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Find out what is the peculiarity for which your ex will regret not having you next to you.

When a relationship comes to an end, there can be a variety of reasons. They range from betrayal to lack of love, to misunderstandings that if not taken in time can lead to crises that most of the time end with the end of love. Yet, even when you break up in the worst way, with time, it can happen to rethink an ex, wonder what it would have been like to stay together, and even find yourself regretting something. Since each of us has particularities that best expressed in love and that can become important for those who loved us, today after having seen what are the zodiac signs that turn out to be excellent friends and what the month of January will be like for each one. of us, we will try to understand what our exes regret about us when they think about it. Since part of our way of being and behaving in love is also influenced by the ascendant, the advice is to check it to have a more precise idea.

Horoscope – what your ex will regret about you

Aries – Your desire to do
Well yes, if once your desire to do was a problem for someone, today you can console yourself by thinking that it will be precisely the aspect that will miss you most. When your ex finds themselves thinking of you, the first thing that comes to their mind is your energy which combined with the desire to always have new experiences makes you, now as then, decidedly volcanic. A way of being and doing that is impossible to forget and that after some time is missing more than it may have tired in certain moments. Which makes you an ex regret joy, spontaneity, desire to do, and spirit of initiative.

Taurus – Your seriousness in love
Perhaps in the past, someone has seen fit to tell you that in love you are not funny or that you tend to be too serious in your way of living things. Well, know that your seriousness in love is what your ex regrets most about you. You’re knowing how to commit yourself, putting those you love before everything else, and always looking for ways to make things work, means that today those who have had you as a partner can grasp the importance of what they have lost, regretting the moments spent together and wondering what it would be like to continue the relationship with you. Sure, this is a little consolation but it can help you understand how in love you should never try to change. Because if on the one hand, you may have defects, on the other hand, these are your winning feature.

Gemini – Your energy
Let’s face it, sometimes it is so energetic that you can get to make those around you feel tired. Yet your lust for life, when you are far away, is what is most lacking and makes those who have discovered it too late feel lost. Despite your ups and downs, the rapid changes in mood, and the desire to experience everything and the opposite of everything, your exes often find themselves regretting because in your way of life there is so much of you and in your smiles, they are enclosed. promises that once vanished leave a sense of emptiness inside. In short, you are missing so much that it would not be surprising if sooner or later someone should come back to show up.

Cancer – Your Being Possessive
True, some of your exes have probably run away because of your jealousy and possessive ways. Yet, even today they find themselves regretting all and this because the package was far more complete than they had realized at the time. Because for every jealousy scene you know how to make people feel loved and desired like never before and for every possessive gesture you know how to give love as few others can. These are things that are missing, especially when the story is long over and the memory of you becomes stinging at times, making even the scenes about which you have quarreled a cause for regret.

Leo – Your Confidence
Perhaps sometimes your self-confidence is so ostentatious as to be intrusive at times. Yet one of the things your exes regret is this. The reason? Thanks to the confidence you have in your means, you always place yourself as one who knows how to get by on her own. You are cheerful, self-confident and always know what to do. Your nature is free and carefree and leads you to convey an underlying serenity that is often underestimated but which is lacking when you are distant. Thus, your exes may find themselves regretting gestures and words that once indicated they could be calm, that they have nothing to worry about and that they always have someone like you to trust. A thought that makes itself felt when it fails.

Virgo – Your perfectionism
It’s true, nobody likes you’re being precise and your exes probably reproached you several times for your obsessiveness in always wanting to do everything perfectly, especially when this is also reflected in their lives. Yet, always knowing what to do and which path to follow is an aspect that has certainly failed them over time, leading them to wonder several times how they would have acted in a given situation. And since they cannot give themselves an answer on their own, your absence, in certain situations, could be weighed like a boulder. And who knows if even now some regret your ability to act instantly to solve even small problems, thus avoiding finding themselves in front of the bigger ones.

Libra – Your presence
Your way of being can be at times silent and at other times polite and never intrusive. This means that when you are together you do not realize many things that are related to you and that without your presence they disappear. Thus, it may happen that once you are away, your exes have realized how much your presence alone can be missing along with your way of listening, understanding, helping, and, more simply, loving. And if someone has already returned to office, it cannot be ruled out that sooner or later others will do it too. Because even if you arrive almost in silence, and you tend not to make too much noise when you are not there your absence can be deafening, especially if you have had the opportunity to live and understand how you can make even the simplest things pleasant. of life.

Scorpio – Your passionate being
Sometimes they gave you the exaggeration, the one that takes things too much and throws himself headlong into anything that seems worthy of note. Yet, this very passion of yours is what is most lacking in you. Your loving as if there were no other possibilities, the way to always take everything to extremes, and the energy you invest in the things you believe in, are cornerstones of your way of being and are precisely the ones you miss most when you don’t. You are here. In love, then, your being passionate leads you to always give your best and to make those around you feel loved. A sensation is so pleasant that when it fails it leaves an incredible sense of emptiness.

Sagittarius – Your cheerfulness
Needless to say, the thing that your ex will find most easily regret is your innate cheerfulness which combined with your desire to have fun always and in any case makes you a person with whom you never get bored. Of course, it may have happened from time to time that too much energy you try to put into things has tired some of them but that same energy will be what they will miss most when they find themselves alone. Because let’s face it, someone like you doesn’t meet every day and this is a lesson that they too, sooner or later, will find themselves having to understand.

Capricorn – The seriousness you put into everything you do
It is true, that many times you have felt criticized for the effort you put into studying, working, or whatever you had at hand. And although the many things that fill your life have led you often and willingly to have to put the person you loved in the background, you have always done it for a future goal that often included both. Yet, the very serious way in which you usually take things is what your ex will miss most who, once away, will realize the many and small things that despite everything you could give them and the seriousness that these days is. more and more difficult to find in others.

Aquarius – Your independence
Often your ex has become such because of your need for freedom which on many occasions has not coincided with their jealousy or the desire to live more time with you. Yet, your independence also represented something else like basic security, the basic serenity in the relationship, and the tranquility in living the days without ever having to think too much about tomorrow. Although it cannot be said that everyone regrets the story they had together, those who have understood how much freedom they could have had, today find themselves regretting it a little. And not only that, you’re being bright and playful in your way are also supporting elements that they will miss. And all even if there is an incompatibility of which they are at least as aware as you are.

Pisces – Your way of seeing the world
When someone enters your life they do it to change forever. Your way of seeing things has within itself magic that will surprise and infect anyone around you. Thus, even your exes will find themselves having to deal with all the things that they will miss, not only about you, but everything that represented just being next to you. A life seen differently after you have experienced it through your eyes appears gray and sad and this is true even if you are parted after so many fights or because the roads had now become distant. Your absence will always be felt and there will be things that with a single glance will remember both you and your presence that in some way will always be felt even only in their memories.

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