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Today we talk about the most clumsy zodiac signs in life and love: is it not that you are also in the ranking of today’s horoscope?

Hey, all happen to stumblelet drop something by accident, or even simply find themselves a spot of sauce on the shirt after a first important appointment.
Nothing wrong with that, of course: but if it happens to you every day, maybe it’s time to take cover!

Today’s horoscope ranking will reveal which are the clumsier signs of the zodiac. Aren’t you also in these top five positions?

The most clumsy zodiac signs of the zodiac: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

tray full of cups that fall, a few centimeters from the safety of the countertop, are you a sad but usual scenario?
Passers of jeans that fit in the door handles, rims clothes closed the door of the machine, frequent trips to Ikea for repair or buy back furniture and supplies hopelessly ruined. No, we’re not talking about someone who just had a baby but simply… about you!

You’re one of the people most awkward and clumsy that you have ever known?
Don’t worry, from today you have one more excuse to justify your umpteenth disaster in front of others.
It’s not your fault if you’re clumsy: stars and planets say it!

Let’s find out immediately the top five positions in the ranking of the most clumsy zodiac signs. Isn’t it that, for once, you’re in first place in a competition for something?

Virgo: fifth place

Curious to find all those born under the sign of Virgo in this ranking, right?
Yet those born under the sign of Virgo can be very clumsy and clumsy to his utmost disappointment.

This is the reason why Virgo, then, tries to be always perfect and precise in every area of his life. They certainly do not do it because they diverge but because they have to ” compensate ” for their clumsiness, hiding it from the eyes of others!

Sagittarius: fourth place

The Sagittarius is a sign that we would not hesitate to define gentle and sweet, patient and nice, loving and childish. Too bad, however, that together with so many beautiful qualities we must also recognize a decidedly not very nice one: that of being clumsy!

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are decidedly clumsy people who “exploit” this characteristic to be even more fun in the eyes of others.
Too bad, though, that their clumsiness is translated, often in damage decidedly not cute and funny.
Cars bruised, stove went to smoke, coffee burned, the split marble or envelopes of spending that rolling around the house. With Sagittariusyou never know what’s coming: they are a real own speck of cardboard animated!

Aquarius: third place

We know well that Aquarius will not be happy to be in this ranking but we also know that those born under this sign are truly honest.
The Aquarium will not have problems, therefore, to recognize that when it comes to being wimps could start giving lectures at the University!

Everything they have in their hands falls off, they lose house keys, cell phone, and purse at the same moment, they put down something and as soon as they try to get it back they can’t find it anymore.
Careless, clumsy, and always in trouble when it comes to putting shopping in bags after paying, those born under the sign of Aquarius deserve the third place in our ranking of the most clumsy zodiac signs.
Fortunately for them, though, there are at least two other even more clunky signs!

Pisces: second place

Dear friends born under the sign of Pisces, do not be angry if we put you in second place in the ranking of the most clumsy zodiac signs.
You have to recognize that you really do have your head in the clouds and that often creates disaster really from nothing!

Pisces is among those people who just can not give attention to what happens around them. Let’s not talk about ” physical ” problems since they are generally very grateful people! The Fish often behave willingly in a manner very careless and do not pay attention to other people’s feelings, their own and even to those of the people they love most!

For Pisces, being awkward or clumsy is almost second nature because they are not going to correct the way they do.
A little is clumsy by nature and a little know that their way of doing is a way to pull the rope and be ” special ” in the eyes of others!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most clumsy zodiac signs

There is nothing to be done, dear friends of the Taurus. You know well that you are in first place in this ranking exclusively because of your way of doing, careless, inconclusive, and often downright clumsy!
The Taurus is often someone who has a real talent for embarrassing themselves.

He does not watch where he puts his feet, stumbles anywhere, forgets purses, and wallets, or purchases freshly made everywhere, it is capable of tearing clothes made with materials durable and so on.
For Toro, there’s hardly ever peace: for them, life is a cyclone that moves objects and makes forgetting the priority.

In addition, those born under the sign of Taurus are also people capable of beautifully ignoring their responsibilities until the last available moment.
Their clumsiness always puts them in difficulty and they are afraid to face situations: unfortunately, this translates into the impossibility of being smooth during their life!

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