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Find out which of your faults can bother your partner the most, making your life difficult.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses that can be more or less tolerated by others. For this reason, when you think about your partner and the possibility or not of having a long-lasting relationship, one of the biggest fears is precisely what he may or may not like about our way of being. Coexistence, after all, allows you to get to know each other better by bringing to light defects that in small doses may appear less large than they really are. And what is better than starting on the right foot by trying to guess which of us might just not like our current or future him? All of this, of course, will be seen from the point of view of the stars, thanks to which we will find out what are the defects that the various zodiac signs do not bear in their companions. After seeing how vain we are based on our zodiac sign and what the month of November will be like, here is the defect that our other half may struggle to accept. Obviously, in this case, the zodiacal profile of your partner will be read if you know the ascendant too. In this, it will be easy to understand if and where to work on yourself to smooth the most annoying corners.

Find out the flaw that each zodiac sign may dislike in their own half

Aries – Narcissism
The natives of Aries are active people and always ready to prove themselves. Competitive and ambitious as never before, they love to have a person similar to them at their side, able to understand their way of life and encourage them to give more and more. Rather tolerant of any defects, they struggle to accept the narcissistic part of their partner. As far as sheer vanity is concerned, they see it as a normal and understandable aspect. But narcissism is just intolerable to them, partly because ultimately their greatest desire is to be at the center of their loved one’s world.

Taurus – Exuberance
Those born under the sign of Taurus yearn for a life made of security and points of reference that are stable. For this reason, when they decide to commit to a serious relationship, they do it with all possible attention, looking for a partner for life and with whom, eventually, to get married and start a family. This pushes them to carefully observe who they are next to, imagining a possible future together. In this picture, a woman who is too exuberant can be seen as difficult to imagine for the future. Their dream is in fact that of a happy family, with traditions and a peaceful life to always flow along the same tracks. The reason why even those who choose to stay with them should understand if it is temperamentally feasible.

Gemini – Monotony
It is well known that Gemini hates everything that is monotonous and repetitive. In need of always having new stimuli, they look for as a companion a person who is able to make them feel good and entertain them thanks to a lively and cheerful character. A person accustomed to always doing the same things and a lover of tranquility is therefore in their eyes a potential danger capable of leading them to flat and joyless days. In short, among the many defects you may have, they would be able to forgive almost everything, except for a tendency to be … boring.

Cancer – The flirtatious ways
Cancer natives are simple people who love the comfort of a beautiful home and want a lasting relationship with the person they love. For this reason, they tend not to see well someone who often has flirtatious ways or who tends, even if only for a joke, to flirt with others. Their jealousy is always on the alert and always having to watch their backs would put them in crisis, leading them to question the story they are living and the possibility of a future together.

Leo – The presumption
Sure of themselves and used to commanding, those born under the sign of Leo cannot stand those who have opinionated ways or are able to risk their place at the center of the scene. Even when they decide to join someone, therefore, they tend to look for any ambitions because they are aware of not being able to accept them at all. Happy to have someone who can stand up to them and stimulate them, at the same time they need someone who knows how to love them, giving them all the attention they need.

Virgo – Idealism
Concrete and rational as few, those born under the sign of Virgo just can’t stand people who are too idealistic, who in fact consider them to be with their heads in the clouds or not very attentive to what is happening around them. A partner who punctually pursues her dreams or is based on desires and hopes rather than concrete situations is completely unimaginable for them. This is the reason why they will always tend to change it and if they are unable to remove it. Faced with too many ideas, in fact, their security based only on facts tends to falter, making them doubt themselves and leading them to a crisis that they prefer to avoid.

Libra – Vulgarity
Always moderate and very attached to good manners, those born under the sign of Libra cannot in any way accept to surround themselves with people who in their opinion are vulgar. Especially in love they need someone who is able to give them the harmony they are constantly looking for and who knows how to always show themselves at the top both when they are alone and among people. A woman who cares little about her image or who has vulgar ways or language is therefore not suitable for them.

Scorpio – Weakness
If there is one thing that the natives of Scorpio do not like to see in a person it is weakness. At the first sign, they tend to move away, aware that a person with little strength will never be able to stand up to them or be reliable in the future. For them, strength and willingness to do it always and in any case are fundamental characteristics, so much so that they are the first to look for in a future partner. Characteristics without which they cannot even imagine a life as a couple to be projected into the future.

Sagittarius – Laziness
Dynamic and always eager to live new adventures, those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like lazy people who often consider them as obstacles in their path. Quite difficult, to be honest, they do not even like those who show themselves too possessive towards them. In the long run, however, having to choose only one defect, it seems that laziness is what they just can’t bear and that choosing their partner for life it can make a difference.

Capricorn – Insecurity
Usually indecisive and very busy at work, Capricorn natives are unable to live with insecure people. This partly depends on the need to have a person next to whom they can count on at all times and on the other hand on the indecision that often leads them to rely on the choices of their partner. To be with them, therefore, you have to be sure of yourself and potentially decisive, in order to make them feel safe and certain of the choice made.

Aquarius – Intrusiveness
Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be reserved and completely intolerant towards those who try in every way to invade their spaces. A companion who is not very sensitive to their need for privacy is therefore seen as unthinkable and completely incompatible with their lifestyle. To be honest, even talkative people do not fall into their ranking of preferences, however, what they just do not tolerate, especially from their partner, is intrusiveness.

Pisces – Selfishness
Empaths by nature, those born under the sign of Pisces cannot tolerate people who are selfish and little interested in others. For them, the goodness of mind is one of the basic requirements to be able to bond with a person and, of course, to be able to fall in love with him. Women who are insensitive or too busy with themselves to notice others, therefore have little attraction in their eyes, so much so that they push them to keep a safe distance, preferring to be alone than with someone they consider completely opposite to them.

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