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Friday The 13th (10/13/23) Is Actually A Powerful Day For The Divine Feminine

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Friday the 13th is not an unlucky, dreaded day. In fact, it’s a day to celebrate and honor the Divine Feminine. It’s the day to worship the Goddess that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation, death, and rebirth.

The Religious Origin

Friday the 13th has always been looked at as an incredibly unlucky day. It’s a superstitious belief that comes from the Christian religion: the number 13 is cursed (Judas the betrayer of Jesus was the 13th guest at the Last Supper), and Friday is a day to dread because apparently, a lot of bad things happened on Friday in the Bible (like Eve eating the forbidden fruit and Cain killing Abel).

However, the number 13 is actually a positive thing in other religions. In Judaism, 13 is the age when boys and girls are on their way to becoming adults, and thus ready to take part in public worship. In Tibetan culture, 13 is a holy number that reminds people that if they want to be cleansed of their sins in heaven, they have to do 13 rounds of prayer.

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Friday Is Venus Day

Every day of the week holds an energetic tone, and Fridays are known to be Venus days. (This is why Fridays are ideal for date night!) Venus is the planet of love, sex, and beauty. It’s important to know what astrological sign is in the Venus placement of your birth chart so that you can better understand how you love and want to be loved. Your Venus sign is an insight into how you hold your sexual power, how you express love, how you set boundaries, and what intimacy looks like for you.

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Women And The Moon

Some women’s periods are in sync with the cycle of the Moon. We have 13 Moon Cycles every year and the average female experiences 13 periods per year. The 13th typically falls in the middle of the Moon cycle, and this Friday the 13th happens the day before the New Moon in Libra. The New Moon signifies death and rebirth, just as in a woman’s cycle, she will shed her lining (death) on the New Moon and ovulate (rebirth) on the Full Moon.

It was once believed that women who bled were considered divine and embodied magical powers. It has always been a beautiful thing for a woman to go through a menstrual cycle and to hold and create a new life. As society became more patriarchal, it was shameful for a woman to bleed. Now, women feel uncomfortable and ashamed for buying pads and tampons. Women feel uncomfortable about having a heavy flow or an abnormal period. However, this is the time we, as women, should honor and embrace our feminity, not fear or shame it.

How To Honor The Divine Feminine

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We all have a bit of feminine and masculine energy inside of us. If you want to honor your Divine Feminine and honor the Divine Feminine of others, there are a number of things you can do. Engage in creative expression. Go outside and connect with Mother Nature. Move your body. Have sex with someone or with yourself. Meditate. Do a moon manifesting ritual. Speak kind, loving words to yourself in the mirror. Listen to your intuition. Honor and respect yourself. Remember you have more Divine Power than you realize.

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