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Gentle Advice For Each Zodiac (And Harsh Advice For Each Zodiac)

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My twisty sapphic thriller, The Guilty Twin, is officially out in the world today! The novel follows two women who are coping with the ten-year anniversary of a missing person’s case. One is trying to uncover the truth about what happened. And the other is trying to keep the truth buried. Since these characters are so different, here’s some advice for each zodiac, as told by the POV characters:

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Evan: Don’t let anyone trick you into believing you’re too selfish because, at the end of the day, the only person you can count on is yourself and you deserve to be prioritized. Never hesitate to treat yourself because you’ve earned it.

Fiona: You don’t need to close off your heart, just because you’ve been hurt before. Although you might be aching right now, there are people out there who will be gentle with your heart and show you what it’s like to be loved fully.

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Evan: You only have one life to live, so you better escape your comfort zone and start branching out or the regrets are going to start piling up higher and higher.

Fiona: You can’t be so hard on yourself over the mistakes you’ve made because you have more knowledge now than you did at the time. Back then, you did the best that you could.

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Evan: No one is owed access to your deepest thoughts, feelings, and trauma. You don’t have to discuss anything that makes you uncomfortable, and if people can’t respect your boundaries, they aren’t meant to be in your life.

Fiona: Your dreams and goals are important, but make sure you enjoy the present moment while you’re in it instead of thinking so hard about the future you’re creating for yourself.

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Evan: Stop letting others walk all over you because it’s going to keep happening again and again if you don’t stick up for yourself. It hurts to say goodbye, but you need kick them out of your life sooner rather than later if you want real happiness.

Fiona: Some people aren’t going to respect your gentle heart, but that doesn’t mean you’re too sensitive or too much. The right person will love how much you care, how hard you’re willing to try.

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Evan: Stop dwelling on the past. You can’t change it, so you’re only wasting your time. If you want to make up for mistakes from your past, focus on doing better in the future. That’s at least something you can control.

Fiona: You should be proud of yourself for never giving up because it’s hard to find the motivation to keep going when you’ve been met with failure after failure, obstacle after obstacle. Your resilience is going to get you far.

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Evan: Stop worrying so much about what other people think. You’re never going to make them all happy. They’re always going to find something negative to say, so there’s no point in stressing over impressing them. Just make yourself happy.

Fiona: Instead of rushing around, try to take a second to breathe, to pat yourself on the back for how hard you’ve been working because you are doing an incredible job. You deserve so much more credit than anyone has been giving you (including yourself).

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Evan: Constant positivity can be as dangerous as pure cynicism. Even though it’s great that you always look on the bright side, you have to admit when you’re hurting and when others are hurting you. Don’t make excuses for them. Walk away from them.

Fiona: You’re not always going to receive the closure you deserve. This is hard to accept, but you can’t keep chasing after answers because you’re only prolonging your heartache. You’re only making goodbye harder on yourself.

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Evan: Don’t let anyone shame you over your anger. You’re allowed to be angry. You’re allowed to voice your opinion. The people who want you to be sunshine and roses all of the time just don’t want to face any consequences. They want to walk over you without hearing complaints.

Fiona: Sometimes, people deserve a second chance. It might not happen often, but it does happen. Even though you’re quick to cut people out, ask yourselves whether they deserve another chance because the relationship might be worth salvaging.

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Evan: You don’t have to be the fun one all of the time. You have more than one layer, and if the people around you can’t handle seeing your other sides, they don’t deserve to be in your life at all. You need to find people who love the whole you.

Fiona: Your heart isn’t going to heal overnight. You need to be patient with yourself. You’re going to get through this pain, so don’t doubt yourself. Don’t be unkind to yourself. You’re doing an incredible job along this journey so far.

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Evan: Stop overexplaining yourself. No is a full sentence. You don’t have to go into detail about why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’re allowed to make the decisions you want to make. You don’t have to apologize about it.

Fiona: Although there’s nothing you love more than your work, you need to start prioritizing your mental health over your career. You need to avoid taking on too much and burning yourself out because your brain and your body deserve rest.

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Evan: The fact that you are so unapologetically yourself is refreshing AF, so keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t care about fitting in with the crowd because the people meant for you will love you exactly how you are. They won’t make you change.

Fiona: Doing what makes the most sense on paper isn’t always the right answer. As much as you want to resist listening to your heart, sometimes it knows better than your head. Sometimes, it will lead you in the place you were meant to go, the place that will bring you the most happiness.

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Evan: Stop prioritizing others, especially those who clearly don’t give a damn about your feelings. Be a little selfish for a change. Chase after your own happiness and forget how the rest of the world feels. Their opinions mean nothing.

Fiona: Your sensitivity is a superpower. You should be proud of yourself for how vulnerable you allow yourself to get with the rest of the world, with how much you lower your walls. Most people aren’t strong enough to be this soft.

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