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Are you one of those zodiac signs that hate relationships? Let’s find out right away with today’s horoscope ranking: that’s who’s there!

In love, we know it well, it is said that whoever runs away wins. The problem is that most of the time this saying is right!

The people who keep away from relationships are the ones who are also the most sought-after. I wonder why!
We are not here, however, to analyze why you like bad boys but to understand the zodiac signs that hate relationships.
Are you ready to find out?

The zodiac signs that hate relationships: here is the ranking

Why find out the top five positions in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate relationships?

The reason seems obvious to us: finding out if your partner or if someone you are interested in is in this ranking can really change your approach!
Today we decided to reveal what all those zodiac signs are who have absolutely no intention of staying in a serious relationship.

Better to know before starting a relationship with them, don’t you think?

Sagittarius: fifth place

For those born under the sign of Sagittarius, being independent is absolutely essential. Sagittarians
, in fact, are people who struggle to give their intimacy to others.

It is not new, therefore, that they are also found in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate relationships!
Sagittarius, when in a relationship, really does the bare minimum to keep it going. Don’t expect enthusiasm or work from him!

Gemini: fourth place

Gemini is people who tend to break free from relationships when they feel that things are getting too serious.
There are too many responsibilities, too many problems, and too many emotions altogether. For Gemini, it’s really stressful! They will always find ways to sabotage the relationship and themselves – open eyes with them!

Virgo: third place

Don’t ask the Virgin to be with you too soon; those born under this sign, in fact, get tired very quickly.

Virgo is a sign that has a high conception both of himself and of everything he wants to have around him.
She requires perfection and grace from all the people she knows – let alone her mate! Virgo is like this: be careful when you get together with her. If you bore her or are not on her level, she will immediately shy away from your relationship!

Capricorn: second place

Even though those born under the sign of Capricorn are people who, once in a relationship, we can certainly say that they do not adore love stories. Capricorns, in fact, love to be free spirits (or think they are.

Capricorn is a person who tends to believe that he can be alone. Even though Capricorns alone are people who often complain about their loneliness, for them being alone is always better than being accompanied by someone they don’t love.
They take a long time to figure out if and when they want to be with someone. Eyes always open with Capricorns: even after years they can amaze you with their extreme coldness and the speed with which they will escape from the relationship!

Scorpio: First place in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate relationships

Dear Scorpio, your fame probably preceded you as we probably all expected to find ourselves at the top of today’s chart.
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who just can’t “bend” to a romantic relationship.

The reason is that Scorpios love their individuality too much to “settle” for just one partner!
Scorpios, in fact, are people who have no kind of fear: they don’t think that being alone is a tragedy and they are too unique to worry about others.
Sure, a Scorpio in love is really into it but we can assure you that Scorpios hate being ” locked up ” in a cage.
To them, a long relationship looks just like this! The magic disappears, the novelty: a Scorpio does not last long unless it is adequately stimulated!


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