Zodiac Signs

Why Your Ex Should Go Fuck Themselves, Based On Their Zodiac Sign In July 2022

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Aries – Fuck you for canceling plans at the last second and taking ages to respond to the simplest texts.

Taurus – Fuck you being so damn stubborn and refusing to compromise with the people who care most about you.

Gemini – Fuck you for being too lazy to put anything more than the minimal amount of effort into your relationships.

Cancer – Fuck you for expecting everyone else to make your decisions for you.

Leo – Fuck you for assuming you’re always right and refusing to listen to anyone else’s opinion.

Virgo – Fuck you for trying to micromanage everyone else, for trying to convince everyone to do things your way.

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Libra – Fuck you for being unreliable and constantly changing your mind about what you want.

Scorpio – Fuck you for being manipulative, controlling, and more jealous than you have any right to be.

Sagittarius – Fuck you for sending mixed signals and being unclear about what you want and who you want.

Capricorn – Fuck you for being such a pessimist, for assuming the people who love you are going to hurt you when they haven’t done anything wrong.

Aquarius – Fuck you for distancing yourself, for raising your guard, for refusing to let anyone into your heart more than halfway.

Pisces – Fuck you for trying to run away from your problems instead of facing them head-on like a mature adult.

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