Zodiac Signs

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Your Zodiac Sign


Everybody believes you’re frigid and nasty. But you’re gentle and delicate underneath it all.


Taurus, everyone assumes you’re shy and reserved. On the other hand, you are brave and determined. You cannot be influenced by your peers.


Gemini, everyone believes you’re a capricious individual. On the other hand, you cling to the ones who truly matter to you.


Everybody thinks you’re a softie. On the other hand, you have strong ideas and will not be disrespected.


Leo, everyone assumes you’re arrogant and conceited. However, you will go to any length for your friends and family.


Everyone believes you’re in commanding and controlling. However, you’re a perfectionist who only wants the best for everyone else.


Everybody believes you’re pure and lovely. You, on the other hand, have a negative side.


Scorpio, everybody believes you’re a joy to be around. Though you’ve been through a lot than they’re aware of.


Sag, everybody believes you’re a naturally outgoing individual. But there are moments when you wanna stay lonely.


Everybody believes you’re upbeat and cheerful. However, your worries might get the better of you often.


Aquarius, everyone believes you’re unsociable and unpleasant. However, with the individuals who make you feel at ease, you’re a big jokester.


Everyone believes you’re instinctive and caring. However, there are instances when people grate on your buttons and you can’t tolerate being around them for even a minute.

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