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Funky Zodiac Duos That Actually Work Romantically

When finding a life partner, it is typically best to stay within your element (water, fire, earth, air). However, there are benefits to stepping outside of this and looking for a partnership in an unconventional way. These zodiacs are different but could make for strong partnerships.

Aquarius + Leo

These two make a dynamic duo given their energy for life and shared desire to make the world better. Aquarius and Leo are on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel. They can learn a lot from each as a result. Aquarius believes in accomplishing a common goal, especially if it can make a positive change in others’ lives. Leo appreciates Aquarius’s desire to make positive change. They also love that Aquarians are unique and keep others on their toes. Aquarius loves that Leo is bold, creative, and has a zest for life. These two work very well together; however, problems may arise if they refuse to compromise. Both signs can be independent, yet they might need to rely on each other from time to time.

Pisces + Libra

Both Pisces and Libra appreciate beauty, love, and art. They are both compassionate and deeply connected to their emotions. They would work hard to make each other happy and avoid hurting each other’s feelings. Pisces could show Libra how to be more empathetic. Libra could show Pisces how to live more spontaneously. They might run into problems if they are too conflict-avoidant. Libra can also come off as judgemental towards Pisces, especially if Pisces is doing something that throws off Libra’s desire for harmony. Pisces desires someone who appreciates their wild dreams, and if Libra doesn’t quite understand their dreams, it could unintentionally hurt Pisces’ feelings. These two could make it work if Pisces uses their intuition to understand what Libra needs, and if Libra can appreciate Pisces for who they are.

Capricorn + Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer are opposites on the zodiac wheel, so this is a situation where opposites attract. They both seek stability in relationships and want to be respected. While Capricorn is more ambitious than Cancer, Cancers can appreciate all the work their partner does — especially if it creates a beautiful and comfortable home. Capricorn appreciates Cancer’s ability to feel deeply, and Cancer feels safe and secure with Capricorn’s down-to-earth personality. When these two get together, there is usually an immediate connection (almost as if they’ve known each other in another life). They seem to understand one another on a visceral level. Problems might arise if Cancer becomes too clingy to Capricorn when they are focused on their work. Capricorn can assure their partner by building trust. Cancer can also learn to let go a little and allow some space for their Capricorn to flourish.

Gemini + Aries

Gemini and Aries make for an exciting couple. They both look on the bright side of life and appreciate clear communication. They are always up for a fun time with each other, so this partnership is likely to start with plenty of high-energy activities. Gemini will be the one in the relationship to spark conversations. They will likely charm Aries with their quick wit and desire for adventure. Aries will appreciate Gemini’s ability to think on their feet. Struggles may arise if these two become too independent from each other. Both Aries and Gemini tend to dance to the beat of their own drum, but there might come times in their relationship when they need to rely on one another. While Gemini is good at expressing what’s on their mind, Aries struggles to open up and takes a long time to feel comfortable with their emotions. If Aries can learn to be a bit more open and Gemini can learn to be patient, these two could be in for a passionate relationship.

Sagittarius + Taurus

Both Sagittarius and Taurus want to enjoy life to the fullest, albeit in different ways. They enjoy the great outdoors and can bond over their love of beauty and nature. They are also positive zodiacs who desire physical connection with their partner. These two could be in for a spicy relationship if they are willing to put the work in. Taurus is definitely more grounded than Sagittarius, especially because Sagittarius seeks to travel and learn about the world around them. Both need to work on communication and avoid building unspoken expectations. If Taurus can learn to go along for the ride with Sagittarius, and if Sagittarius can learn to give Taurus a sense of security, these two can create a wonderful partnership.

Scorpio + Virgo

Both Scorpio and Virgo crave security in a relationship. They don’t open up easily and take their time when entering a partnership. Once they can find common ground and build trust, these two will have a strong bond that could last a long time. Scorpio and Virgo are comfortable in silence or engaging in deep, intriguing conversations. While Scorpio can come off as passionate and sensual, Virgo can be a bit shy in the realm of intimacy. They can combat this by compromising and learning more about each other’s inner lives. Virgo can work to be more open, while Scorpio can work on being patient and kind. Virgo should also be mindful not to be critical of their Scorpio partner.

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