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The always stressed zodiac signs have many reasons to never relax: what do you say, let’s find out who they are and why they are always so agitated?

How many times in your life has it happened to you to meet someone about whom you thought: “ You really have to calm down !”.
In all likelihood, that someone is in our horoscope ranking today . Today we decided to talk about all those zodiac signs that just can’t relax. It’s not like you are among them, are you?

The zodiac signs always stressed: are you also in the ranking today?

Being stressed is certainly not something we like.

There are people, however, who seem to never really be able to relax.
You know very well who we are talking about, right?
They are the always stressed zodiac signs and that is all those people who just can’t stay calm. But why are they so stressed out? And above all, who are they?

Let’s immediately discover the top five positions in today’s horoscope ranking : it’s not that you are among them too, are you?

Cancer: fifth place

You are always stressed and you never know where to turn!

For Cancers any problem can become an insurmountable mountain, even those that are usually comparable to a pebble in the shoe.
Fortunately, their stress tends to disappear as quickly as it comes – don’t expect Cancers to be absolutely relaxed when they are with you!

Leo: fourth place

After all, Leos are often convinced that they are the pillar of all their circles (family, sentimental, business, friendly) and that without them everything would fall apart.
The reality is that Leos create problems and stress for themselves because they like to fill their life in this way. If they didn’t get stressed, Leos would have to deal with the reality of the facts: something they just don’t like at all!

Aries: third place

Those born under the sign of Aries are people who generally tend to pretend they know what they are doing.
Let me be clear: we all behave in this way, so it is not that there is something wrong!

Aries , however, never admit that they don’t know how to do something and are always particularly nervous and stressed .
You would be too if you were always pretending to have everything under control when, in reality, you really don’t know anything about your life!

Scorpio: second place

Being stressed is also a way to be busy and Scorpios are looking for nothing else!
Yes, dear Scorpios , you are people who like to be stressed because, for you, this means that you are doing something important!

The Scorpios always have their hands in the pie in many and very different situations. There are many threads to follow, problems to solve, warnings, risks and so on and so forth.
Scorpios really like juggling problems bigger than them, which make them feel really stressed all the time . But, let’s face it: is it true stress if you look for it with our every action?

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of always stressed zodiac signs

Dear Aquarius , we know very well that you do not think you are always stressed among the zodiac signs, let alone in the first place, then.
All the people around you, however, can tell you things as they are: you are extremely stressed.

Even more: you like to be!
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who tend to take on everyone’s problems and take the weight of the world on their shoulders.
This is why Aquarians are generally always stressed. Let’s not talk about the fact that when they have a chance to relax… the Aquarius throw it away!
Aquarius like to always have things to do, to have worries that do not even compete with them. It makes them feel useful, and if they didn’t have their stress, they would certainly be a lot more annoying!

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