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Do Halsey And Avan Jogia Have The Perfect Relationship, Based on Their Zodiac Signs?

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Halsey is no stranger to public scrutiny of her love life. The musician, who uses she/they pronouns, has a long list of famous ex-boyfriends, including G-Eazy, Matty Healy, and Evan Peters. Halsey has reportedly been dating actor Avan Jogia since September 2023, and their relationship seems to be going strong. Is their love meant to last, according to the stars?

Here’s what Halsey and Avan Jogia’s zodiac signs reveal about their love connection.

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Halsey Is a Flirtatious Libra Zodiac Sign

Born on September 29, 1994, singer Halsey is a Libra zodiac sign. The singer is clearly aware of their astrological profile, since they have Libra’s symbol, the scales, tattooed on their arm. In November 2018, she shared an Instagram photo of the fresh ink, with the words “Sins” and “Forgiveness” tattooed on each side of the scales. In the caption, she noted that Lil Wayne (a fellow Libra) provided the handwriting for the words, a reference to his song “She Will.”

The singer even knows her zodiac sign’s ruling planet, Venus. She got matching astrology tattoos with a friend in honor of their governing celestial bodies. “I got Mars because I met a guy on tour that I became really good friends with, and his birthday is on my half birthday, and I’m a Libra,” she explained to iHeartRadio. “So my ruling planet is Venus, and his ruling planet is Mars, which are also opposites. So it’s like opposite birthdays, opposite signs, technically opposite personalities in astrology, but complete opposites, and we were really good friends. So I got Mars, and he got Venus. We got each other’s planets.”

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Venus is the planet of love, money, and beauty, which may explain why Halsey seems to thrive in all three areas. Their net worth is $25 million, thanks to their wildly successful music career. She even owns a beauty company, about-face (stylized in lowercase). And, despite the title of her 2017 hit song “Bad at Love,” the pop star is also arguably quite lucky in relationships. Her celebrity exes include Evan Peters, Yungblud, Matty Healy, G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly, and Lido.

Ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Libras are charming and romantic. They are natural flirts, and finding relationships comes easily to them. Has Halsey found the one with Avan Jogia, her current boyfriend?

Avan Jogia Is a Quirky Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Avan Jogia’s birthday is February 9, 1992, making him an Aquarius zodiac sign. Like Halsey, he is familiar with dating in the public eye. The Victorious star, who uses he/they pronouns, was previously in relationships with fellow actors Zoey Deutch and Cleopatra Coleman.

Aquarians are known for being creative, intelligent, and humanitarian. They march to the beat of their own drum, and they aren’t afraid to go against the flow. This zodiac sign is highly analytical and loves to ponder the very nature of existence. There is no making small talk with an Aquarius; they would rather dive into a deep conversation or not speak at all.

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“I’m a spiritual person,” Jogia told Out Magazine in 2015. “…I’ve spent months as a Buddhist, and I have roots in Hinduism. I’ve looked at all kinds of ways of being, because I’m curious about what it takes to be human.” A more Aquarian statement has never been made. “I think the most important thing to realize is that you’ll always be asking questions, and searching,” they added. “Change is inevitable. Change is the only truth.”

Halsey is likely drawn to Jogia’s artistic and independent Aquarius spirit, and the actor probably appreciates Halsey’s vivacious and attractive Libra energy. But do these two stars have what it takes to make their relationship go the distance?

Halsey and Avan Jogia’s Relationship Is Unstoppable, Based on Their Zodiac Signs

The chemistry between Avan Jogia and Halsey is off the charts – their birth charts, that is. According to their zodiac signs, they are a perfect match for each other.

Every zodiac sign belongs to a natural element: earth, fire, air, or water. Two signs with the same natural element tend to get along well, since their communication styles and values are similar. Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, which means that Halsey and Jogia are highly compatible.

Air signs are social, thoughtful, and idealistic. They tend to be free spirits that don’t like being tied down to one person, place, or identity. Jogia and Halsey likely recognize and appreciate these traits in each other, giving their relationship a foundation of mutual respect.

Halsey and Jogia’s compatibility goes deeper than their sun signs. Halsey has a Cancer moon, which means she feels her emotions very deeply and is quite sensitive. Jogia has an Aries moon, revealing that he is passionate and can match Halsey’s emotional intensity. Aries is a more optimistic sign than Cancer, so Jogia can cheer Halsey up while she can help him dive into the complexities of his feelings.

Furthermore, Halsey’s Venus is in Scorpio, which indicates that her love is profound and devoted. When they love someone, they love with their full heart. Jogia’s Venus is in Capricorn, another highly devoted sign. When these two stars fell for each other, they probably forged a deep connection and had no problem committing to one another.

Halsey and Avan Jogia are a match made in heaven, based on their sun, moon, and Venus zodiac signs. Astrologically speaking, there’s nothing stopping these lovebirds from having a long-lasting romance. The world can’t wait to see what’s next for the two stars and their blossoming relationship

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