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If you are reading this horoscope in the evening instead of early in the morning, there is a good chance that you are one of the most sleepy signs in the zodiac. Let’s see who your friends are!

Ah, the early hours of the morning when everything seems possible and the air is fresh and crisp: how nice to wake up before everyone else and start the day calmly, isn’t it?
Well (or rather, badly!) If you are in our horoscope chart today you probably have no idea what we are talking about. Today, in fact, we have decided to find out which are the zodiac signs that can not really help but sleep : they love to do it! Are you in the top five too?

The most sleepy signs of the zodiac: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Take it all off , read a famous advertisement from the early 2000s, but not mine… well, in this case we could say “ nap “!
Today we decided to discover together which are the most sleepy signs of the zodiac: aren’t you in the top five ?

Probably, if you are reading this horoscope in the afternoon or at lunchtime, we already know the answer.
Instead of waking up early and reading your horoscope at the crack of dawn, you were still snoring in bed!
Nothing wrong with that, come on. We know that the fact that you are a sleepyhead does not mean that you are also, necessarily, in the ranking of the laziest zodiac signs of all!

Gemini: fifth place

For Gemini , sleeping is something really great… at certain times. This zodiac sign, in fact, alternates moments of extreme activity with moments of search for solitude and total calm.
After all, Gemini is not regarded as the “two personality” sign for nothing!

When you take Gemini in a quiet moment know that they can be the most sleepyheads in the world! You will not be able to move them from their bed and their world: don’t even try!

Scorpio: fourth place

Dear Scorpio , don’t be surprised to find yourself in the ranking of the most sleepy signs of the zodiac.
Even if you are a particularly energetic person and full of things to do, you can also be extremely victims of your bed!

The Scorpios , in fact, are people who value relaxation very much and, therefore, also know how to exploit it at the right time.
For this, by working as hard as they do, Scorpios also know how to carve out the space to relax: for them a good sleep is practically equivalent to a vacation. On the weekend, if they weren’t pushed by someone, they would do practically nothing else!

Aquarius: third place

It seems strange to us to see those born under the sign of Aquarius in this ranking, right? How do they stand among the sleepiest signs of the zodiac?
Aquarius is definitely an active sign, who has a great desire to do and who has many friends and situations to deal with!

This also means, however, that once their busy and busy day is over, Aquarians dream of sweet sleep!
Here, then, that being in the ranking of the most sleepy signs of the zodiac suddenly makes sense for Aquarius: if they can’t sleep they can’t even do everything they have to do!

Pisces: second place

Pisces know very well that when it comes to these rankings, they will always be at the top!
Those born under the sign of Pisces, in fact, are people who love to sleep or who, more than anything else, love having their own space!

When Pisces sleep or doze they can truly live however they want.
They let themselves go to some fantasy, imagine the future they want and, above all, they can create all the twists they want!

In short, if Pisces can sleep or doze instead of going out, we assure you that they will absolutely succumb to temptation . Pisces
are people who love to rest: why should that be a flaw?

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the most sleepy signs of the zodiac

Dear Cancer, you knew very well that you are in the ranking of the most sleepy zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .
You may not have expected the first place, we grant you this, but you really have to recognize one thing.

You are truly hopeless sleepers!
Cancers like to sleep because they also like being able to have their time calmly. They don’t want to hurry up, tear themselves away from the sweet embrace of fantasies and rush to face the world!

For Cancers, sleep is a way to protect themselves from the ugliness that may surround them. They love being in their warm blankets , own a myriad of fleece pajamas , pajamas and dressing gowns , and know how to fully appreciate the power of a nap. Don’t get between a Cancer and their eight hour sleep!

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