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I Fell In Love With Your Imperfections

When I first met you, I fell in love with your eyes. Your beautiful blue eyes that look at me like I am the only person who matters in this world.

As I grew to love you more, I fell in love with your arms the way they hold me tight during the cold winter days. I also fell in love with holding your hand as you guide me when we are walking anywhere.

I got to know you more over time and I started to fall in love with your heart because it never judges but somehow always does the right thing. You do have the most beautiful heart.

You wished you were taller, but you are the perfect height to hold me and kiss me on my forehead. I love looking up to you as you bow your head to look at me.

You never liked your freckles, but to me, they tell a story of where you have been. It’s like connecting the dots to make our own constellations like the stars do in the sky.

You never learned to cook, and here I am, loving every moment I cook for you. I never learned to bake, and everything you bake only adds more sweetness to my life.

You thought you were too pale, but when our colors come together, it makes our being more beautiful than ever.

You said you were too logical, but for my overly emotional self, you are exactly right. We balance each other just right.

I live in a world of dreams and making decisions doesn’t come easy to me, but I fell in love with your decisiveness. It’s like your strengths help my weaknesses because being with you makes me strong.

People keep saying we are too different and that perhaps opposites attract. I think the truth is that somehow when we fell in love, we choose to stay in love.

When things got difficult, instead of running away, we decided to stay together and fight. The times when things didn’t make sense to me, your patience helped me navigate this life.

Whenever we faced challenging moments and we argued, we never forgot that giving up is never an option.

There were times when I made you mad and moments you made me cry. We never let our ego cloud our feelings. We knew it was not embarrassing to apologize, but we knew how childish it was to hold on to our pride.

We knew it was more important to be happy than always be right.

We didn’t always like the same things, but being with you taught me things about the world that I would have never known otherwise.

You helped me explore outside of my bubble and showed me there is so much more to this world than what I knew. You taught me to broaden my mind.

You think you are too serious, but to me, you are responsible. You helped me grow up and I started to like myself even more.

To me, you are it. To me, you are my everything.

I don’t want anyone better than you because no one better can ever exist in my eyes.

You may call those your imperfections, but I fell in love with those imperfections because they make you who you are. And I fell in love with everything about you.

I fell in love with your imperfections, because to me, you are perfection made just right.

I Fell In Love With Your Imperfections
I Fell In Love With Your Imperfections

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