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Each Zodiac Sign’s Luckiest Day Of The Month For June 2024

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Aries: June 21st

Your ruling planet is in harmony with others on this date, Aries. Mercury will form a sextile with your ruling planet, Mars – giving you extra luck and balance – and you’re likely to feel pleasantly connected to both your ruling planet and the world around you. Good fortune is most likely to find you on the 21st of this month.

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Taurus: June 17th

Venus will enter Cancer on June 17th this month, so your ruling planet is bound to bring you a little extra good fortune that naturally comes with the sign of the Moon. You can especially look out for luck in love and relationships, but the Moon will bring your sign recognizable blessings in its new phase on the 17th.

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Gemini: June 3rd

Gemini, Mercury will enter your sign on June 3rd. Your ruling planet will begin to grant you extra luck and guidance during this time. You can expect to feel more secure in your decisions and luckier than usual in your hobbies and social pursuits. As the start of Mercury’s shift into Gemini, you could receive much more luck than you otherwise will during the rest of its transition through your sign.

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Cancer: June 6th

Cancer, there’s a New Moon on June 6th, which could bring you new positive energy (and get rid of any negative energy you’ve had attached to your person since the last moon cycle). Your sign tends to fluctuate emotionally with the cycle of the moon, so your day of luck is likely to coincide with the moon’s monthly rebirth. Enjoy the time of transformation and good fortune for your sign.

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Leo: June 20th

June 20th is the summer solstice this year. For you, Leo, this could be your luckiest day of the month. Not only is the Sun your ruling planet, but it enters Cancer during this solstice, meaning that you’ll likely receive divine guidance and renewed spiritual energy on this day. You’re most likely to receive luck in the form of positive energy, especially relating to your social relationships, though you can look for (and manifest) luck in all aspects of your day on the 20th.

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Virgo: June 17th

The 17th is the day when your ruling planet will transition into Cancer, which, paired with the Moon’s influence, will bring you a period of luck, spirituality, and transformation. You’re likely to receive the most good fortune on the date when Mercury first enters Cancer, resulting in plenty of planetary influence and positive energies heading your way.

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Libra: June 29th

June 29th is likely to be your luckiest day of the month, Virgo. It’s a good sign for you as your ruling planet, Venus, forms a sextile with Mars. Mars is often associated with luckiness – especially when paired with your loving and generous ruling planet. Together, the two will send you positive energy, a little extra luck, and plenty of dreamy harmonization in your personal life (your favorite).

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Scorpio: June 9th

One of your ruling planets, Mars, is making its way into Taurus on the 9th. This could be a period of good fortune for your sign, particularly regarding your romantic relationships. Mars’ transition on this day will give you stability and extra luck throughout the day – it may also be a good time for manifestations and spiritual practices.

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Sagittarius: June 3rd

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, will form a trine with Pluto on the 3rd of June. This may bring you extra good fortune when it comes to your ruling planet’s characteristics – growth and wisdom – and Pluto’s characteristics – transformation. You can expect extra guidance from these planets during this time and a day of good luck all around on the 3rd.

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Capricorn: June 22nd

Capricorn, June 22nd is the date of the full moon this month. It’s also entering your sign on the same date, which is likely to bring you good luck. The full moon is said to bring luck each moon cycle to those who see it (and those who celebrate it), so be sure to keep an eye out for it on the 22nd. Regardless, you’ll likely receive plenty of good fortune from the full moon in your sign on the 22nd.

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Aquarius: June 30th

Aquarius, your ruling planet will form a sextile with Mercury this month on the 30th, one of the biggest movements for your planet of the month. This could bring you extra luck in communication and relationships, while your ruling planet will gift you fresh energy and new luck throughout your day

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Pisces: June 3rd

Your ruling planet is squared with many others this month, but fortunately the 3rd brings you a harmonious trine with Mercury. This should bring you good fortune in the form of new inspiration, blossoming social relationships, or even via your intuition. Your best guidance today may very well come from your subconscious, but you’ll be lucky thanks to both your ruling planet and Mercury’s influence on the 3rd.

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