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The Fire Woman And The Air Woman

The Fire Woman

The fire woman is the dancing embodiment of passion and playfulness. She resides in the place of the sun as a form of living inspiration to all lives she comes into contact with. People want to feel her adventure and intense fire which burns within, and they want to experience the higher visions that come along with it. Fire is the heart of story, of dance, and of song. She welcomes friends and family to shine together as a time to take bold, courageous action. She is all-embracing. She is the time when we develop our full potential of power.

She stretches us to our full capacity, ascending past the heights of this earth as a fusion that seeks to find the extraordinary in the mundane. To merge the creative aspirations of our experience with something larger than us. She builds raw instincts to fight past the ordeals the world presents her with, then expresses and celebrates her individuality, and when the time arises, combats the extensive questions we, at one point in our lives, all come to ask ourselves. Why are we here? What is our purpose?

With a golden perspective, she searches for the answers lying beyond the sunlit horizon. With this, she yields the power of all elements into one. She is the enthusiasm that generates reaction. For her, it is not about the object or the state of being, rather the additional element that allows us to transcend the ordinary. She must know, the world of magic will only open with the key she holds within.

She is the survivor, the daredevil, the performer, the pioneer, the philosopher, and the marksman set out on a quest. Twisting into a slow dance, the pace picks up, she opens the skies, begins burning a ball of fire in our hearts, and rises smoke upon the horizon. This rising is how the initial exposure of her heart breaks down the symbols living in every soul.

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The Air Woman

The air woman transcends the limits of the body to bring forth the messages of humanity. Revealing supernatural knowledge and insight, she flies upon the understanding of shifted perspectives. She is the winds of intellect, here to unlock the secrets of the dead and branch the unseen into the world, shining light on all potential.

She allows consciousness to meet experience. Representing the powers of prophecy, promise, and mental keenness, she breaks old patterns and explores the world with bravery. Within the speed of change, she loves to see progress in the first quarter. Driven by adventure, here the curiosity within motivates her to penetrate the unknown. She takes a wide look at the world and openly takes in every breath to let it out again. She creates chaos, deconstructs the pieces of the world, tenderly integrates her findings with experience, and bravely makes a stand to embrace her true identity. She has a wild independence that strives past any said limitations that negate change.

Willing to sacrifice, she explores the wild, treads upon roads not yet mapped, and finds ways of survival in the danger. She explores the stars in the night sky and begins the creations which have not yet been thought of. She is the innovator, the scientist, the truth slayer, the revolutionary, the teacher, the lover, and the journalist who climbs on the board of new research in fields that call her attention.

She moves in the gears of opportunity to harness drive and gamble all odds that separate the walls of her understanding. She must know no social price should be paid in exchange for the individuality of the soul. She travels past the sinking to serve and lead what she believes is an important matter of contribution, to fight for equality, to heal the world, to triumph, and in turn soar.

The Fire Woman And The Air Woman
The Fire Woman And The Air Woman

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