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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs When Your Heart Is Broken

A broken heart, as if you have broken your ribs, hurts deep down, but in the end, no one can see it. Sometimes, all you have to do is keep going, but paint your day with forced smiles and pretend that tears are not eating at your soul. There are loves that exhaust you, leave you wounded for life and suddenly all you want is a pause that lasts long enough to heal. What does each sign need when their heart is broken?

1.- Aries

After giving everything, share your fears, sorrows, and joys. Tell him the dreams that you had in the bottom of your heart, to give yourself up as if there were no tomorrow; now all you want is to be sure that everything will be okay. A time alone, in which you can understand what happened, in which the calm returns to you and all that anger ceases. A time when you can hold on to your resilient side and remind yourself that even scarred it is worth continuing.

2.- Taurus

When Taurus’s heart is broken, they don’t want to focus on the subject. It’s the kind of sign that cries until he can’t take it anymore until his breath stops and that feeling in his chest seems to scream at him desperately. Taurus wants time for himself, to pamper himself, to give himself all that attention he gave to the other. Now he decides to be his priority, to love himself above all else and to learn that not all people are worth it, that there are beings who only want to hurt him.

3.- Gemini

Health! For the loves that arrive like a huge wave, like this, without warning and with all the intention of shaking your emotions. A toast to the tears shed, to the sleepless nights, to the hopes that went like water in our hands. Gemini just wants to forget everything for one night, he wants to be next to people who love him unconditionally. A night of drinks in which catharsis is present and finally brings out everything that is inside.

4.- Cancer

Turning the page … It is too difficult for Cancer to say goodbye to love, knowing that that person she saw in the morning and with whom she shared her entire life, is gone, it can make her lose the balance of everything. Cancer just wants to be with his friends, to listen to him until he gets tired of talking about the same thing. You need all those negative emotions to come out, you want to heal, and you have a hard time doing it overnight. You want to know that you have the right people.

5.- Leo

Leo can go out of his way for his partner, he is the one who does not let go, who drives, who inspires, and is there to applaud the achievements. The bad thing is when they break his heart when he has to face that nothing will ever be the same again. At that moment all he wants is to block the moment, he resists collapsing and saves everything. A lump in the throat that sooner or later has to go away. It is thanks to an outing with his friends that he can be the same again. Leo needs a break to analyze what happened.

6.- Virgo

Virgo and a broken heart are the worst mixes of all. Suddenly his castle of perfection is shattered. There is no way out, anxiety and depression take over the depths of his emotions. He wants to, but cannot. Virgo has to deal with sleepless nights, crying until dawn and the anger pent up in their every step. Sometimes you just need to be alone, eat a huge can of ice cream, and learn to let go. It is not easy, but when you decide there is no going back.

7.- Libra

A minute of silence for all that pain that Libra keeps in his soul and that he does not talk about with anyone. A deep breath for the hidden tears, for the secrets of his memory, and for the apathy that takes hold of his days. Suddenly, Libra just wants to disappear, and go away, it is the only way he can find himself again. Libra doesn’t want to jump from love to love, they want a plane ticket and just get lost for a while.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio can collapse so much that he forgets himself, he no longer knows what to do with what he feels, with what he thinks, with what he dreams. A broken heart hurts your dreams, turns off your energy, and makes you wonder over and over again if you are on the right track. Scorpio needs not to think about the breakup, he wants to travel in his thoughts, analyze in a detailed way and answer all those questions that navigate his mind.

9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the soul that never ceases, it can feel that life no longer has meaning. The words, the thoughts, the routine hurt. It hurts him to realize that he gave everything for a person and that there comes a time when no matter how much love he has, it is never enough for a person to love him in the same way. Sagittarius forces himself to move on, he likes to remember that every minute is an opportunity and that on other occasions he has already risen, and it will not be the last.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn can feel so overwhelmed after a broken heart that all they want to do is lock their heart with a huge key. For a long time, he wants to be alone, to learn to enjoy life without having to hold hands with anyone else. Capricorn wants a break and wants to go back to enjoying the little things. He wants to dare to love himself in the same way that one day he gave everything to that person.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius wants more than a break, he needs to get away from everything and everyone for a long time. It is a sign that does not know how to deal with their emotions so easily, so much so that, many times, he does not understand everything that goes through his head. Aquarius wants a resounding turn in his life, to go out with new people, to know other places, to make a change in his wardrobe. He is the one who bets on a different haircut, he is simply reborn.

12.- Pisces  

A Pisces the world moves in a second. Accepting that the other wants to leave, when he is not ready is the worst that can happen. Pisces is not one to beg, he may be very broken inside, but he clings to his dignity and swallows the pain. So you just need to talk to your lifelong friends, say everything that is weighing you down, and just take a deep breath as you sink into a friend’s embrace.

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