Zodiac Signs

Most False and Toxic Zodiac Signs

As for the signs in the zodiac wheel itself, some of them are positive and caring while others are not or at least do not present themselves as such. Of course, some people are an exception, those who are faithful enough to their signs can in many ways be quite toxic.

While you are it may seem like a lot, it’s only half the wheel itself. In many ways, that half of the wheel could be thought of as the dark side, depending on how you look at it. These are signs that contain traits that, if allowed to spread, can make someone very inauthentic and make them more toxic than others.

If your sign made this list, keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a toxic person, it just means that if you give up more often, you could harm the people around you whether you see it or not.

Self-awareness is important to all of us and if you’re not on this list, maybe you should also take the time to look into your most negative traits and try to keep them in check.


Taurus people often pretend to be fake because they have too much inside. They don’t act on things if they haven’t built up to a certain point and when that happens, they go wild.

This in many cases makes them quite toxic because the people around them don’t know what to expect.


In many cases, Geminis are often considered a little inauthentic because they always seem to appreciate what’s “inside”. They like to have fun and are often surrounded by others. People in their life question their authenticity because they don’t know what the “real” part is.

The closer people get to Gemini, the harder it is to read them.


Libras for some reason are horrible at sharing their emotions. They don’t let other people in and this makes the people who care for them very lonely and isolated even when they are in the same room.

This combined with their usual unreliable charm makes them a little underwhelming for some. We cannot count on all Libras and this gives the majority a bad reputation.


Scorpios are fun and really interesting people to meet, but they are also very jealous. They give you the impression that instead of having an affair, you are being held as if you were a pet.

In many situations, these types of uncontrolled people can become very toxic overall.


People in Sagittarius love to play with the minds of others because they don’t realize how important they are to the people around them. They like to cut ties and leave people “dry”.

While this isn’t necessarily something everyone in Sagittarius does, the volatility they carry as they are sold can make them dangerous that you should devote your efforts to.


Capricorns are often considered a little bit wrong because of the way they work things out in their life. They are too serious and tend to be in a bad mood.

People in their life are supposed to live by their own rules and that’s not something that works for most people.

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