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Better to move on tiptoe when they are around and pay attention to the words you use: they are the most delicate zodiac signs of all!

You know a small wildflower, just born, which stands wobbly on a green stem, exposed to danger and bad weather?
Well, today we’re going to talk about all those people who look just like that little wildflower.
Oh yes, we decided to ask stars and planets to tell us about the most delicate flowers of the horoscope, all those signs that as soon as something goes wrong they fall apart.
Better know who you’re dealing with, right?

The most delicate zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is today’s ranking

How many times have you come across a person who may have seemed hard as a rock but turned out to be … tender as a newborn flower?
Well, know that maybe that person was one of the most delicate zodiac signs in the whole horoscope, and you, by treating them roughly, made a fool of yourself.

How to recognize kind and delicate people at first sight, without going through the classic fool?
But thanks to our horoscope ranking today, what questions!
We thought it would be better to group the “delicate ones” in a special ranking, to avoid problems and to always know (more or less) who we have in front of us.
Ready to discover today’s top five positions?

Virgo: fifth place

Are those born under the sign of Virgo, who often seem particularly concrete and categorical, in the ranking of the most delicate zodiac signs of the horoscope?
But is it possible? The answer, of course, is yes: stars and planets aren’t wrong!

Virgos are particularly sensitive people even if, often, they pretend not to. Who was born under this sign is a person who is hurt very often and for almost any reason. Be extremely careful with them!

Leo: fourth place

Even those born under Leo are among the most delicate zodiac signs of the horoscope: does it seem impossible to you? Yet it is so! For Leos, however proud and proud they are, you must always pay close attention: the way you talk to them or address them is fundamental. One wrong word is enough to transform the Lion from a little lion … to a real beast!

Even if they yell and scream, don’t be scared: Leos are just extremely upset precisely because they are much more delicate than they want you to believe!

Pisces: third place

In the ranking of the most delicate zodiac signs of the whole horoscope, those born under the sign of Pisces could not be missing. Dear Pisces, you know very well that you are particularly sensitive people who are always ready to take any word too badly. Don’t do it on purpose: you’re just built like that!

Pisces are people you need to pay attention to if you say something wrong they could tie it to your finger. They will never do anything in front of you: they are always smiling and decidedly loving with others; behind you, however, know that Pisces will begin to hold a grudge against you. At that point, we can tell you, the troubles are serious. Fortunately, the delicacy of Pisces also puts them in a position to forgive but only if you find the right “formula”!

Libra: second place

Those born under the sign of Libra are also found in our ranking today. Hey, dear Libra, do not be angry if you are delicate: not everyone can be in the ranking of the zodiac signs with more courage than the horoscope! (But are you in the latter?).

It often happens that those born under the sign of Libra do not recognize an appropriate sensitivity because they are always cheerful.
Braggart and ready to partyLibras don’t give the impression of being delicate people: yet they are! Libra often happens to see or hear their hurt feelings without being able to do anything.

Others expect them to always be clowns: cheerful and ready to have fun!
Do not forget that all Libra has a deep dimension of sensitivity and that, for this reason, they must be treated as if they were very delicate. I am!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the most delicate zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Dear Cancer, who better than you could reign on this ranking of zodiac signs? You are undoubtedly the most delicate of the whole horoscope, there is no doubt!
Cancers are people who take practically everything personally: not only other people’s comments but also glances or simple forgetfulness can become a real cause for despair for them!

Of course, this also makes Cancers particularly difficult for people to approach: there is practically no way not to make mistakes, they could always take it badly!
The reason is that Cancers are extremely tough on the outside but also very delicate just scratching the surface. They are people who constantly live under a magnifying glass (theirs) which makes them very insecure!

That’s why Cancers often can’t stand things that seem perfectly normal to everyone else. Cancers have already judged themselves, they have already judged themselves through your eyes and those of some strangers and they have come out practically destroyed.
Be careful with Cancers: they are very delicate people who can fall apart at any moment!

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