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Do you think you are the smartest of all? Then you will surely be in the ranking of the most ingenious signs of the zodiac, right?

We all secretly believe we are smarter than others, aren’t we?
(We hope so, otherwise, it is a belief that belongs purely to whoever wrote this article, who at this point cannot help but feel foolish enough ).

Between intelligence and ingenuity, however, there is a slight and subtle difference that changes and revolutionizes everything.
Today we decided to ask the horoscope for the list of zodiac signs that can cope with any situation: will you be among them too?

The most ingenious signs of the zodiac: find out now if you are in today’s horoscope ranking

Tell us the truth, are you a real MacGyver or not?
For those who don’t know (and are therefore too young to even imagine it), MacGyver was the protagonist of the TV series of the same name, a secret agent capable of building extraordinary weapons and devices simply thanks to adhesive tape and a Swiss army knife.

You could say he was ingenious, trust us!

What we want to know today, therefore, is not only whether or not you are a MacGyver but also how much you are, just in case!
To find out, of course, we have relied on the horoscope that will tell us which are the five most ingenious signs of the zodiac.
Ready to find out if you are a real MacGyver? Here is the ranking!

Libra: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Libra are particularly astute people and therefore, for this reason, certainly do not struggle to find ” improvised ” solutions. The balance is a sign that one is not afraid to get involved and to show everyone that alone can do everything … absolutely everything!

Those born under this sign are used to sharpening their wits to be independent and, therefore, they know how to do many things.
Sure, being ingenious is useful but they also like having someone close to guide them!

Virgo: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Virgo also deserve a position in our horoscope ranking today.
The Virgin is a sign that gives top priority to the desire and the ability to go it alone in any situation: it is no surprise that it is very ingenious, then!

The Virgin, in fact, always has a solution for everything. Whether it is a scheme impossible to understand by mere mortals or a deus ex machina solution plunged from the sky, it doesn’t matter. The Virgin is among the most ingenious signs of the zodiac: We can assure you!

Sagittarius: third place

As much as they try absolutely to look like particularly naïve people, it is better to pay attention to those born under the sign of Sagittarius.
Not only are they very shrewd and independent but they are also particularly ingenious: there is no situation or problem to which they cannot find a solution!

The Sagittarius are people full of resources, however, definitely try to make no pretense. In this way, they can catch you by surprise when you least expect it, with their ability to do just about anything or win in any situation! Keep an eye out when dealing with Sagittarius: time will prove to you that we were right to tell you!

Capricorn: second place

It takes a lot of brains (and not calm and cold blood, as Luca Dirisio sang ), planning, and the ability to react in minimal time to be ingenious.
How strange, it seems to us some of the classic abilities that all (or almost) all born under the sign of Capricorn have!

This is a particularly ingenious sign in everyday life as well as at work: they are very good at extricating themselves through difficulties and always fall on their feet!
Impossible to try to get the better of them: Capricorns always know how to get out of the way and always have lots of ideas ready for any occurrence.

In short: not only are they smart but they are also really ingenious. It takes very little for them to overturn any situation to their advantage.
Don’t try to catch Capricorns off guard: you simply can’t!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most ingenious signs of the zodiac

Finally, we arrive at the first place in our ranking today, occupied by the Aquarius. Does it seem incredible to you?
Are the sweet, emotional, sensitive, and always busy Aquarius really among the most ingenious signs of the zodiac?

The answer is obviously (and absolutely) yes: Aquarians can blow your mind with everything they can do!
The Aquarium is people full of resources that can do everything and have no problems!

Those born under this sign are not afraid of anything and always manage to get what they want. The reason is only one: they are the most ingenious signs of the zodiac, always attentive to everything and able to do anything, even if it is the first time they have tried.
Do not put them with their backs to the wall: you will think you have won but the Aquarius will completely reverse the situation!

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