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Gentle Reminders To Make Every Zodiac Feel Better Today (At Least For A Second)

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“Maybe you don’t always get what you want. Maybe sometimes you get something far greater than anything you could have ever hoped for.”

— Bianca Sparacino, “The Strength In Our Scars”

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“When you forget your worth, please know that you are not an afterthought. You are not an idea that needs mulling over. You are not an option. You are not second best. And anyone who makes you feel any of those ways doesn’t deserve you anyway.”

— Molly Burford, “Moments to Hold Close”

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“Sometimes you need to let go of one version of your future to give yourself the future you have always imagined.”

— Charlotte Freeman, “This Was Meant To Find You (When You Needed it Most)”

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“You deserve beautiful things to happen to you. You deserve miracles. You deserve to be loved in every way you ever dreamed you could be. You deserve everything you have worked and waited for. You deserve a good life.”

— Brianna Wiest, “Ceremony”

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“To the people fighting invisible battles, the people who silently hurt from the fear that their feelings are a burden, this is a reminder that you are not alone. You are worth it.”

— Eileen Lamb, “Be The One”

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“It is okay to take your time. We live in a generation that romanticizes moving forward as quickly as possible… But there is no point in rushing quickly towards a life that will not inspire you or fulfill you. It is okay to slow down. It is okay to take the time you need.”

— Bianca Sparacino, “A Gentle Reminder”

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“Trust that everything happens as it should, in a way that is right for you. Maintain that faith and you will experience the freedom you are seeking.”

— Karin Hadadan, “Beauty in the Stillness”

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“I know it can be so painful to feel stuck. I know you’re tired. And I know that it’s hard not to feel ashamed if it’s taking you longer. But you have to let go of this idea that you should be further ahead. Trust that it’s okay to be where you are. Trust that you won’t be here forever. Trust that you will get to where you need to be in your own time. You’re doing the best you can each day to fight the darkness you feel and take steps forward in your process, and that’s all you can ask of yourself. it’s enough. No matter where you are in your journey, you’re enough.”

— Daniell Koepke, “Daring to Take Up Space”

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“If it is truly meant for you, it will come back to you. If it is truly meant for you, it will leave only for the sake of teaching you the lessons you could only learn on your own… If it is truly meant for you, the path you take when you turn away from it will be the road that leads you to it. If it is truly meant for you, it is already waiting for you to arrive.”

— Brianna Wiest, “The Pivot Year”

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“Every day we make countless decisions and partake in many actions, but what we often forget to do in this life is to just let ourselves be… We create confines in ourselves for no reason that prevent us from living a fulfilling, radiant life… Allow yourself to be a better you, to experience new patterns, to have challenging thoughts, to think in different ways, to feel deeper emotions.”

—Karin Hadadan, “Beauty in the Stillness”

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“You won’t feel stuck forever. You won’t always have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. And when your moment of clarity arrives, you’ll be proud of how you persisted when you couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.”

— Michell C. Clark, “Eyes on the Road”

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“If today was difficult for you, I hope you know that tomorrow can be better. I hope you know that the moments that are uncomfortable or hurt or don’t make sense will pass… As you go through your days remember that every moment is just a moment… Tomorrow it will feel a little bit better. You are safe. You are being guided. You will have everything that you need.”

— Jacqueline Whitney, “All That You Deserve”

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