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The holidays are getting closer and closer and with them, the time comes to take care of one of the least tedious tasks of the year, the choice of where to go on vacation. As with any other aspect of life, the stars play a really important role in the right place for us, the one that goes well with our temperament. Why not try to browse, then, in order to find out if the destination we are thinking about is the same one considered more suitable for our zodiac sign? Let’s move on to real holidays and focus on the perfect destination for each of us.

A city in the world for every zodiac sign

Aries – New York
An active and glamorous city like New York is what best matches your way of being. There, you can really feel yourself, breathing in the scent of the frenzy and indulging in unforgettable evenings in the most sparkling neighborhoods of the city. Shopping will also be an unforgettable experience, so much so that coming back will be a real challenge, even with all the stuff you have to pack.

Taurus – Barcelona
For you, Barcelona is an ideal destination. Not too far to reach, it is full of places to visit and places in which to experience the typical cuisine of the place. Perfect to visit both as a couple and with friends, it will surprise you with its cheerfulness and with the tranquility of those who live it habitually and know how to have fun keeping everyday stress at bay. A city where you can live according to your needs of the moment, sure to always find something to do or see.

Gemini – London
An international city that can be reached in a few hours. What is better than London? For you who are always looking for something innovative, this metropolis is really ideal both for having fun and for exploring new places and with an atmosphere that is really difficult to find elsewhere. A place where getting bored or feeling entangled by monotony is practically impossible.

Cancer – St. Petersburg
Is a city capable of positively surprising you? St.Pietroburgo. Living it, even just for a few days, will make you feel literally in a dream destination, ready to welcome you to give you unforgettable days that you will carry forever in your heart, whether you choose to go there with your sweetheart, alone or in the company. old friends.

Leo – Los Angeles
How not to choose Los Angeles as your place in the world? Walking through the streets where many of the stars you follow and love life and feeling yourself in the beating heart of the world will give you a unique feeling of joy, making you feel satisfied like never before. Besides, how could you not go to Hollywood?

Virgo – Zurich
The ideal destination for a specific person like you? Obviously Zurich. In Switzerland you will surely feel at home, surrounded by those who know what precision is and by a way of life that goes well with your temperament. And if you ever want to feel on vacation even with your mind, you will discover that, despite the innate precision, here too you will have the opportunity to have fun and fully enjoy the days of complete relaxation, in which to recharge your batteries before returning. to everyday life.

Libra – Dublin
For you, a city as beautiful and pleasing to the eye as Dublin is the ideal destination for a holiday in which to combine fun with moments of total relaxation. The landscapes to see, the greenery and the tranquility that lodge in this city will make you feel at home, allowing you to appreciate every little glimpse of it.

Scorpio – Tokyo
Tokyo is a city that encompasses an entire world. A perfect place that embodies the mix of past and present and that will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy every kind of atmosphere possible. A trip to Japan and, especially in this city, will make you feel that you have traveled around the world, allowing you to appreciate different scenarios and giving you always different flavors thanks to a gastronomic culture that from local to international cuisine will conquer you regardless of which are your tastes.

Sagittarius – New Delhi
For those like you who love to travel and explore new cultures, India is undoubtedly the ideal country. New Delhi will therefore conquer you by showing you a way that is constantly evolving and able to make you feel in the right place at the right time. A destination that you will not be able to miss for those already collected and for the many that you plan to visit and which, most likely, will remain in your heart, leading you to return over and over again.

Capricorn – Paris
Your need for calm and security makes Paris a practically perfect city for a relaxing trip. Not too far from home will allow you not to feel completely disoriented even knowing that you are in another country. The many things to see, the places to visit and the dishes to taste, will make everything even more compelling, making you appreciate every single day of your holiday and making you feel nostalgia for you unusual for the idea of ​​returning home.

Aquarius – Sidney
Your extravagance makes you the perfect person for a city like Sidney. In Australia you will be able to feel perfectly at ease, living among people who, like you, tend not to follow patterns and make whimsy their way of being. Here you will be able to discover a way of living that is congenial to you, enjoying places other than those in which you usually move and experiencing a culture that you will only love from the first moment.

Pisces – Kyoto
For a romantic like you, Kyoto is the practically perfect city. Visiting it you will feel like you have arrived in another era, perfect for you who usually live in memories, savoring the nostalgic vein. Even your creativity will find a way to express itself, thanks to the many temples, the romantic streets in which to move and the areas that still seem to have stopped in a period lost in time. Every day it will make you feel inside a novel, a dream novel that you already know from the first page will remain forever in your heart.

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