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Almost every person dreams of a happy, pitiless relationship. Meeting your perfect half, knowing you can trust someone and spend idyllic moments thanks to mutual love is one of the dreams that almost everyone has at least once in their life. Unfortunately, between dreams and reality, several obstacles often get in the way, preventing you from realizing your desires. Among these are the normal impediments of life, the character differences, and the personal limitations that each of us has and carries around throughout his life. As always, the stars seem to rule many of the attitudes that can create real problems in a relationship. So, today, we will try to understand what is the way of doing that often creates problems for us and that once put aside could lead to a lasting relationship.

Find out what you are wrong and what you need to change to have a happy romance

Aries – The ability to compromise
When you find yourself at the center of a relationship, you usually give it you’re all. Your only problem is the extreme difficulty you have in meeting the other person. If you believe that your need is well-motivated you find it very difficult to meet those of your loved one. Remember, however, that a healthy relationship is based on finding a common path to take, and to do so it is essential to come to terms with the other person. Just take care of this aspect to get the most out of your love story.

Taurus – Learning to Lower Your Defenses
In love, you tend to be too on your own. It’s true, yours is almost a spontaneous reflex dictated by the fear of being burned. However, to fully experience a love story, you must learn to live with risk and fear, letting yourself go. As long as you remain on yours, the great love will be closed to you. It takes two to love each other. Two hearts that open to each other and that in doing so risk being irreparably wounded. No matter how afraid it is, the essence of love lies precisely in this and the sooner you choose to embrace this reality, the sooner you can savor the great love you have always dreamed of.

Gemini – Expecting less of the other person
In life, you often tend to be too uncompromising. This way of doing things also affects the sentimental sphere, making you take a big risk. Always demanding something from the person you love is a particularly risky attitude. Love is a combination of giving and take and only by keeping this constant flow active, the relationship can proceed at full speed. The advice of the stars is therefore to learn to accept even mistakes and small imperfections, trying to fill any gaps by giving yourself personally and making your half feel an active part of the relationship and not as a constant examination. The difference will be surprising for you too.

Cancer – Expressing Your Discontents
When you are around others, you often tend to hide your true thoughts. You can tie the smallest action you consider against you to your finger and all without ever saying a word. This, in the long run, creates big misunderstandings. Even without realizing it, when you don’t like something, you tend to have a standoffish attitude that others can interpret in various ways. Better therefore to externalize what you feel in one fell swoop, resolving the conflict in the bud and leaving aside, sulking or useless stances. Your relationships, especially romantic ones, will certainly come out better.

Leo – Learning to Let Go of Lead
It is true, that for a natural leader like you, even the thought of letting someone else lead gives you the creeps. In love, however, you cannot have a monopoly and if you want to live in a happy relationship, you must let your other half feel free to express themselves and act first. As uncomfortable as it may be, once experienced, you may even like it. Not to mention that even looking at the scenery while someone else drives in your place could be enjoyable, providing you with new stimuli and making your relationship even stronger.

Virgo – Stop Seeing Everything Negatively
Your need for perfection prompts you to focus too often on the problems to be corrected rather than the positives of what’s in front of you. While this can prove useful at work or in everyday life, it can be a problem when it comes to dealing with others. If you’re in a relationship, things get a lot more difficult. Continuing to tease the other, in the hope that doing so will help him improve is indeed a serious mistake. Loving also and above all means accepting the other person with strengths and weaknesses and only when you can do so will you be able to fully experience your love story. Seeing is believing!

Libra – Don’t limit yourself to appearances
For you, the most important thing is that everything around you is beautiful and gives off a kind of aura of perfection. Unfortunately, if it is rather easy to organize things, it is much less so with people who, as animated, cannot stay within the standards you have prepared or would risk going crazy. All the more reason, in love, you have to learn to let go of your craving for control, let the other be free to express themselves for what they are, and learn to see beauty even where it doesn’t seem to exist. Only in this way can you feel really good in a relationship, finding the right person to love or the one you love regardless of any calculation and, above all, beyond all appearances.

Scorpio – Lay down the hatchet
As a fighter born as you are, every word is a matter of discussion for you. If something doesn’t appeal to you, you can’t help but point it out, and just to make your opinion known, you’re ready to go to war. When you love, however, you have to find the right balance and, in your case, this also consists in learning to let go of those battles that are useless and whose only result would be strong tensions. Try to fight only when it’s a matter of life or death for you and you will find that living in a truce has its positive sides, especially in love.

Sagittarius – Learning to commit
We know, you are a free spirit and you like the part of the freedom that leads you to not having to commit to anyone. This is fine unless you decide to have a romance. In this case, commitment is essential for both you and the other person. If you think it’s worth it, then try diving into this new experience. You may find that being committed to the right person is not a limitation but a whole new opportunity for happiness.

Capricorn – Finding time for love
Being with someone also means finding time to dedicate to them. If work and everyday life are too demanding for you, then you will have to find a compromise that allows you to keep your commitments without taking away from the person you love. Not doing so could leave you alone and leave you with more regret than satisfaction. So try to better manage your spaces and find quality time to dedicate to the person you love. You will be the first to reap the incredible benefits.

Aquarius – Lowering the standards too high
Okay, you have a good opinion of yourself and you know what you want from life. This, however, does not mean expecting a perfect person in all respects because, however uncomfortable it may be, this person does not exist. Of course, to be happy it is right that you want someone who is perfect in your eyes but he will have to be so in his imperfections. To love is just that, after all, isn’t it? So, from today, try to expect a little less and look at the essential things. In addition to surrounding yourself with truer people, you will certainly be more open to love as well.

Pisces – Abandoning the movie vision
As an incurable romantic you are, you tend to carry movies and novels into your everyday life, looking for people you could only find in the pages of a book. Remember that whatever love story you have read or seen, you have only been shown what was scenically sound. Flaws are everywhere, even where you don’t see them, and it is only by learning to understand them that you will be able to truly open up to love. Not to mention that as much as a film story can be incredibly beautiful, a real one, lived in first person and full of surprises will certainly be more so. And this is because it will be your love story which, as such, will be unique and unrepeatable.

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