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Each zodiac sign falls in love differently. Discover your very personal way of experiencing falling in love.

Love is the most coveted feeling of all, the one that makes your heartbeat, makes you see everything pinker and makes you happy, transforming even the most normal of days into something unique and special. This feeling is said to be able to transform people, striking even the most cynical to make them completely different. A feeling that, once tried, changes the vision of life and leads us to act in ways that are completely different from the usual ones. An aspect largely governed by the stars that influence the way in which each sign experiences the phase of falling in love.
Today, we will move on to the much-discussed love, discovering how each sign behaves when it falls in love. When dealing with feelings, the advice is, as always, to also look at your own influence.

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Find out how you live love based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Like a sudden fire
When they fall in love, those born under the sign of Aries tend to give everything for the feeling they feel and live like a sudden fire. A flare capable of temporarily canceling everything else and for which they are willing to do anything, including taking information about the object of their feelings and about which they will want to know everything in order to fantasize at best. Given their way of acting, as always direct, it will not be difficult to understand that you are the person who suddenly entered their heart. But be careful, because just as it suddenly ignites, the fire of love could go out in the same way.

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Taurus – Taking small steps
Taurus are usually people who like to take small steps, without forcing ahead. Even in love, therefore, they will tend to study the person they feel fascinated by, observing and talking to them as much as possible. After all, that’s just how they fall in love, not just stopping on the aesthetic side but learning to know and respect the other person. A feeling that perhaps will start a little quietly but that over time can become very important, involving those born under this sign, in a total way.

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Gemini – In a cumbersome way
As always alternative to other signs, Gemini tend to fall in love taking it as if it were almost a disease. For them it’s all a matter of mind, and to fall in love they need someone who knows how to tease them in the right way, always making them feel on their toes. In the same way they need to be constantly reassured while for their part they will always tend to be a bit cold even if, once cooked to perfection, their attitude could change completely.

Cancer – With a lot of romance
Natives of this sign are among the most romantic of the zodiac. For this reason, their way of falling in love will be total and romantic, made up of dreams and plans for the future. To love freely, however, Cancers need to feel loved in turn and to know that the other person cannot live without them. Only then will they feel safe enough to allow themselves to expose themselves, giving all the love they can to the other person and making them feel truly at the center of their world. A world essentially made up of love and attention that will be difficult to give up.

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Leo – Like in a Fight
When they fall in love, Leos tend to want to conquer the other person. To do this they are willing to do anything and this partly for the feeling they feel and partly for the need to satisfy their ego. Their way of courting will therefore be quite clear and incisive. Once they are sure they have hit the mark, their love will be total and able to make the partner feel really important. And so much attention, you know, it is really difficult to give up.

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Virgo – With detachment
Those born under the sign of Virgo must always deal with their own rationality. An aspect that they cannot put aside even when it comes to feelings. In love, therefore, they usually show themselves indifferent, studying the other person to understand if they are reciprocated and if there are the conditions for a sentimental story able to last over time. Only once they have satisfied the requisites they believe are indispensable, will they let themselves go, at least partially showing what they feel.

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Libra – Emphasized
Natives of this sign are often victims of the attraction they can feel for others. Love, however, is quite another thing and being aware of it, at the first signs of this feeling, they will tend to continue with lead feet, making every effort to put aside emotions to understand if the story can work. A perhaps bizarre way of acting but which is also part of their charm as well as the eventual success of their stories.

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Scorpio – In a passionate way
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are particularly passionate and in need of a unique love and able to make them feel at the center of the world. When they fall in love they tend to feel vulnerable and this is because if when they are free they know how to move without suffering, when they are in love they can only give themselves completely. For this reason, they always try to understand the degree of involvement of the other person, allowing themselves to love them only if there is a good chance of success. Possessive as never before, they know how to be forgiven for their “weakness” with special attention and all the love they know how to give.

Sagittarius – With joy
For Sagittarius, love is something for which to feel good and be happy. For this reason, when they understand that they are in love, they welcome it with joy, transmitting the same euphoria to the object of their feelings as well. Once as a couple, they will usually organize outings, trips and special occasions to experience together. All for a relationship that will always be full of energy and positivity, the same that they put into everything they do.

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Capricorn – With some resistance
For Capricorns, loving is something very delicate. Taking a lot of their space they don’t fall in love easily because they know that doing so also means changing their daily routines and having to start sharing their things with the other person. For them, therefore, love is something extremely delicate, to be handled with care and only if the person towards whom they feel feelings demonstrates respect for their way of being and living life.

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Aquarius – Like in the clouds
Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be in love with love. For this reason, when they like a person, they run the risk of idealizing them and ending up falling in love with someone who doesn’t exist or who they know in a superficial way. Fortunately, over time, they manage to deepen things by understanding if they are really with the right person and acting accordingly. In that case, their love will be so total that it will leave the other person speechless.

Pisces – With obsession and passion
For those born under the sign of Pisces, love rhymes with obsession. When they start to feel this feeling, in fact, they can’t help but make a thousand mental films, fearing betrayals, quarrels and problems of all kinds. Their outbursts of jealousy may be proverbial but at the same time their way of loving will be too, putting the other person at the center and making them feel the most important in the world. In short, however incapable of loving in a serene and peaceful way, they know how to make a relationship alive.

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