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Falling In Love Is Just The Beginning For These 4 Lucky Zodiacs In 2024


There’s been this big looming question mark in Gemini’s vision of the future. Or should I say question marks. The who, what, where, when, why, and how of it all has been so blurry. Gemini has been moving and shaking for some time now, traveling, growing their career, enjoying all that life has to offer, and they’ve been thoroughly enjoying the journey. But they haven’t been able to shake off this feeling that they haven’t quite ‘arrived’ at their destination. Of course they’re not immune to the societal pressures implying in all kinds of roundabout ways that maturity and success are all roads that lead to settling down in one place, with one person in a neat row of little houses where other people are doing the exact same thing. But what if, for Gemini, having one person is all the consistency they need? One person who’s Known Traveler Number they have memorized. One person who they’ll gladly sit in the middle seat of the airplane for. One person who they trust to pack their suitcase and make the dinner reservations. One person who can hold up a mirror to the life they were already living and show them just how complete it’s been all along. Having a companion to enjoy it with is simply the cherry on top.


Love has always been Cancer’s second chance at all of the experiences in their life that weren’t picture perfect or straight out of a fairy tale. Memories of holidays and family vacations and birthdays that carry any sense of pain, disappointment, or shame can now share space with new traditions full of love, support, and fulfillment. What Cancer lacked in childhood, they now have the opportunity to control in their adult life, with the right partner by their side. It’s not for that partner to compensate for any of Cancer’s past experiences, but they become a rock that grounds Cancer in the present and points their eyes toward the future from a place of security and safety. It’s someone they can write new rules with, try new things with, create space for each other to learn and grow through failure and finally, success. It’s someone looking out for Cancer, ready to stand up for Cancer, but also confident that Cancer can fight their own battles. Its communication and trust and consistency that allows Cancer to thrive at their best instead of always being prepared for the worst.


Falling in love is a trial by fire for Leo. It’s not this clean, easy, straight line towards bliss. Finding the right person simplifies everything else involved in the process. Leo has to acknowledge their feelings to themselves, far before they ever contemplate letting the other person become aware. They’re bound to say, and do, the right thing many many times before they ever get it right. But the profound emotional growth and transformation that occurs before the happy ending takes place opens their eyes to their own capacity to do the things that terrify them most in life. Love is the bandaid Leo rips off and the security blanket they’re finally able to leave behind, before embarking on their true adult life. It’s not the presence of a partner that finally gives Leo permission to chase their dreams, it’s the discovery that there are so many options available to Leo beyond simply wanting something. It’s the discovery of their own agency. The ability to speak up for themselves, to ask for things, to engage and strive and put themselves out there. That they can decide, above all else, the risk truly is worth it.


Love has a way of distracting Aries. They get swept up in the excitement and the hormones and the comfort that the entry of a soulmate into your life brings, and then, when everything settles into a new routine, Aries realizes that the same problems and worries and challenges they were facing in their single life haven’t evaporated into thin air. A romantic partner doesn’t supply you with a never-ending supply of self-confidence, or all of life’s answers, or eternal happiness. There will be days where boredom creeps in, days you’ll wish you had more money, days where you can’t find anything to wear, and days where you feel like nothing is going well. The difference is, Aries, you don’t have to face those days alone. Your partner can’t wave a magic wand and make it all disappear, but they can listen to you. They can reassure you you’re not going crazy. Love isn’t a vacation from the harsh realities of life, it is the work of building one together, with the person you love most in this world. Life never stops, and you will have to keep up the work of walking your own path, Aries. The plus side is that you can do it holding someone else’s hand

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