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Find out how each zodiac sign closes relationships with others

Like any zodiac sign, it puts an end to relationships of love or friendship.

When it comes to human relationships, there are so many situations and emotions that mix together that it is practically impossible to describe them all. Whether it is love, friendship, or simple acquaintance, every relationship is a story in itself with its own path and always different characteristics. For this reason, more often than not, it is difficult to try to trace the exact moment in which a feeling or who is to blame in the face of a dispute or other types of problems was born. For the same reason, it is difficult to understand even when the cause leading to the end of a relationship arises maybe lasting for several years. What is certain, in all this, is that each person has his own strictly personal way of ending a relationship and it is very often influenced by the stars. Today, we will try to understand how each zodiac sign puts an end to relationships with others.



Aries – With a long outburst
Aries are among the hottest signs of the zodiac. Their way of life is immediate and therefore also simple. When they feel particularly attached to a person they demonstrate it in different ways without losing the slightest problem and the same thing happens when things start to crack. Faced with a problematic relationship they will get more and more nervous and complain until they understand that there is no longer any reason to keep things standing. At that point, they will say what they think and immediately take off. It goes without saying that, very likely, many of their relationships will end in an argument after which they will no longer be heard or seen.

Taurus – Erasing the person to forget
Those born under the sign of Taurus do not like to waste time in situations that do not make them feel good. For this reason, if someone creates too stressful situations for them, they prefer to distance themselves. Initially, it will be simple attitudes and then, when they have distanced themselves emotionally, they will end the relationship by pretending to have even known the person with whom they broke up. Suffering for them is indeed something extremely annoying that they try to avoid in every way. Once a relationship has ended, therefore, they will not waste any more time remembering who in their opinion has harmed them or, more simply, had no reason to be part of their life anymore.

Gemini – Guilt-free
Being very brainy, Gemini will always try to create an alibi so as not to have feelings of guilt or second thoughts. This is because when a relationship begins to be close to them, their first reaction is to reject the other person, pushing them away in all ways. To get the problem out of the way, they would even be able to provoke a fight in order to have something to use as a pretext to close quickly. An attitude that they tend to use both for relationships of simple acquaintance and for love stories. In short, what matters for them is not to blame for the end of a relationship and in order to feel at peace with themselves, they are ready for anything.

Cancer – With extreme difficulty
Cancer natives have serious difficulty in ending relationships. The fear of repenting or falling victim to nostalgia acts as a brake. For this reason, in most cases, they end up getting involved in relationships that are loaded with stress or frustrated emotions that make them feel bad. When they manage to break up, however, they do it in a theatrical way, between screams and tears, so that it is clear what is happening and that they can remember it even after some time. One of their ways is to have a sort of reminder for all the times that nostalgia will push them to think about looking for a specific person.

Leo – With their times
Leos are in no hurry to end relationships. They know how to live perfectly even in crisis situations, and all without feeling the least bit uncomfortable. For this reason, even in the face of a wrong they manage to make the best of a bad situation, waiting for the right moment to close forever. At that point, they will give their reasons, regardless of the other person’s thoughts, and put an end once and for all to the relationship that, in their opinion, no longer makes sense to keep alive.

Virgo – Showing indifference
Those born under the sign of Virgo are extremely touchy. For this reason, it is not difficult to understand when they feel offended. Their way of reacting is the indifference behind which they tend to hide to hide their feelings. They would be able to disappear without a word, just cutting the other person out of their life. In the same way, however, faced with particular situations they are also ready to go back and reopen relationships. These, however, will forever be tainted by the distrust and anger they feel for stories they deem no longer sincere. The only solution? Always seek clarification. It will be good for both them and anyone who gets caught up in a similar situation.

Libra – Closing Down
The natives of Libra have mixed reactions when they feel that a relationship is no longer the same as it was in the beginning. They generally tend to give several chances, making an effort not to show their disappointment. Over time, however, their nervousness tends to grow, revealing the underlying discontent, and when they realize that they have been discovered their reaction is to uncover the cards and say everything they don’t like. Which, in general, also leads them to end the relationship.

Scorpio – In total silence
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are absolute people and, consequently, they tend to never compromise. When someone disappoints them or misbehaves, then, they hardly ever bother to point it out. Their option is to distance themselves without saying anything, in such a silent way that the other will realize they have lost them only when the relationship is irremediably compromised.

Sagittarius – Taking off the greeting
Sagittarians are usually outspoken and always ready to say what they think. At the same time, however, they have some difficulty coping with annoying feelings such as anger or sadness. Faced with a relationship that threatens to end, therefore, they are not easy to ask for clarification. The solution they put into practice most often is to avoid contact, hoping that the other person will do the same. A sort of involution of the relationship that returns from friendship to simple knowledge until it practically disappears completely.

Capricorn – With determination
It is very difficult for those born under this sign to decide to permanently end a friendship. Most of the time, they prefer to loosen up relationships by maintaining a fake semblance of friendship. When things get tough, however, they won’t hesitate to shut down completely and when that happens, going back is very difficult. Capricorns, in fact, is not the type to stop and look back.

Aquarius – Always having the last word
Aquarians have a hard time ending relationships. For them, the ideal is to always maintain a semblance of “friendship” whether it is an ex or a relationship that has lasted for a long time. Faced with irremediably compromised relationships, however, their choice is to bring out any possible bad mood, explaining what they did not like over time and why, according to them, things have cracked to the point of shattering. A way of doing that in the case of lasting relationships could last a long time and they will conclude only when they are sure they have had the last word.

Pisces – Going Through Every Moment
For those born under the sign of Pisces, ending a relationship is always something particularly difficult. Thanks to their empathy, they often tend to put themselves in others’ shoes and “forgive”. At the same time, however, they are unable to let loose issues completely. Thus, faced with the certain end of a relationship, it will be their trouble to remember every single mistake, including those already forgiven and forgotten. A painful and lasting process that for them is also the only way to put an end to it in a definitive way.

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