worst version. Remember that we all have wounds and when he feels that someone crosses the line, he does not remain silent, he will find a way to make you feel double the frustration. The madwoman who lives in her will make you beg on your knees and then she will not forgive you.


If there is something that a Virgo woman is clear about, it is that you have to take care of people, even if you already have them. The moment they feel neglected, humiliated, and betrayed, prepare to be called to a halt. She can be very polite, but not hypocritical and when someone is no longer welcome in her life she can be the worst in the story. His criticisms go straight to the jugular, he does not touch his emotions a bit. What he wants is to make you pay for the last consequences of your actions. She may reject you outright, staring you in the face and making it clear that she is not interested in your life at all. Just as Virgo is a perfectionist and meticulous, she can be unhinged. An intelligent person would not put his dark side to the test.


Do you think you know a Libra lady? You may be talking about the one who is charming, the one who does whatever it takes to protect the people she loves. The empathetic woman, who does not judge and who tries to put both sides of the coin in the balance before expressing any opinion. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but it also has its crazy side. The one who does not understand the reasons when he feels hurt and allows his injured part to take control of everything. The truth is that he has an elegant way of hurting you, he does not like scandal or arguments. She is an expert at spotting your weak spots and making you regret having caused her tears to peek out. Believe me, Libras don’t sit idly by, they hate lies and betrayals. With that, it is enough for you to know the worst of its sides.


You shouldn’t even take the time to ask if Scorpio has a vengeful side. The answer is yes, and to that, he adds the passion that runs through his veins. Hurting him is like activating a bomb, which is loaded with intelligence and intensity. Scorpio takes fierce steps, all coldly calculated, and when it comes to winning he does not know half success. She is the one who knows how to play and if you cross the line of respect she will treat you in the worst way. Remember that it is Pluto who guides your steps, the planet of destruction, the one who is willing to regenerate and not always in the best way. Let’s say you don’t mind wiping out whatever gets in your way. The Scorpio woman does not act at the moment, she waits for everything to calm down, for it to be as relaxed as possible to hit you right where it hurts the most. She doesn’t threaten, she does.


Sagittarius is the woman who has the spirit of the archer. He is really one of the best people you can meet because his attitude is very friendly and his sense of humor catches. However, when someone hurts you, they better take their revenge very seriously. She doesn’t touch her heart, she wants you to end up on the floor crying mercilessly so she can ignore you. It’s not that he’s hurting everyone in his path, but he’s not going to let anyone see his face. Enraged, his reason is clouded and if someone who is not involved gets involved, he can also get hurt. She is the woman who puts you in your place with just one look, she is not talking a lot, she knows that there are those who do not deserve that or waste saliva, but she will tell you the precise words to break your self-esteem.


Capricorn is very reserved, as long as you respect its space, it will show you its more sophisticated side, the one that does not mess with anyone. That doesn’t mean he’s pretending, it’s just that he prefers to keep things quiet. However, it is enough that their integrity begins to tremble for their dark side to be activated. Capri may be the crazy person who leaves you speechless, and not precisely because of something good. When her hateful “I” takes hold of her, she is accompanied by ambition, her impulsive side, and the one that does not think to touch her feelings for a moment. She is the type of woman who at any moment throws a firecracker at your emotional wounds and has no regrets. If you made him frustrated, you’ll know what it’s like to lose your mind in the blink of an eye.


Aquarius, is the extravagant woman, the one who does not shut up anything, the one who enchants with her way of seeing life. You have probably fallen at its feet for its simplicity and that unique connection it has with nature. Talking with a woman like that opens the picture completely for you because she is always willing to break with the conventional. She has a humanitarian side that captivates, but … when someone awakens her cruel side, it is better that she prepare because she is quite determined, if she does not want you in her life, it is better not to insist. His energy is powerful, he can make you feel the worst of people and he does not pay attention to your emotions. He doesn’t really care about any of your arguments, the goal is to teach you a lesson and nothing more.


The sweet Pisces, the compassionate one, the one who is able to remove the bread from her mouth in order to help others. Yes, it can be the person who leaves beautiful footprints in your walk, but also the one who tears you to pieces in the blink of an eye. Do not put his cruel side to the test because he will break you when you are most distracted. Inside it lives an unstoppable madwoman, who is only carried away by her intuition, and is clear that she is not going to fold her hands for anyone. He may at first use his seemingly naive side to his advantage, he pretends that he will not hurt you, but inside he is drawing the best of plans to achieve it. His temperament knows no middle points, it explodes or does not explode. When she is upset she is uncontrollable, she says what she feels and in the most hurtful way. Most likely, he will end up saying things that confuse your head so much that you will remember them until the last of your days.

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