Zodiac Signs


When it comes to feelings, it is difficult to have certain opinions. Each person experiences them in a different way, the result of past experiences, of their character, and the extent of the feeling they feel. For this reason, men who at first glance seem completely unable to feel feelings when in love can upset all predictions while others, apparently reliable, turn out to be a real disaster when it comes to feelings. Every woman knows well that finding the perfect mate is easier said than done and that, although it is nice to say and believe otherwise, love alone is sometimes not enough to make a relationship last. To succeed, it takes commitment on both sides, trust, the desire to walk side by side for life, and respect for the other person.

Parameters that seem easy during falling in love but that over time, everyday life, commitments, and everyday stress can become increasingly difficult to respect, leading relationships to collapse in on themselves. In all this difficulty, however, there is the possibility of discovering, at least 30%, the predisposition that each person has toward love. How? Obviously through the zodiac signs.

The stars, in fact, greatly influence the way we love each of us. Today, we will discover which are the signs behind which the perfect companion can hide. A shortlist that does not want to take anything away from those who will not be present but which aims to make known at least the predisposition for a serious relationship. This is why, when dealing with feelings, it is always better to take a look at the ascendant as well, being in this case more involved than the main sign.

Find out which are the zodiac signs to marry

Leo – The companion who knows how to give security
Being with someone born under the sign of Leo is not easy. Being a leader by nature, he will always tend to want to have the last word on everything, putting a strain on the patience of those around him. Likewise, his need to be in control of everything should not be underestimated. To these characteristics, however, are added very positive ones such as the way of total love, and the fidelity that he knows how to show when he feels that on the other side there are equally important feelings. Whoever dreams of a man who can always dominate the situation and make her feel safe, will find the ideal person in Leo. The important thing is to never make him feel neglected and to know how to cope without getting into a fight every time. Succeeding in a relationship could be enjoyable and full of positives.

Scorpio – The best friend ever
It’s strange to find Scorpio on such a list. This sign is known for his passion which makes him more of a great lover. The truth is that if in love, his loyalty will be total. For Scorpio, the loved one is also the most important in life, the one with whom to share secrets and problems. His vision of a relationship is that of a team in which to proceed together against the rest of the world. Beware, however, that the negative sides of him are always present and if he should feel betrayed even in his intentions, the way he behaves could change suddenly, transforming him from best friend to sworn enemy. To be considered only if you love him and if you intend to build a relationship based on total loyalty. For him, in fact,

Aquarius – The man who never has to ask
Loving an Aquarius is a tough business indeed. It is an abstract sign made of sensitivity but also extravagance. In love, especially in the early days, he tends to close easily and only partially show his feelings about him. In need of his space, then, he could freak out if he felt somehow closed in a relationship or stuck in his daily actions. If you love him, however, you can find him in a companion who can share every aspect of life, making free moments pleasant and always bringing news into the relationship. The important thing is to always be clear and sincere, respecting their needs and always trying to keep the dialogue open.

Pisces – The eternally faithful companion
Those born under the sign of Pisces are by nature difficult to understand. Voted to excesses, he has at the same time impeccable self-control such as to makes him perfectly capable of achieving whatever goal he has set himself. At the same time, he knows how to love completely, and when he has feelings for a person, he can forget the rest of the world. Empathic by nature, he will also be an ideal companion for those who want to always feel understood. His sensitivity, however, can hide negative sides, leading him to be very jealous and, at times, even possessive. A zodiac sign to love with care, always remembering its sensitivity.

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