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Today we have decided to unveil a very important horoscope ranking: that of the signs that play with feelings (especially of others)!

You always thought you were a good person , kind, polite and a real treasure, right?
If you find yourself in today ‘s horoscope ranking , however, we know well that you know what the truth about you is: you are one who plays with the feelings of others !

People who have no qualms about teasing, hurting or deluding others are truly (and unfortunately) everywhere.
The horoscope ranking should help us to avoid or, at least, to be cautious around certain people: what do you say, let’s take a look at them together?

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Zodiac signs playing with feelings: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

It is useless to pretend that this is not the case: unfortunately there are many people in the world who do not mind playing with the feelings of others. Perhaps, as you read these lines, you are already thinking of a particular person who has made fun of you and did it deliberately. Maybe you were still lucky enough not to meet any of these people for now and we obviously wish you never to meet them.

There is also another possibility : you might just be the kind of person who jokes with other people’s emotions! Obviously everyone, through inexperience , experimentation or simply by mistake , has happened to hurt someone . Maybe we didn’t realize it until much later, maybe we were different people at that moment of our life: in short, no one is completely innocent, we have to admit it !

We can say, however, that stars and planets have already given us a hand in recognizing the character traits of the zodiac signs on numerous occasions .
Why not exploit them in this too? Let’s find out together today ‘s horoscope ranking , that of the zodiac signs that always play with the feelings of others. Do you think you are there?

Cancer: fifth place

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We must immediately include those born under the sign of Cancer in our ranking today . Let’s understand: it is certainly not a question of wanting to embarrass them, but rather of ” unmasking ” their truly widespread attitude . Yes, Cancer plays with the feelings of others but not in the way you expect!

Empathic and emotionally alert as they are, those born under the sign of Cancer are able to “see” through the lies and fences of others. When we say they play, we simply mean that it is very difficult to lie to a Cancer and that he is playing with you . Be very careful with them: they always know what you really mean and when you are lying !

Scorpio: fourth place

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Even those born under the sign of Scorpio can be seen as people capable of playing with the feelings of others.
This is certainly not something they do every day: Scorpio , often and willingly, the feelings of others do not really care !

Their disinterest is the basis of their way of doing: the Scorpio is a sign that does not care at all about feelings and thinks that everyone behaves like him!
Here, then, that he ends up playing with people expecting the same treatment in return : an ( almost ) announced disaster !

Gemini: third place

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Dear Gemini , did you really expect not to be in this horoscope ranking? You know very well, in fact, that you like to play with the feelings of others and also that you don’t like taking your own responsibilities.
You are not invisible: others realize what you are doing!

Gemini are people who, often and willingly, do not really have problems playing with the feelings of others: for them, in fact, the only feelings that matter are their own!
Gemini will not scruple to completely change his life and his way of doing for a simple whim : maybe today he flirts with you because he is bored but tomorrow he has to get married ! Better be careful with them!

Libra: second place

Even those born under the sign of Libra are people who have absolutely no qualms about playing with the feelings of others.
For Libra , in fact, there is nothing better than unloading one’s need for security on others … when they feel down!

Sometimes, as happens to everyone, Libra goes through very dark periods: they don’t feel wanted or appreciated, they envy what others have.
What she does, then, is simply mercilessly flirting with anyone who has feelings for her. Here, then, that Libra perhaps decides to behave just as if she were the partner of a person she knows she likes: in short, it seems to set up a flirtation that is going well!

Libra , however, never exposes itself : it never wants to clarify what happens, it almost never lets itself go and, at the first request for explanations, it disappears puffing.
What’s the reason? Simply that, when in need of reassurance, Libra fearlessly plays with the feelings of those who know they can hurt .

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that play with the feelings of others

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At the top of today’s ranking we have what is certainly a great surprise .
But how, is Sagittarius , so childish and delicate, kind and loving , at the top of this ranking?
Yes, the time has come to admit it and to reveal a decidedly curious trait of the Sagittarius character: it happens very often to play with the feelings of others !

Precisely because they are people who struggle to imagine a life in which there are people they care about more than others, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are famous for creating real dilemmas in love .
As for friendships or other relationships, apart from a slight “silence” in not always saying what she thinks or what happens, Sagittarius is definitely well regarded.
If we talk about love , however, anyone who has had anything to do with Sagittarius knows what we mean when we describe it as a sign that plays with the feelings of others !

Never convinced of what he wants and never sure that he wants to turn a particular person into a ” favorite ” one, Sagittarius is capable of making fun of many people, even at the same time! He always justifies himself by saying that ” he did not know what he was doing ” but let’s face it, dear Sagittarius : you know what you do, since you do it simply because … that’s exactly what you want!

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