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Every Zodiac Struggles With A Bad Dating Habit—This Is Yours

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We all sabotage our relationships in different ways- some people overthink and stress over problems that don’t even exist yet… some will follow their hearts into any toxic, murky waters…. some expect too much too fast… some give too little too slowly … some can’t accept their partners as they are… some can’t accept themselves for who they are and are always trying to find themselves in someone else.

Here is what you need to stop doing in relationships based on your zodiac sign so you can enjoy a happy, healthy relationship that lasts.

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Aries – Impatience

You are fun and fiery but can also be too impatient and impulsive which can lead you to make bad decisions and drive good things away, You want to be in the driver’s seat at all times and try to force things to happen instead of just letting them happen. Relationships can’t be forced like this. It will just come across as being too intense and too much. Stop trying to micromanage every aspect of your life and trust that things will work out as they are meant to.

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Taurus – Obstinance

As a fixed sign, you are strong and stable. But this can come at a cost as you can be too stubborn in relationships and always need to get your way. Your ideal partner doesn’t mind going with your plan, but even the most adaptable partner will have some needs sometimes and want a say in the relationship. Try to make room for someone else to have a say and try to do it from a place of love and compassion, not an obligation.

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Gemini – Non-committal

You are fun, curious, and playful… but can also be a little tough to nail down. Your partner may not know where they stand with you… and your ever-changing mind might make it hard for you to really know as well. You are away chasing a new high, a new thrill, and you need to learn how to just be. Your spontaneous energy can be fun, but it also comes off as noncommittal and flaky which can make it difficult for your relationships to go beyond a certain point. Slow down and let others in a little bit more.

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Cancer – Falling in love with an ideal

You love the idea of love. You are naturally nurturing and warm and are wired for relationships but you risk falling in love with the idea of someone than the actual person. You deeply crave unconditional love and acceptance and will latch onto anyone who shows you even a glimmer of it. You may project a vision onto this person of who they are and what they will do for you. One reason you fall into this trap is you feel incomplete without a relationship. Work on your feelings of worth and self-esteem so you can see through a more objective lens in your relationships.

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Leo – Overbearing

You are fiercely loyal and this is your strength, but can also be a fault when it goes too far and crosses into being overbearing.  At your best, you are doting and generous … at your worst, this can manifest as being possessive and jealous.

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Virgo – Nitpicking

The more comfortable you become with someone… the more open you tend to be about your “observations,” which is really a euphemism for critiques. Your heart is in the right place, you don’t do it to be mean, you just want to help! But it doesn’t really help anything, it will just make your partner irritated and resentful. Try to balance out your “observations” with a lot of praise and words of affirmation and only “observe” when absolutely necessary and if it will serve your partner in a positive way.

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Libra – Avoiding conflict

No one likes to argue, especially not a Libra! You strive for maintaining peace and harmony in your relationships, and that’s great! But healthy couples argue. And arguments serve a healthy purpose… it gives you the chance to work toward a resolution so you can enhance your feelings of happiness within the relationship and so both people are getting their needs met. If you try to keep the peace at all times, this can cause resentment to build, which will poison your relationship.

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Scorpio – Being too harsh

Scorpios have a reputation for being cold and mean, to put it bluntly (and being blunt is a key Scorpio trait). But that isn’t who you are at your core. You are actually kind and empathetic deep down, but keep those parts buried deep behind a tough exterior. In relationships, your harshness can cause a lot of problems and hurt feelings. Try tapping into your empathetic side when talking to your partner. You can say what you want to say, just soften the delivery.

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Sagittarius – Commitment issues

The trouble with Sagittarius is that they are just so easy to fall for. They are fun, charming, adventurous, and captivating… and they also don’t want to be tied down which makes them all the more appealing. You do want love and intimacy, but you also want freedom.. and you can have both. Stop sabotaging yourself by holding people to impossible standards that they’ll never live up to. A little bit of structure and stability will enhance your life and can give you that elevated experience you’ve been chasing.

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Capricorn – Impossibly high  standards

You strive the be the best, and expect that from others to a degree. You want your partner to have a strong work ethic, to look their best at all times, and to always be striving. But remember, not everyone is wired like you and not everyone has the same priorities. And sometimes someone’s best may not look like much to you because your level of drive is unmatched. Learn to cut the people in your life some slack and realize we all have different strengths and weaknesses. We can’t all be wired the same and that’s what makes relationships so interesting and an opportunity for immense growth.

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Aquarius – Emotional distance

You are interesting and unique… but also a bit of a mystery and you like it this way. While you don’t have to give your whole self away in a relationship, your emotional guardedness can make it very challenging for others to truly connect with you. This leaves you feeling isolated and lonely at times, even though it’s supposed to be what you wanted. Not everything needs to be intellectualized. Open up some space for your heart to lead the way and lean into your emotions a little more.

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Pisces – Co-dependence

You love deep and hard, but sometimes a little too hard. You go all in, you sacrifice yourself and your needs for the sake of your relationships. This can cause you to end up in toxic relationships where one person is taking advantage of you and sucking you dry. You may also end up acting too needy and codependent in your relationships and this doesn’t usually end well. Try to set a slow and steady pace when it comes to relationships. Activate a little more of your and turn down the volume on your heart so you don’t end up in a damaging situation.

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