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We all feel broken at some point. As if we did not find our motive for moving forward, as if we did not feel that we are well inside. Sometimes, our heart is broken and it is not for love, but for other things. Things that affect us inside and that, on the outside, while we try to hide it.

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Lately you feel broken inside, Aries, because you feel you don’t do things right no matter how hard you try. Your most optimistic side has shelved you and brought a black cloud of negative thoughts into your life. You are very much to see the good side of things, but now you get carried away by negativity. And that’s why you feel that nothing goes well. You feel that you always end up fucking everything in one way or another. Whatever you do, you feel that nothing goes well for you, that nothing goes as you thought. And it hurts, Aries, it hurts because you try to trust you, but you can’t. Best of all, Aries, is that you know how to solve all this. You know you have to start getting carried away by the good vibes.

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Right now, Taurus, you feel broken inside because you feel you don’t fit at all in the world around you. Inside your body there is a feeling of rejection, of not finding your place. You can even feel like people look at you like you’re weird. And you, Taurus, are working very hard to prove the opposite and finally feel respected. Besides, they have betrayed you lately and that your heart knows. That betrayal has penetrated deep within you because you didn’t expect something like that from such a special person. All this has caused insecurities and fears to return. But you are strong, Taurus, and now is when you have to bring all that force to light to show the world who you really are.

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You have been feeling inside for a while for a reason. And, Gemini, you are realizing many things and that hurts. You feel broken because it seems that things are always easier for others than for you. It seems that the rest of the world is much luckier than you, in absolutely everything. And this hurts you. Because you also want to go far, you also want to find peace, you want to be happy, but you can’t. Look, Gemini, to stop feeling broken inside, you have to stop comparing your life so much with that of others. Are you equal to them? No, obviously. We all have our differences. And if you continue comparing the lives of others with yours, you will end up completely broken and that is precisely what we do not want.

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Lately, Cancer, you feel incomplete and broken inside for a reason. And that reason is that you can’t find your way. You are not sure which way to go, what decision to take, what exactly you want from your future. You want to be happy again and you are willing to do anything for it. But, right now, Cancer, you feel lost. You don’t even know what your reason for being happy is. And you are fighting yourself because you want to get out of it as soon as possible. You don’t realize, Cancer, that you are giving it much more importance than it has and that is what does not let you move forward. Let yourself go a little more, do not give it so many laps and enjoy. You will see how little by little your heart beats faster and faster and you find your way again.

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You feel broken inside, Leo, acknowledge it. You feel very broken because you can’t find anyone who is willing to understand all that you have in your head. Look, you don’t ask much, Leo, just someone who listens to you, who knows how to interpret your words and helps you manage everything much better. You are beginning to rethink if all this is the fault of others or your fault. Whatever it is, Leo, it’s time to really look around and start to see which people are worthwhile and which are not. Surely there is someone who is willing to give everything for you. It’s time to start looking at everything good, Leo, and put the shit aside for a moment. You feel broken inside, Leo, because you have many scratches on your head right now that won’t let you go further.

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Lately you feel broken inside for a reason. And, Virgo, acknowledge that in recent days you have felt how your emotions have been everywhere. It’s being very weird because you’re not used to being so sensitive and emotional. You are trying to control it, because you don’t want people to see your most vulnerable side, but it resists you. You feel broken because you are not able to manage everything your heart is feeling. But, Virgo, nothing happens. Stop worrying about this. It’s hard for you, but it’s something you have to go through. There are times when it is impossible to control everything. There are times when it is necessary to get carried away by those feelings, whether good or bad. Whenever your emotions are present, you feel broken. And that is something that needs to be changed right now.

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You feel incomplete, Libra, you feel very broken inside. You are always trying to find your reason for happiness, but it is hard for you to find it. And, Libra, the reason why you feel broken and why you cannot be 100% happy is because you have realized that all the people you love end up disappointing you. Each and every one of them. If it is not one way, it is another. But right now you feel that there is no one in the world who can be trusted to the fullest. But, Libra, all this is because of your expectations. People are not normally the ones who disappoint you, they are your expectations. You expect too much from others and when they do not fulfill what you had in your mind, you feel broken …

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Right now, Scorpio, you feel broken inside because you are fed up that there are only stones in the road. Whenever you try to be happy, difficulties come to your life. ALWAYS. And this is already starting to tire you and because of that, you feel totally broken. When things seem to go well, when it seems that everything is at peace, Karma does its thing again. It seems that destiny has taken it with you and does not let you be happy. But, Scorpio, perhaps it is you who are attracting all that with that negative mind. Maybe you should focus on your own, on reaching the goal and not let anything get in the way, however bad it may be. There is always going to be something that makes things not go as you wanted … Accept it, Scorpio.

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Despite being someone strong, Sagittarius, you also have your moments when you feel broken. And you can not be happy 24 hours a day, you also have your dips. Lately, Sagittarius, you feel broken because you are convinced that there is no one capable of keeping up with you, that you are alone and that you are also lost.You are independent and you know perfectly well that you don’t need anyone to go after you. You know, Sagittarius. But there are times when you would like to have a person with you to share everything you live with. And be careful, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner, but it also serves you with a best friend. But you can’t find that person and that’s why right now you feel a bit lost. But, calm, Sagittarius, because sooner or later, you will find someone capable of accompanying you in any madness.

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You’ve noticed something, Capricorn, and that’s why you feel broken right now. Your mind has discovered that you have difficulty adapting to others. And yes, it is true, Capricorn, there are times when you need to be a little more flexible, open your mind more and learn to let yourself go. You lock yourself so much in your ideas, in your plans, in your things, that in your mind there is no option to adapt to the plans of others. And you feel broken because you have realized all the time you have lost from being locked in your own mind. Now, you want to show the world that you are learning to be flexible. And you’re on the right track, Capricorn, so it’s time to stop feeling broken and start being more optimistic about everything around you.

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Right now, Aquarius, you feel broken because your mind is much more philosophical than normal. You feel broken because you have realized that you are not the same person you were before. You are not afraid of change, moreover, you like to evolve and mature. But there are certain things you miss. You miss that innocence, that naturalness, that way of taking things. And you feel broken because you know that you will never be the person you were before. Melancholy invades your body. But, Aquarius, it’s time to leave the past behind and start focusing on the future and, above all, on the present. Make the most of all the qualities you have right now, because who knows if in the future you will still have them…

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You feel broken lately, Pisces, because you have realized that you have lost your confidence in yourself and also in the future. You have trouble trusting yourself, in what you do, in your heart, Pisces, and that’s why you feel that way. Your fears and insecurities have come back to light and fuck you present. But, you, Pisces, are much stronger than them and you don’t have to let them win this battle. You have to start believing everything you are, because if not, you will continue to let those insecurities dominate your life. You have to focus on your self-esteem, your self-esteem, and leave the lives of others in peace. Live for and for you and for nobody else. You have to work in that confidence and self-esteem.

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