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Do you also know one of the cheekiest zodiac signs in the whole horoscope? They are not afraid of anything or anyone: better never challenge them!

We have given you our advice. Better never and for any reason in the world to challenge those born under the zodiac signs that are in today’s ranking.
No, we will not talk about the zodiac signs that are more prone to gambling or the most dangerous signs of the whole horoscope, don’t worry!
Today we just want to find out which are the zodiac signs that would just do anything: they are not embarrassed about anything!

The most cheeky zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Maybe you have a really cheeky friend too, capable of saying and doing anything to the face… well, anyone!

If you can’t think of even a friend like that, maybe it’s best to check today’s horoscope ranking. The cheeky could be you!
Today we decided to discover together which are the most cheeky zodiac signs of the whole horoscope. Maybe it’s someone you know or… well, just you!

Gemini: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Gemini can be both brash and extremely intrusive (they are found, after all, in this horoscope ranking too).
Be careful when you go out with them!

Seriously, Gemini can be particularly brazen people but only at alternate moments. Not every day and not all day, but Gemini can still get really wild and make you do some things really… to the limit!
With Gemini, for sure, you won’t get bored!

Capricorn: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are quite cheeky people… when they want!
The reason why we put them in this ranking is simple: a Capricorn does not mind being “direct” even brutally when needed!

For this reason, if you are thinking of having fun with Capricorns, you can count on them. When something happens that they want to do, they don’t wait for anything or anyone! They set out on an adventure and will take you with them. They might embarrass you, sure, but they don’t mind: they can be really cheeky after all!

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Cancer: third place

That those born under the sign of Cancer are in the ranking of the most cheeky zodiac signs of the whole horoscope is certainly a surprise to someone.
But now, the Cancers? So tender and kind, so cute and shy?

In reality, those born under the sign of Cancer are not afraid to show off: they raise their voices, do absurd things for the sake of doing them, and are always (or almost) ready to challenge others. If you try to embarrass them, Cancers will react immediately… embarrassing you more! Seeing is believing!

Leo: second place

Hey, there will be a reason if those born under the sign of Leo are also in the ranking of zodiac signs always dissatisfied in love.
The reason (indeed, one of the reasons) is also about this: Leos are extremely cheeky!

Leo is not enough to have “little” on their plate: they must always have something more to work with and, for this, they do not hesitate!
They say anything to anyone’s face, take on any challenge, and can’t wait to show you just how far their ( almost ) limitless being can take them. Hey, it’s true that with Leos you have fun but sometimes it seems like they behave like this … just to make a good impression in the eyes of others!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of the most cheeky zodiac signs of the horoscope

Dear friends of Virgo, you knew well there was the risk of finishing first in the ranking of the most cheeky zodiac signs of all!
Let’s face it: you are truly (but truly) direct people, aren’t you?

Virgo is a particularly cheeky sign because they truly have no filters. She is not afraid to put herself in such a way that she may seem harsh or rude to others and, for this reason, not only does she never refuse a challenge but she does not even set herself limits in throwing it!
Those born under the sign of Virgo are truly cheeky – they can talk to strangers, tell you anything to your face, and expect no dire consequences. Hey, let’s face it: they’re often right too!

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