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Find out which selfie suits you best and which generally works best for you.

Taking pictures is a craze that has really taken hold in recent times, occupying more and more space in the life of each of us. With the advent of selfies, even smartphones have adapted by increasing the capacity of the internal cameras and the free space available, all to allow you to experience selfies in the most complete and fun way possible. Obviously, as with everything, there are several ways to take a picture and among many, the stars can indicate the one that best suits each of us. So, today we will discover together which selfie suits our personality best.

A selfie for each zodiac sign

Aries – The workplace selfie
Always busy with a thousand things to do, taking selfies is for you a way of telling yourself and expressing what you are doing through an image. The ones you do best are then improvised selfies, stolen during a moment of your work, while you are driving to reach your next appointment or when you are at the bar with a friend. Images of you appearing spontaneous as never before, and this even if before taking the photo it took you a good ten minutes to prepare both you and the context in which you find yourself.

Taurus – Selfie with app masks
In life, you like to have fun and when it comes to selfies you love to use one of the many masks available. That of the dog or cat is among your favorites but you also don’t mind the possibility of experimenting always new effects and being able to make friends and acquaintances smile. After all, for you, taking a smiling selfie is, first of all, a way to socialize and give a cheerful and different good day to the people you love.

Gemini – The selfie with funny faces
Taking yourself too seriously is not something that belongs to you, especially when it comes to taking a picture. For this reason, it often happens that you make them with funny faces in order to show your comic side or to highlight in a fun way the place you are in or the activity in which you are currently engaged. For this reason, your selfies are highly appreciated by those who know you.

Cancer – The couple’s selfie
The best selfie of all? The one with the one you love. Immortalizing yourself together and sharing the image of the two of you on the web or among your closest friends is a moment that fills you with joy. It makes you feel loved, at the center of something, and in a romantic mood that is really essential for you to feel happy. For this reason, you don’t like taking pictures too much when you’re single unless you have your best friend or someone you really care about by your side.

Leo – The artistic selfie
Everything about you must be perfect, representing you at its best. For this reason, your every selfie is generally studied at the table and done only if in the presence of the right lights and the most suitable background. Of course, you have to be the center of attention. Whether it’s a close-up or a whole image, the important thing is that it’s a selfie in which you look in great shape and that is able to put you in the center of attention for at least a few minutes.

Virgo – The selfie with the works of art
Your aversion to what has no use of its own leads you to proceed along this line of thought even when it comes to taking a simple photo. For this reason, the selfies that are certainly best for you are those with a work of art behind them or in which you are inside a museum. In this way, in addition to showing your person, you can spread a bit of culture by mentioning the place where you are.

Libra – The trendy selfie
For you, beauty is always in the first place, just like the care of the person and everything around you. Your best selfie is therefore the one in which you are fully dressed, perhaps to go on a date or for an important occasion. When you know you are in perfect shape, in fact, you give your best and even your smiles are more dazzling and confident. Plus, you’ll have the excuse to show everyone your latest purchases, even sporting your freshly made makeup and hairdo.

Scorpio – The selfie I see I don’t see
The halo of mystery that surrounds you must be able to show itself even through a simple selfie. For this reason, your favorites are those in which you hide a part of the face or body or those where, while showing yourself, you hide a clue that few will be able to grasp. What matters is that the photo knows how to speak to the eyes of others while leaving the awareness of not having said everything. A little like what happens when you meet in person.

Sagittarius – The group selfie
Whoever invented the famous sticks for taking better selfies must have thought of you. In fact, your selfies often contain so many people that you need a tool that can fit everyone into an image. A choice of style that you take with you even when traveling where in addition to the beauty of the places you like to immortalize yourself among the locals, showing sections of life otherwise difficult to imagine.

Capricorn – The comfortable and relaxed
selfie Taking selfies for yourself is an intimate thing that must be done at a time when you feel perfectly at ease with yourself and with the world. For this reason, even if you don’t realize it, most of your selfies are taken at home, on the sofa, or in bed. A way to show the real you, without too many artifices but with the relaxed mood that only the home can give you.

Aquarius – The Alternative Selfie
Your way of taking selfies potentially encompasses everyone else. For you, there is no more suitable way than the others because your living for the day makes every moment suitable for a different selfie. The important thing is that you are okay with yourself and that you find the moment important or fun enough to be captured.

Pisces – The selfie with the background of the sea
For a romantic and empathetic like you, nothing is better than a shot with the waves of the sea behind you. An image that gives you peace and makes you feel at peace with yourself, ready to always draw new ideas and to take shots that, even if you always have the same subject, you can always make them appear different because they are able to tell a type of emotion every time different.

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