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Fashion that fits your zodiac sign

Anyone who thinks that the zodiac sign and the horoscope can only predict love, health, and work is wrong. The signs of the zodiac can do a lot more.

Our zodiac sign affects us more than we think. Not only does it reflect essential characteristics and character traits, it can also be a good style advisor. Because every zodiac sign has its own individual fashion style. We’ll tell you here which fashion exactly matches your zodiac sign.

Aries: passion

The Aries ladies are bursting with self-confidence and temperament. You are full of passion and want to draw full attention to yourself with your style. They like to support this expressive personality with the powerful color red!

Fashion tip: Monochrome dresses, pants or statement coats with a special cut look particularly good on Aries. Skirts with flounces or wrap dresses with flounces testify to certain temperament and passion!

Taurus: quality

Taurus are tactile people. You attach great importance to good materials such as wool, silk, and cashmere. In terms of optics, they like it more reserved and subtle: they feel most comfortable in powdery and delicate colors. But bulls come up trumps with the accessories: Lush statement necklaces, large rings, and cozy, extra-long scarves make for an eye-catcher.

Fashion tip:  A well-fitting Kashmire sweater combined with a silk skirt and high leather boots is the absolute go-to outfit for the quality-conscious siter lady!

Zwilling: trend-conscious

The Gemini women have a sense of humor and – also when it comes to their outfits – are bright types. You are always at the forefront when it comes to trends. They are very fashion-savvy and also go along with almost every new style. This zodiac sign loves to dress boldly and is always happy to try out new fashion styles. So it’s no wonder that the big fashion influencers mostly belong to this zodiac sign.

Fashion tip:  The twin woman changes her style as quickly as the seasons go by. The oversized coat, over-knee boots, or fanny pack with platform sneakers.

Cancer: boho

Cancers like to reminisce and long for bygone times. That is why they also prefer the retro-chic and feel particularly comfortable in the seventies style with floral patterns, boho dresses, and flared trousers. They also love it colorful and are not afraid to mix their styles.

Fashion tip:  Long flowing dresses, flowing skirts, and blouses with balloon sleeves – this really shows off the Cancer woman’s character! Espadrilles with wedge heels or lace-up sandals round off the boho look particularly well.

Leo: extravagant

The personality of the Leo-born shows through their openness and generosity. This is also reflected in her fashion style. They prefer strong and striking colors such as pink, orange and yellow. As an additional eye-catcher, they also like to choose accessories in gold and silver in order to skilfully draw the focus on themselves.

Fashion tip:  items in statement colors look particularly good on the Leo lady. A pencil skirt made of fake leather in rich purple combined with a cream-colored blouse with a sophisticated cut is even suitable for the office and sets you apart from your colleagues as always.

Virgo: natural tones

Virgos are particularly characterized by their good sense of time. So they are always on time and shine through their precise behavior even in difficult situations. You can rely on the Virgo! And thus also on the fashion of the zodiac sign.

Her favorite accessory is the wristwatch. She has these in all imaginable variants, colors, and shapes to round off every outfit perfectly. When it comes to coloring, she likes to use subtle natural tones such as olive, fir green, and beige.

Fashion tip:  The virgin lady likes the contents of her wardrobe in a classic way, in muted colors. Each part fits together with the next. Sweaters in olive, including a white T-shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers, are her favorite leisure look!

Libra: timeless chic

Libra women long for harmony and balance. This is also evident in their style. Scales are perfectly styled for every occasion – not too flashy, but always chic and memorable. Libra, therefore, prefers classic clothing that never goes out of style.

Scales also dress very consciously and pay attention to the best and selected materials when choosing. Silk, wool, and cashmere are therefore very popular with her. Her accessories are elegant and yet unobtrusive.

Fashion tip:  Each of her pieces of clothing is a real classic! The trench coat, the Chelsea boots, or the black high-waisted jeans – all parts are a real investment for years!

Scorpio: eye-catcher

Scorpios love to draw attention and be the center of attention. This is exactly how they choose their outfit: black and red – individually or in combination – are the preferred tones. Nor can they have enough accessories: large sunglasses, extravagant handbags and striking shoes cleverly draw attention to them.

Fashion tip:  Every piece of clothing is a real eye-catcher! Special patterns, elaborate fabrics, breathtaking cuts. Whether summer or winter, a Scorpio lady knows how to combine flared trousers!

Sagittarius: Casual

Sagittarius convince by their open charisma and their friendly nature. You have the gift to cast a spell over you. As open-minded as they are about their character, their fashion style is just as reserved: it has to be comfortable and cozy, and stylish at the same time. This zodiac sign prefers fashion in gray, brown, and dark blue. Sagittarians pay attention to their outfit, but don’t have to go along with every trend.

Fashion tip:  Whether casual sportswear in everyday life, or lose clothes for the office or the beach. The main thing is that the clothes are comfortable, but still look chic and well-groomed! The Sagittarius lady swears by the materials knitwear and jersey.

Capricorn: Classic

Capricorns are well aware of their strength and power and they live it out in their outfit. At the same time, they don’t want to attract attention and therefore dress more classically. S o pull the combination of black and white in front of the colors. Capricorns always want to be on the safe side with their choice of clothes and therefore do not take any fashion risks.

Fashion tip:  classic doesn’t mean stuffy! The zodiac sign skilfully combines well-fitting trousers with satin blouses, hoodies, or leather jackets! The main thing is that it is simple and timeless.

Aquarius: Confident

Aquarius women prefer their independence and freedom. They don’t chase trends and dress according to their own personal taste. Especially when it comes to fashion, this zodiac sign is headstrong and likes to attract attention. So it prefers to combine shiny and strong colors as well as different patterns and designs.

Fashion tip:  Whether mini skirt or mini dress, the water woman has the hang of it! She feels comfortable in everything, be it a long jumpsuit, short skirt, or a top with a plunging neckline. She wears and dominates clothes – not the other way around!

Pisces: Romantic

Women born under the Pisces zodiac sign know about their feminine charisma and sensuality. They like to wear playful and romantic patterns like flowers and pastel colors. Flowing dresses and skirts also look particularly good on the Pisces woman.

Fashion tip:  dresses with floral patterns or in delicate shades dominate your wardrobe. In winter she loves sweaters with playful cables and earmuffs to keep her warm. Items of clothing in your summer wardrobe are overloaded with bows, hearts, or flowers. With her fashion know-how, however, she can create herself look stunning every time.

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