Zodiac Signs

The Earth Woman And The Water Woman

The Earth Woman

The earth woman journeys to the underworld. She is where lifeforms begin to evolve into pure connection. She is the sheltered places we rest our heads at night — the cradle of nature and of life. She is the peacemaker, the builder, the mother, the musician, the analyst, the minister, and the nurturer who incorporates her heart’s essence with her daily work. She takes us on an undisturbed adventure into something truly honorable, provides the skills to make it happen, and single-mindedly guides the mission forward.

She is the soil that feeds us, the ground that supports us, and the stability that roots us in faith. She embodies a certain supporting power, a deep hidden sanctuary of comfort that allows all who enter her presence to feel infinitely protected. She is the place where we patiently wait and build both internal and external strength, expertise, and dedication, to then take a stand in this world. From the final edge of adventure, she is the point of culmination and fulfilment. She fastens the grip of our lineage, our inspiration, our legacy, our cravings, and our dreams, propelling us to make them a solidified reality.

According to these dreams, she designs the space, the mood, and the ambience in order to assure a certain level of completion. As an influential caretaker, she must act in the way she knows best — to serve, to connect, to raise awareness, and to encourage sound action which travels through her body to the entire collective. She must know, there is no doubt that cannot be overcome, no obsession that should overthrow the mind, and no concern that is worth lost time.

Marked by the clay that runs through her fingers, she sculpts a terracotta mold of both worlds linking two into one, all in order to arrange a serene life that extends beyond the comfort of her sacred homeland.

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The Water Woman

The water woman is the basis of compassion that builds from true understanding. As the keeper of wisdom, with the power to dare into the moonlight, she is where we experience the ultimate euphoria. The touch and the senses we advance with grace to then wash away the binds we no longer want. This act of release transports us into a place we didn’t know existed before her. She yearns for meaning beyond human affairs, she animates what she discovers and shares this insight to further enlighten others of her new perception.

She must first be drained in order to be refilled with crystalline waters. She is not scared to reduce matter, as she knows in doing so, a greater creation will transpire. She articulates her dreams and flickering visions in order to embody the essence beneath the surface. Water is the finishing death energy which retracts form in situations that require her unique pull; this pull is how we come to heal through her intimacy. She governs the moon and uses it to acknowledge the pain.

She deals honestly with the effects, encourages us to endure, and dives deep into the ocean with no landing point. She disposes of all frontage and makes us feel seen. For some, the impending darkness of the night is frightening, yet those with dominance here are not scared of the dark, for they know it is the only space composed of true magic — the transparency that makes us one with existence.

She must know, no form of escapism is superior to the gift of an amplified ability to feel. She is an enchanting mystery, the survivor who lives in the heart of the artist, the dreamer, the poet, the magician, the healer, and the invisible soul who can clearly read the messages in order to master their craft into the arms of slow, purposeful change in the right direction.

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